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The Perilous Catacombs

For this part of the monster hunting, you're following Corbin and Kell through the Perilous Catacombs beneath Neovia.

How to Play

On your first go, you will start in one of the corners on Floor 1 of the catacombs. Your first step is to open one of the doors that you see on the map. Below is an example of an opened door (on the right), and a door that is ripe for the opening (on the left).

When you click on an unopened door, you'll get a clue as to what might be on the other side, and you'll be given several options on what to do to open the door:

Select one of the options to proceed. You'll either receive a treasure if "successful", or you'll end up with a curse. More information on the treasures and curses are below. Opening doors will light up new areas, with additional doors for you to open. There is an optional NC element to this step, known as Runic Doors. You can find our guide to that aspect here.

The Goal

Your goal is to locate the stairs leading down to the next level. The stairs are always located in the corner diagonally opposite from where you start, but the path to reach them may not be a straight line. You'll pick up treasures and run into curses along the way.

Find me!


Opening each door has the chance of plaguing you with a curse. Some are helpful, some are malevolent, and some... just do crazy stuff to your map. The number next to the curse generally indicates the number of rooms you need to cross to make the curse disappear.

Curses & Effects
Curse Effect
Curse of Apathy Blocks the next curse from having any effects on you.
Curse of Barrel Roll The map will do a roll while the text 'BARREL ROLL' is displayed.
Curse of Cleansing Allows you to get rid of one curse on your list.
Curse of Clobbering Selecting a 'knock politely' action will cause you to fail the door and receive a curse.
Curse of Clumsiness You will fail to execute the sneak option you selected properly.
Curse of Craving It is possible you will be forced to eat a piece of your treasure.
Curse of Cursed Treasure The next piece of treasure you pick up will curse you unless the Curse of Kleptomania is active.
Curse of Distraction You forget to pick up the next piece of treasure.
Curse of Fatigue Prevents you from moving to the next floor while in effect.
Curse of Feebleness Prevents the 'stomp' and 'burst in' actions from working at doors.
Curse of Foresight Allows you to see what is in a non-riddle room.
Curse of Inversion Turns the map upside down.
Curse of Kleptomania The next time you encounter treasure, you receive two pieces instead of one.
Curse of Lethargy Causes a slight lag while processing your action when you make a choice. Does not affect clicking the doors on the map.
Curse of Longevity Increases the time span of other curses.
Curse of Meepitude Causes the next room you enter to be filled with Meepits - any action you pick will result in an additional curse.
Curse of Mystery ???
Curse of Narcolepsy Puts a "blinking eyes" overlay on the screen.
Curse of Sarcasm Prevents mediation and taking sides options from working at the next door
Curse of Shrinkage The map shrinks to a smaller size.
Curse of Snow The map background and the text in the popups will turn white.
Curse of the Pant Devil You may have a piece of treasure stolen from you.
Curse of Tyranu Evavu All text on the catacomb interface (the floor name, curses, and treasure names) reads as "TYRANU EVAVU", as well as their descriptions.


Below are the correct combinations to the door puzzles. Please note that several doors have the same introductory text, but the different characters in the room require different responses. The only way to know the correct combination in advance is to have the Curse of Foresight active, so you know which character is present. Additionally, active curses that alter actions you perform will automatically override even correct combinations, resulting in an instant fail no matter what option you select. You can find a listing of the complete text from the doors here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are three different types of cultist.

Regular Doors
Door Text Correct Choice
Arguing (Evil Cultists) Take sides in the argument
Arguing (Ghoul Catchers) Offer your services as a mediator
Arguing (Sarcastic Skeletons) Take sides in the argument
Arguing (Tourists/Vacationers) Offer your services as a mediator
Banjo Music (Doppelgängers) BANJO DUEL!
Banjo Music (Indifferent Cultists) Hum along with the cheery tune
Camping Song (Tourists/Vacationers) Burst through the door violently
Camping Song (Zombie Ghosts) Stomp your feet emphatically
Cinnamon Scent (Doppelgängers) Burst through the door violently
Cinnamon Scent (Non-Cube) Pull on a pair of gloves and open the door
Cinnamon Scent (Spyders) Pull on a pair of gloves and open the door
Glorp Sound (Non-Cube) Stomp your feet emphatically
Glowing (Ghoul Catchers) Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
Glowing (Non Cube) Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
Growling (Dragon) Offer your services as a mediator
Growling (Globilol) Offer your services as a mediator
Huge Snores (Globilol) Burst through the door violently
Huge Snores (Indifferent Cultists) Slip in all quiet and sneaky-like
Loud Chanting (Doppelgängers) Hum along with the cheery tune
Loud Chanting (Evil Cultists) Hum along with the cheery tune
Loud Chanting (Ghoul Catchers) Hum along with the cheery tune
Loud Chanting (Friendly Cultists) Knock on the door politely
Luggage/Weather (Friendly Cultists) Throw the door open boisterously
Luggage/Weather (Indifferent Cultists) Burst through the door violently
Luggage/Weather (Kids) Throw the door open boisterously
Luggage/Weather (Sarcastic Skeletons) Throw the door open boisterously
Luggage/Weather (Tourists/Vacationers) Throw the door open boisterously
Moan (Zombie Ghosts) Knock on the door politely
Organ Music (Kids) Stomp your feet emphatically
Roar (Dragon) Muster your courage and step inside
Silence (Evil Cultists) Knock on the door politely
Silence (Friendly Cultists) Knock on the door politely
Silence (Globilol) Stomp your feet emphatically
Silence (Indifferent Cultists) Stomp your feet emphatically
Silence (Spyders) Stomp your feet emphatically
Silence (Treasure Room) Any answer will be correct
Silence (Zombie Ghosts) Burst through the door violently
Skittering Sound (Spyders) Burst through the door violently
Snarky Comments (Sarcastic Skeletons) Burst through the door violently
Warm to the Touch (Dragon) Tell the door to chill out, seriously
Whispering (Evil Cultists) Burst through the door violently
Whispering (Friendly Cultists) Say hello in a friendly voice
Wordless Screaming (Globilol) Burst through the door violently
Wordless Screaming (Kids) Burst through the door violently
Wordless Screaming (Non-Cube) Burst through the door violently
Riddle Doors
Door Text Correct Answer
A Cup that Fills Altador Cup
Breaks Apart Krawk Island
First is in Haunted Help
Inside, A Staircase Hidden Tower
It Goes Up Stock
Punished Pride Sway
Rattle Bones Halloween
Tongue that Wags Dribblet
Two Things Are Constant Kreludor and Virtupets
Wears a Bow Xweetok

