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Tale of Woe Plot Coverage


Congratulations on finishing the Haunted Woods Plot! As a reward, you have been given points to spend on the following pretty items!

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Everyone who participated in the plot was awarded a trophy for their effort. The point cut-offs listed below are estimates.


Swamp Slorg
0 - 2,535

Asylum Inmate
3,000 - 12,090

Vine Weaver
12,250 - 16,000

Meepit Wrangler
16,460 - 22,900

Neovian Citizen
22,930 - 28,870

Master Chemist
29,215 - 36,750

Honorary Mayor of Neovia

Avatar and Site Themes

Participants in the Tale of Woe plot all received the Tale of Woe - Krawley avatar, as well as the Tale of Woe site theme as a token of appreciation.

Tale of Woe - Krawley

Tale of Woe - Krawley / Guide

Awarded to users who participated in the Tale of Woe plot. You can collect yours by visiting Sophie's Shack.

Released: March 1, 2007