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The Wraith Resurgence

Forgotten Graveyard

Part 1 - Finding Kaia

After Kaia and Malum both disappeared, Aethia and Taelia located a clue left by Malum in the Infirmary. You can find this clue by following the link in the Chapter 15 dialogue of the Story So Far page.

The goal is to decode the message, but it is the same message for everyone. Under the clue, there is a text box. Typing in 'She is at the Forgotten Graveyard' and submitting that answer will solve the clue and allow you to progress in the plot.

A link to the Forgotten Graveyard should pop up after entering the correct answer. However, if you don't get that popup it is still possible to access it by following the direct link or by clicking on a button at the bottom of the main Neovia map that says 'Go to the Graveyard'.

The Forgotten Graveyard will initially look deserted aside from a small object near the bottom of the screen. This is in a different place for each user, and will change if you refresh the page (highlighted in green below):

Clicking on the object will reveal that it is Malum's Sword, and it will be added you your inventory (this is a no trade item like the rewards from the Faeries' Chest). This will also refresh the page, and Kaia will appear and also be unlocked as a battledome challenger - it seems she is behind it all!



The one you have been seeking is finally here. She is fierce, she is vile and she is ready for you. Go FIGHT!!!

The Forgotten Graveyard screen will then change to have a bar at the bottom. It is assumed this is a community step of beating Kaia multiple times, you are not intended to fill this bar by yourself.

After defeating Kaia in battle, she will briefly turn into the Darkest Faerie:

ACHIEVEMENT : You can unlock one achievement by defeating Kaia on any difficulty, and an additional achievement for defeating her on Hard (red) mode.

Part 2 - Helping Fyora

After waking in the Infirmary, Fyora went to the Clearing in the Forgotten Graveyard only to discover a strange hourglass keeping Kaia and Malum prisoner. Kaia damaged it while trying to escape, so your job is to find all the fragments so that Fyora can undo the magic. To do this, you'll have to visit the main Forgotten Graveyard page. There, you will find that stone fragments have appeared on the ground. Click each of the fragments to pick them up. There will be 29 in total, and you must find them all. Below is a guide to the locations:

Once you have clicked all 29, return to the Clearing page and click the stone circle in front of the hourglass. This will complete the step and show you a video of the spell being broken. Clicking the Close button will refresh the page and provide you with additional dialogue between Kaia and Malum.

After that, continue following the instructions on our step-by-step walkthrough for what to do next.