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TNT Staff Smasher

TNT Staff Smasher Information
Click to play TNT Staff Smasher! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
5.00 Points =
1 NP
Our Difficulty Rating:
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Had a bad day at the office? Destruct-o-Match getting you down? Ever wished you could just walk up to TNT and whack them in the head with a giant rubber mallet? Here's your chance! TNT Staff Smasher is a game that allows you to do just that.

Aim the mallet with your mouse and press the space bar or click the left mouse button to hit the staffers. Be careful to avoid the Neopets though, as you will lose points if you hit them. In order to proceed to the next level you must score 75 points in 30 seconds. It's harder than it sounds!

Wasn't my fault, honest!


Staffer Point Values
Image Staffer Name Point Value Image Staffer Name Point Value
AdamAdam 3 points Ollie (TPOSG)Ollie
(The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy)
11 points
El PicklesaurEl Picklesaur 4 points Tiger CatcherTiger Catcher 12 points
Image courtesy of ubhaman2
5 points Mr. InsaneMr. Insane 13.489 points (in-game)
Rounds to 13 points for the total score recieved
Mr. RobotoMr. Roboto 6 points DragonaDragona 15 points
Image courtesy of ubhaman2
7 points DonnaDonna 20 points
DJ SkellingtonDJ Skellington
Image courtesy of ubhaman2
8 points UsulUsul -10 points
UnknownUnknown 9 points MynciMynci -10 points
ViolaViola 10 points BlumarooBlumaroo -10 points

Helpful Hints

  • Naturally, it helps to know who to go for. Concentrating your whacking power on staffers worth more points will help you enormously in your quest for the avatar. Remember, Dragona and Donna are worth the most points, but if you can't quite remember then whack any staffer you see!
  • It has been suggested by some that setting the game quality to 'Low' makes the staffers move more slowly, but this has not been proven to work on all computers. Tweak at your own risk!
  • After you've whacked, move back to the center - this will make it easier to go after the next staffer, wherever they pop up.
  • Play with the smallest size screen available; this cuts down the distance you have to move your cursor between whacks.
  • If you are playing with a mouse make sure you have plenty of room to move it about. If you are using a touch pad, take a small break between rounds to prevent from getting friction burn on your finger.
  • Once you reach about level nine, the staffers will move too quickly to make them all viable targets. Instead, only focus on the back six areas.
  • The best way to aim the mallet is to hover the handle more or less over the staffer's forehead. This way, you're ensured of a spot-on whack.

Approx aiming spot
Here's one we prepared earlier :)


Type a5paragu5 to get a bigger mallet. Using this cheat is not recommended, however, as it actually makes the staffers much harder to whack.


Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet / Guide

Send a score of 2,250+ points in TNT Staff Smasher.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 1,800+ points.

Released: October 11, 2005

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