General Tips

  • If you are cursed with the Curse of Snow, simply highlight your text to make it easier to read.
  • If you happen to come across the Curse of Cleansing, save it till you reach the end of the floor. Then use it to cleanse the Curse of Fatigue and exit the floor. You will not have to wait to go to the next floor. If the wait for the next floor is not very long, save your cleanse until your wait is several hours long, and then use it.

The Monster!

As you move deeper and deeper into the catacombs, you might catch sight of the monster! Sure is giving us quite a chase.

Capturing the Monster

From midnight on the 30th of October, any completed floor has the chance to give the option to try and capture the monster. You are presented with three options. Fleeing will direct you back to the floor you just left (allowing you to try and capture the monster again immediately), but selecting either of the other two options will allow you to finally capture Scarlet and end the step.

Selecting either of the two correct options will direct you to a new page, where you will be prompted to click a button in order to perform the Magic Melody and capture Scarlet.

Clicking the button will redirect you to the next chapter, with the familiar To Be Continued text.

At this point, you are locked out of the catacombs, and have completed the step!


At the end of each level, you'll be able able to select 1-3 of the treasures you accumulated along the way. Treasures are received when opening doors.

If you are cursed one too many times, there is a possibility that you will end up with no treasure at the end. If you receive more than fifteen pieces of treasure, and they don't show up because your treasure slots are all filled, they will show up when you exit the floor - on the list of items from where you have to choose what you get to keep. Below are a list of possible treasures you can receive.

Receive an item not listed? Tell us the item name.

All Floor Prizes


An Acara Named Whirr

An Ogrins Wild Life

Anything Soup

Arr Through Yarr - A Pirates Dictionary

Babaas Baba

Battle Bones



Blackberry Chair

Bleached Bone Staff

Blumaroo Gummy Vitamins

Bone Mace

Brightvale Castle Building Blocks

Broken Heart Tombstone

Bruce Blues

Bubbling Cauldron OF DOOM

Buzzer Pinata

Camouflage Hot Dog

Cantaloupe Melon



Chips and Curry Sauce

Chocolate Taquitos

Chocolate Waffle Cone

Cinnamon Toasties Blast

Clash of Moehogs

Collectable Cards

Cook Plushie

Crab Spaghetti

Cream Cheese Dip

Dainty Ink Frame

Dark Eyes the Aisha

Defenders Stand for Justice

Delightful Petpetpet Medley


Earth Faerie Charm

Earth Faerie Slingshot

Edible Argyle Socks

Encyclopedia Neopia

Essence of Esophagor

Faerieland Justice Stamp

Finger Sandwiches

Fragrant Battle Charm

Fun Tree Facts



Glyme Collectable Charm

Gothic Lamp


Great Reefs of Neopia

Ground Beef Smores

Grundo Beauty Book

Haaaarrd Boiled Egg

Haunted Wood Foreground

Honey Coated Apple Slices

Horned Collectable Scarab

Illusens Twigs

Jacket Potato with Chicken Wings

Jhudoras Fingernails

JubJub Bank

Jungle Cliff

Kacheek Board Game

Learning To Sing Notes

Left-Over Turkey Drumstick Sandwich

Malkus Vile Book

Marshmallow Milkshake

Mazzew Grooming

Moderately Evil Staff


Mr X

My Life As A Sponge

Neopian Chandeliers

Neopolitan Milkshake

Numbers and Shapes Soup

Old Cobwebs Foreground

Organic Cucumber Slices

Peanut Butter Crackers

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

Pinchit Collectable Charm

Pirate Quiggle Plushie

Plushie Adventures

Pocket Faerie Pinball Game

Pumpkin Launcher

Purple Vaeolus


Rainbow Fountain Card

Raspberry Usul Shake

Red Bruce Juice

Rolltop Desk

Rotten Jack-O-Lantern Bomb

Schnelly Collectable Charm


Serious Sadness


Shoyru Puzzle

Simple Dark Decorative Daggers

Single Scoop of Sorbet

Skeith Crisps

Skeith Tails

Smoked Glass Divider

Snot My Fault

Speckled Collectable Scarab

Sporkle Syrup

Spotted Red Collectable Scarab

Staff of Impenetrable Gloom

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Strange Growling Box

Striped Elephante Pop-Up Book

Tea Biscuits

That Fruit Basket You Forgot About

The Grand Usul Adventure

The Hidden Temple

The History of the Origami Warf

Uni Sushi

Vanilla Ghost Cake


Webs of Death

Week Old Glass of Milk

Wings of Steel

Wrought Iron Bed

Xweetok Ice Breakers

Yurble Adventures

Zombie Farnswap