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Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures

Heads up! Even though the prize animation is Flash-based, you do not need Flash activated to collect the prize. Simply visiting the Tarla page will reward the item prize straight into your inventory, so you can do this from your phone.

Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures is a giveaway page on Neopets hosted by none other than Tarla the Ixi. For short periods of time throughout the day, Tarla may be "in" and if you visit this page at the same time that she is in, you will be awarded an item prize!

Back in the day, this giveaway worked in conjunction with a downloadable Neopets toolbar that you could install on your Internet browser. An icon on the toolbar would blink to alert you when Tarla was issuing prizes. This toolbar is no longer available, but the giveaway page still functions and gives away prizes at various times throughout the day on random days.

Tarla with Mystery Item
What will you win?

When is Tarla In?

Tarla will only be good to give prizes on some days, and will give no prizes on other days. When you navigate to the giveaway page while Tarla is not in, you will see one of two messages: one that says "Tarla is at the prize warehouse right now. Check back later to see if she's here!" which means she is good to award prizes during every prize period that day; or a page that says "Tarla is busy with her other chores today. Check back tomorrow to see if she's back!" which means she will award no prizes for that entire day.

Tarla is at the prize warehouse right now. Check back later to see if she's here! - or - Tarla is busy with her other chores today. Check back tomorrow to see if she's back!
Will Tarla will award prizes today, or is she hiding?

On days that she is good to appear, Tarla will be available once for 15 minutes each within 4 different intervals. Within these designated time periods, she will come starting no sooner than :10 minutes into a random hour, and first appear no later than :45 minutes into the hour. If she appears later in the hour, she may remain available through the end of the hour only. The time frames during which Tarla can appear are listed below, in NST - with the exception of the first 10 minutes of any hour.

  • 1:10 AM - 5:45 AM
  • 7:10 AM - 11:45 AM
  • 1:10 PM - 5:45 PM
  • 7:10 PM - 11:45 PM


Tarla awards a variety of prizes, including books, Petpets, toys, weapons and more. Most prizes are not very valuable, but you may occasionally find a Paint Brush or Lab Map piece being given away. Tarla also awards a few r90+ items that are useful to save for Charity Corner.

Tarla issues two types of prize: referred to as the "main" and "drop" prizes.

Main Prize

The main prize is only awarded during the first 3 minutes of Tarla's appearance, and this main prize is the same for everybody, across all prize periods for the whole day.

You won a prize: Beginners Curses

The following are all main prizes awarded by Tarla since later in 2015. Other prizes may have been awarded previously, but this is the current prize pool of possible main prizes.

Main Prizes

Altador Food Stamp

Altadorian Defences

Beginners Curses

Beware of Squid Sign

Bronze Scorchstone

Brown Moehog Morphing Potion

Cloud Paint Brush

Darigan Mirror


Demonic Bow

Disco Zafara Plushie

Earthen Scorchstone

Elegant Wooden Desk

Evil Plots For Beginners

Fancy Bath Tub

Fiery Snowball

Fire Faerie Darts

Flaming Dagger Of Fire

Flotsam Wok Recipes

Fyora Sink

Gallion Curtains

Gallion Wall Clock

Glowing Bridge

Golden Cobrall Glove

Green Shoyru Sofa

Grundo Beauty Book

Holographic Sakhmet City Stamp

Hunting The Meerca Way

Iced Ceiling Fan

Island Kacheek Chair

Island Kacheek Table

Jelly Trampoline

Kite Races

Kreludan Crosswords

Leaf Covered Pit

Lemon Swirly Negg

Lime Swirly Negg

Metallic Sun Staff

Mini Waterfall Pond

Mushroom Soup Lamp

Obedience Medallion

Old Wooden Barrel

One Hundred Dubloon Coin

Peanut Bed

Peanut Table

Piece of a treasure map

Piece of a treasure map

Piece of a treasure map

Purple Yurble Plushie

Ragged Desert Cape

Rainbow Ixi Plushie

Red Suede Boots

Red Suede Hat

Rock Negg

Ruby Sword

Scarab Stamp

Scrambled Rainbow Negg

Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush

Seafarer Rope

Secret Laboratory Map

Secret Laboratory Map

Secret Laboratory Map

Silver Chest Plate

Snow Chomby

Snowball Slingshot

Solitary Rock Garden

Speckled Paint Brush

Split Zafara Table Lamp

Stagnant Puddle of Water

Steel Trapdoor

Super Icy Negg

Superior Shovel

The Happy Buzz

The Lucky Paw

Ultra Icy Negg

Usuki Curtains

Velm Stamp

Water Muffin

When Meteors Crash

Wooden Trapdoor

Writers Arm Chair

Xweetok Cut N Paste Book

Xweetok Guide to Flying

Your Semidemiquaver & You

Drop Prize

The drop prize, also known as the "side" prize or just not main, is the prize that Tarla awards for the 12 minutes following the main prize issuance. When you catch Tarla during the drop period, she'll appear to be walking away.

Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Wuzzle
So lucky.

The drop prize can be any of the following items, and unlike the main prize will be randomly issued from the pool for everybody who catches it.

Prize Limit

If you receive a prize from Tarla, regardless of whether it's a main or drop, she will refuse to give you any further prizes that day, even if you manage to catch her again. If you have already received a prize for the day but visit the page again while she is awarding prizes, you will see a message where Tarla instructs about the prize limit: "I can only give you one prize per day!"

Tarla says: I can only give you one prize per day!
Don't get greedy, now!


To catch Tarla when she's awarding prizes, a common strategy is to simply refresh the prize page every three minutes after a time period starts. Some say that Tarla is most likely to appear towards the beginning of each time period (approximately the first hour or hour and a half), so you may be more successful focusing on refreshing consistently during this time as opposed to later in the time period.

You can also hang around on the Games Neoboard. Sometimes (but not always) there will be a helpful Neopian who posts a new topic alerting others that Tarla is currently awarding prizes.

Sometimes, Tarla's drop prizes are more valuable than the main prizes. If you find out what the main prize for the day is before actually collecting it yourself and learn it's very low in value, you may want to consider purposely delaying your visit to Tarla's prize page by a few minutes in order to receive a randomized drop prize instead of the main. You may just get a better prize... or not!

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