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Neggtacular Springtime Celebration

In the spring of 2009, Rosie, a rather charismatic grarrl that loves Easter and dancing, hosted the Neggtacular Springtime Celebration. She will grant you a special spring item each day, and even a bonus for completing a task.


Visit Rosie each day at the Neggtacular Springtime Celebration until April 12th. She has a special gift waiting for you, but some of them she has misplaced. Find all her missing gifts and receive a special bonus prize.

Celebration Prizes

Day Location/Hint Prize
Bonus This item was given to those who collected all the previous prizes. Negg Hat
April 12 Visit the Springtime Celebration. (Today's item was glitched, if you did not receive the item, send in a bug report) Hand Picked Spring Flowers
April 11 Visit the Springtime Celebration High Flying Kite
April 10 Visit the Springtime Celebration Pretty Wicker Negg Basket
April 9 This tropical island's mystery? A reward that's sure to bring you glee!

Randomly awarded while visiting links on Mystery Island.
Wind Up Baby PteriDelicate Enamel Negg
April 8 Visit the Springtime Celebration

Today, you received your free gift, plus the prize from 4/4 (a Neocash item)! Enjoy your prizes and thanks for your patience!
Tooth Faerie MuffinFiligree Carousel Negg
April 7 Somewhere on this frozen peak waits a prize for those who click and seek.

Visit all areas of Terror Mountain (either Happy Valley, the Ice Caves or the Top of the Mountain)
Gardens of NeopiaSpring Courtyard Background
April 6 Visit the Springtime Celebration Golden Negg Fountain
April 5 A deck on this interstellar base is your prize's current resting place.

Visit the Virtupets Space Station Recreation Deck or Supply Deck and visit the links.
Lemon Creme NeggStone Negg Bench
April 3 Visit the Springtime Celebration Stylish Spring Vase
April 2 In a frightful woodland's carnival ground. Find treasure just by clicking 'round.

Visit the Deserted Fairgrounds shops and games.
Mismatched Toy NeggsRotten Negg Face Splat
April 1 Visit the Springtime Celebration The Great Negg Hunt
March 31 Visit the Springtime Celebration Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow