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Tip-Tastic Rosie

Introducing our brand new site helper, Tip-Tastic Rosie! Rosie has been employed to provide tips around Jellyneo on various pages where you might be looking for a little extra help. We'll be expanding her coverage in the future, but for now she's helping out around the main site here, the Book of Ages, the Beta Item Database, and Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

Below are some commonly asked questions we're anticipating!

Where does Rosie show up?

Currently, she offers up help around the JN main site here, along with the Book of Ages, the Beta Item Database, and Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

What is Rosie offering?

Tips of all kinds! And knowing Rosie, probably some compliments and good ol' charm.

What are those buttons I've seen with her tips?

With each tip Rosie offers, we allow you to rate the tip as helpful, or unhelpful. Doing so will help her fine tune her tip-giving skills and beef up on the areas where she falls flat!

Be gentle, though. Rosie isn't exactly known to take criticisms all too well...

What if I want even more tips?

Coming Soon: Tip-Tastic Rosie PLUS! Are you ready to enhance your Tip-Tastic Rosie experience? Consider signing up for Tip-Tastic Rosie PLUS! A premium service that adds an extra flare to the already dedicated tip-tastic tips Rosie provides during your Jellyneo visit.

PLUS Perks Will Include:

  • 24/7 Dedicated toolbar hotlink to The Guide to Neggspotting
  • Free minutary tips on how to improve your Neopian Square Dancing
  • Complimentary automated bookmarking for any page with negg in context
  • Unlimited tea-party time with Rosie*

* Tea-party must book in advanced, BYON, Neopian-eared sun hats required attire.

When will Tip-Tastic Rosie PLUS be offered?

We are currently still finalizing the PLUS upgrade! In the meantime, though, take a look at this special offer...

Tip-tastic Rosie PLUS Special Offer: For those who purchase a full year's subscription, subscribers receive a limited edition Rosie Tooth encased in acrylic resin. (includes Certificate of Authenticity and Serial Number).