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The Wraith Resurgence

Mystic Murmurs

Heads up! This activity is repeated multiple times. We recommend working from our step-by-step walkthrough and referring to this guide when needed.

Kaia has gone into a trance and is murmuring random letters! Your job is to decipher what she is saying, which will lead you to a special location in Neopia.

Finding Your Number Combinations

In the first part, you will need to find four different combinations of three numbers. These combos will tell you which letters to select from Kaia's murmurings.

Already did this? This section only needs to be completed once so you may skip to the "Decoding Kaia's Murmurs" section below. Once you have your number combinations they will not change. However, keep them handy for future use as you will need to reference them again.

1) Visit the main Resistance HQ page and click on each of the scraps of paper (and the notes in front of Kaia) depicted below:

2) For each notice, three phrases will show up. These phrases correspond with a number; check out the table below for a mapping of phrases to numbers. The three phrases will give you a "combo" in the format of X-Y-Z. Remember which notice each of your combos refer to. Kaia's note has its own phrases whereas the other three notices have their own phrases.

For example, take the following notice:

Everyone will have their own unique set of notices.

The phrases depicted in the notice correspond to 7-2-6 (check out the table below for a mapping of phrases to numbers). Repeat this process four times for each set of notices/notes.

Use the table below to find which number they correspond to:

Note and Notices Pairs
Number Kaia's Note Background Notice
1 (one) Facing an opponent head on in the Battledome takes a lot of courage. Faeries that are facing opponents in the Battledome are exempt from participating in the Faerie Festival.
1 (one) Report to the Colonel about any sightings of the wraith! Take care of your belongings. Objects left lying around will be donated to the Money Tree.
2 (two) A click sound? It worked! Guests that won prizes can collect them from the organizers.
2 (two) Oh, that wonderful feeling that you get when you use your skills for the good of the world! Once the Faerie Festival has ended, the Soup Faerie will only supply free soup to poor Neopians. Remember, she knows your net worth.
3 (three) Some memories (like festivals), are worth reexperiencing. Neopians with reentry tickets may use the same ticket to revisit the festival as many times as they wish.
4 (four) I hope all of our efforts are not in vain! Take care of our land - do not litter!
5 (five) It is indeed a Golden Ivy Leaf. I verified it against the description in my textbook. To those wondering about the news, or lack thereof, I verify that you will get more information soon.
6 (six) We aren't the colossi Xandra accused us of being. An unconscious Ixi was found by the soup cauldron. Any information regarding her identity is welcome.
7 (seven) An advice to those venturing into the woods - you never know what you might find... Those venturing into the woods are responsible for their own safety.
7 (seven) The profession of a rose vendor must be really pleasant :) Rose vendors are not allowed inside the festival gates.
8 (eight) We must weigh the odds to avoid making any rash decisions. The joys of attending a festival outweigh the annoyances of large crowds.
9 (nine) The war is currently an inevitable part of every Neopian's life. An inedible species of mushroom has been found in the festival grounds. Refrain from tasting it.

Decoding Kaia's Murmurs

1) Once you have your 4 combinations of numbers from above, revisit Kaia's string of letters. Your combinations should look something like this:

  • Kaia's Note (example, step 1): 7-2-6
  • Notice 2 (example, step 2): 4-5-3
  • Notice 3 (example, step 3): 9-7-8
  • Notice 4 (example, step 4): 5-3-6

2) The number combo you will need depends on which step of the event you are on:

  • Concoction I - Combo from Kaia's Note, labeled as 1 below.
  • Concoctions II and III - Combo from Notice 2, labeled as 2 below.
  • Concoctions IV, V, and VI - Combo from Notice 3, labeled as 3 below.
  • Concoctions VII, VIII, IX, and X - Combo from Notice 4, labeled as 4 below.

3) The combination you are using will dictate the numbers you need to click on. For example, the combination 7-2-6 translates into clicking the 7th letter in the sequence, then 2 letters after that (in other words, the 9th letter overall), then 6 letters after that (15th overall), then 7 letters after that (22nd overall), etc. You will continue looping through the letters selecting every 7th, then every 2nd, then every 6th, then every 7th, then every 2nd, etc.

Continue until you've clicked on the letters to spell a location. The answer will be one of these locations:

  • Anchor Management
  • Exquisite Ambrosia
  • Haunted House
  • Slushie Shop
  • Turdle Racing
  • Qasalan Delights
  • Ugga Shinies

4) Once the location is revealed, click on it to be taken there and meet up with a fellow Neopian waiting for help.

5) Continue following the instructions on our step-by-step walkthrough for what to do next.

Old, No-Longer-Valid Method

This is old! The below method is no longer valid, and is only included here for historical purposes.

Originally, Kaia's murmurings would change each time you refreshed the page. This allowed for the easy method below of finding your location. However, as of December 1st, this has been "fixed" and is no longer valid.

1) Copy down the full set of letters on a few refreshes, and paste them into Notepad, TextEdit, or any basic text editor. Do this 3-4 times. Each line of letters should represent one time you refreshed the page.

2) Shrink down your text so that each line of letters lines up vertically. This should make it relatively easy to pick out the letters that remain constant. See the screenshot below for what you should be looking for.

TIP: Disabling "Word Wrap" in Notepad or your text editor of choice will also align the lines of letters more easily. We also recommend choosing a "monospaced" font such as Courier New.

Each line above should represent one time you refreshed Kaia's letters.

3) Once you have your letters aligned, click on the letters on Kaia's list to input your answer. Typing the letters is not possible--you must click on them individually. Careful! Some of the non-matching letters can be the same as the ones you need to click. You need the letter in the exact position that your alignment occurs, or the answer will be incorrect. The answer will be one of these locations:

  • Anchor Management
  • Exquisite Ambrosia
  • Haunted House
  • Slushie Shop
  • Turdle Racing
  • Qasalan Delights
  • Ugga Shinies

4) After you've entered enough letters, you will be shown the full answer and a link to the location in question. (You'll also unlock an achievement.) Click the link to head to your location.

At the location, you'll be greeted by a light faerie.