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The Mysterious Symol Hole

CHANCE AT PRIZES, September 22nd: For a chance at receiving a prize, visit the Symol Hole and jump in between XX:53:00 to XX:56:59 during any hour of the day. See the Timing Your Visit section below for details.

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The Mysterious Symol Hole in Meridell is so small that only Petpets can fit through the tight opening. After squeezing in there, a Petpet may return with exclusive items, Neopoints, or an increase in strength.

Symol, symol, symol, symol, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

Finding the Symol Hole

The Symol Hole is located in Meridell, although it is not labeled on the map. Instead, you simply click the unmarked hole next to Turmaculus, or of course just use the direct link.

How to Play

When you visit the Symol Hole, you'll see a picture of your Petpet and a command labelled "ENTER!". There are several different options as to how you wish to enter the Symol Hole, such as cannonballing or climbing down slowly, but what you select has no effect on the outcome.

Once you've picked your method of entry, you will start getting updates as your petpet explores:

Climb down slowly Dive in with eyes open
Dive in with eyes closed
  • [PETPET] climbs down into the hole
  • [PETPET] descends carefully into the hole
  • [PETPET] eventually reaches the bottom of the hole
  • [PETPET] shudders as they climb into the hole
  • [PETPET] takes their time entering the hole
  • [PETPET] bravely jumps into the hole
  • [PETPET] dives calmly into the hole
  • [PETPET] jumps headfirst into the hole
  • [PETPET] reluctantly dives into the hole
  • [PETPET] tumbles down into the hole
  • [PETPET] can't wait to get to the bottom of the hole
  • [PETPET] does a cool flip into the hole
  • [PETPET] eagerly flies down the hole
  • [PETPET] is already at the bottom of the hole
  • [PETPET] leaps into the hole with vigor
  • [PETPET] disappears into the darkness
  • [PETPET] hurries to search the tunnel
  • [PETPET] proceeds into the tunnel with caution
  • [PETPET] runs off to look for treasure
  • You watch as [PETPET] disappears from view
  • [PETPET] sounds like they are having fun down there
  • The hole begins emitting a strange light
  • The hole is completely silent as you wait with bated breath
  • You begin to hear strange noises coming from the hole
  • You hear something in the hole humming a soft melody
  • At the end of this, you will either win a prize or the page will say "Wasn't that fun? Maybe you can do the same tomorrow!" However, it is actually possible to attempt multiple times on the same day. For more on that, see the "Timing Your Visit" section.

    Timing Your Visit

    September 22nd Hourly Prize Window: XX:53:00 to XX:56:59

    Each hour of the day has a 4-minute window where you have a chance of receiving a prize. This window is the same for each hour throughout the day, but changes daily. It's hypothesized that jumping in outside of this 4-minute window will never reward you with a prize.

    For example, one day it may be possible to win a prize every hour from XX:32:00 to XX:35:59. However, the next day, the window could be XX:07:00 to XX:10:59.

    Within each hour's four-minute window, you have one attempt at a prize. Regardless of if you win a prize or not, you are placed on a "cooldown" for exactly one hour (3,600 seconds) before you can possibly win again. For example, if the daily window was XX:32:00 to XX:35:59, and you attempted at 4:33:20 AM NST, you will not be able to win a prize again until 5:33:20 AM NST, even if you didn't win a prize!

    Attempting to jump down the hole outside of the 4-minute window will not start your cooldown; only attempts within the 4-minute window matter for the cooldown. Unfortunately, visits outside the 4-minute window and visits within the 4-minute window where you did not win a prize present the same result: "Wasn't that fun? Maybe you can do the same tomorrow!" There is not a way to tell them apart.

    As a note, the 4-minute window cannot wrap to the next hour. For example, if the window starts at XX:58:00 then it will end at XX:59:59. It is also possible for some days to have no valid window at all; prizes cannot be won on these days.

    Our guide here is updated daily with each day's 4-minute window, so check back each day to get the time!


    After these three updates over a few seconds, you will ultimately get one of four possible outcomes:

    • nothing happens (by far the most common)
    • you win an exclusive item (listed in the next section)
    • you win between 17 and 1,832 Neopoints
    • your Petpet gets a level increase

    In addition to one of these outcomes, you will also get an avatar the first time you win an item or Neopoints.


    Symol / Guide

    Awarded the first time you win an item or Neopoints from the Symol Hole during the hourly 4-minute window. (See our guide for today's prize window.)

    Released: October 21, 2005

    Sometimes when nothing happens you will receive the message "Hang on, [PETPET] looks somehow different..." after your Petpet climbs out of the hole. However, nothing actually happens to your Petpet; it's just TNT teasing!

    Item Prizes

    Occasionally, your petpet will pop back out of the Symol Hole with an item in hand! All of these are exclusive to the Symol Hole. You can also view this list in our Item Database.

    Dirt Day

    Annually on June 14th, each time your petpet visits the Hole during the designated window, you'll receive a bonus prize in your inventory. There is no notification and this happens regardless of the outcome text displayed.

    Dirt Day Bonus

    It's better than nothing I guess...

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