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Tax Beast and Angry Tax Beast

The Tax Beast, the Yurble-esque embodiment of Neopia's revenue service, wanders around capriciously settling imagined tax debts.

The Tax Beast says, "Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society."

Getting the Tax Beast

Unlike in the real world, where paying taxes generally occurs at specific times or for specific activities, the Tax Beast only collects taxes randomly through a Random Event.


When you get the ordinary Tax Beast, the event will display the following message. Previously, the first time you encounter him, you would also unlock him as a Battledome Challenger; however, this is seemingly broken since random events were updated in 2014. (If you are able to unlock him, let us know!)

Not been paying your bills eh? The Tax Beast arrives and takes 10% of your Neopoints away!

When you get the Angry Tax Beast, the event will display the following message.

Not been paying your bills, eh? The ANGRY Tax Beast arrives and takes 25% of your Neopoints away... because he is ANGRY.

The Tax

As shown above, the ordinary Tax Beast will take 10% of your on-hand Neopoints, while the Angry Tax Beast will take 25% of your on-hand Neopoints. Any Neopoints you have in the bank, your shop till, stock market, trading post offers, auction bids, or anywhere else you can have Neopoints tied up are all safe from taxation.

Read my lips: no new taxes.

High Scores

There are separate high scores tables for both the Tax Beast and the Angry Tax Beast. The "score" on the table is equal to the amount of Neopoints that the Tax Beast or Angry Tax Beast claims from you.

The Angry Tax Beast trophies look the same, but have extra anger emanating from them.

Unlike most high scores tables, where you can attempt to get a trophy by proactively playing a game, the Tax Beast trophies are a matter of waiting. You will simply need to peruse the site with a large amount of Neopoints out on hand.

To minimize your potential losses, check out the high scores to see where the current thresholds are. If getting a gold trophy will require losing 100,000 NP, then keep out at least 100,000 / 10% = 1,000,000 NP, but not much more. Beware that there are other random events that will take a percentage of your Neopoints and don't even have a high score table!

Taxes are paid in the sweat of every Neopet who labors.

High Scores Patterns

Because a user can only ever be taxed randomly, the high scores table can fill up slowly, and the thresholds will increase steadily through the month. If you are trying to avoid losing too many Neopoints, then you should only keep enough Neopoints out for a trophy earlier in the month; if you want a trophy at any cost, then make sure to check the high scores tables frequently to ensure you have enough Neopoints out to earn it!

Below are graphs depicting the average minimum score required for a gold, silver, or bronze trophy in the regular and Angry Tax Beast high score tables. Scores from July 2019 through January 2021 were used to get an average.

As the month goes on, you will need to carry more Neopoints on-hand to have a chance at achieving the trophy you want. For example, on the 5th of the month, the gold trophy score minimum averages at 426,357 NP, meaning you'd need to carry at least 426,357 NP / 10% = 4,263,570 NP to get gold. By the 25th, the gold trophy requires on average 1,277,033 NP to be stolen, meaning you'll need to carry at least 1,277,033 NP / 10% = 12,770,330 NP on hand!

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