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Spooky Food Eating Contest

Spooky Food Eating Contest Coverage

The Magic Melody

In the first puzzle for the event, Kell required help making a Melody that would sooth Scarlet into sleep. By arranging some magical plants in a gradually increasing grid, users could help Kell with his work. The puzzle got progressively harder over consecutive days, with a new row being added each time - it was possible to catch up on previous days.

How to Play

The aim is to get into a position where you are 0 mDB away. Kell will update you on your progress every time the lever on the left is pulled.

To arrange the plants, click on the one you want to move, and drag it to the position you'd like. Each plant must remain in the same column it starts in.

When happy with the ordering, click on the lever, pictured below, to try out your combination:

After you receive your first result, move a plant either up or down 1 space and try again. The reading will have changed. For your next step...

  • If the number of mDBs has gone DOWN, move the plant in the SAME direction again.
  • If the number of mDBs has gone UP, move the plant in the OPPOSITE direction.

Keep moving a plant until the number of mDBs does not go lower. You'll have then found the sweet spot. Once you have found the best result for each row, you should have the solution!


Arrange all of the plants to one side of the board (preferably the side furthest away from you). Pull the lever and take note of the mDB Kell tells you (in this example, 32 mDB).

Move the first plant (preferably the left most plant) across the board to the opposite side. Pull the lever and take note of the mDB Kell tells you (in this example, 30 mDB).

Count inward from both ends of the board until you find the lowest possible mDB position for the plant. Note this number (in this example, 27 mDB).

Move the plant to this new position. Take the next plant and move it across the board. Pull the lever and take note of the mDB Kell tells you (in this example, 31 mDB).

At this point, the initial position of the 2nd plant will be the mDB value of the lowest possible mDB position of the 1st plant (in this example, 27 mDB). Repeat the same step of counting inward from both ends to find the lowest possible mDB position for the second plant.

Rinse, and repeat!

Puzzle Sizes

Each new puzzle comes with a larger grid, and more flowers to align. The strategy still remains the same, however.

Puzzle Sizes
Puzzle 14 x 7
Puzzle 25 x 7
Puzzle 36 x 7
Puzzle 47 x 7
Puzzle 58 x 9
Puzzle 69 x 9
Puzzle 710 x 9

NOTE: You can catch up on puzzles from previous days, but beware that the puzzle will eventually retire.


After completing the puzzle, you will be given one of the following prizes depending on which difficulty of puzzle you completed.

Upon claiming your prize, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will suddenly fall asleep under the effects of the magical flowers. You will be randomly shown an image of either Kell, Tippens, the flowers, or some Ghost Meepits.

(Note: You can refresh the page to see the alternate images.)

On the final day, a new image was displayed of Kell and Corbin.