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Sorcerers' Skirmish

Sorcerers' Skirmish Information
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Meridell and Darigan just can't seem to stay peaceful. These two are at each other's necks yet again, but this time the fight is being fought by magical folk: sorcerers. Think of this game as a bit like chess without all of those crazy rules. Certain pieces can move a certain number of spaces, and do a certain number of things. The final object of the game is also to take out the lead piece, the Eyrie sorcerer. But watch out! If your Eyrie sorcerer is hit first, it's game over.

A sorcerer's staff.
Swords are for sissies! I fight with a staff!

The Sorcerers

Each of the different characters has different strengths and weaknesses. Check the table below or the information at the bottom of your game screen to determine your character's strongest and weakest areas. Attack indicates the strength of your character when attacking another, defence indicates the strength of your character when it is being attacked, and speed indicates the number of tiles your character will be able to move each turn.

Character Summary
Character Attack Defence Speed Points
Eyrie 3 1 1 1000
Gelert 3 1 3 300
Skeith 3 3 2 250
Kougra 2 2 3 200
Scorchio 0 4 1 100
Xweetok 1 2 4 100

Game Layout

Sorcerers' Skirmish might seem a little difficult at first, based on the slightly complicated map, but it is actually quite simple to understand. Here is a picture of what your game will look like. Reference the numbers in the image to find their corresponding description below.

A screenshot of gameplay

  1. This is your turn number. If you take less than thirty turns to defeat Darigan, you will win 50 points for each turn under 30 that you did not take. This bonus is extremely helpful, so you should try to finish your game quickly.
  2. Meridell starts on this side of the board. Until your first move, you will find all of your characters here, awaiting command.
  3. This is your current character, or the one that will move when you select a spot for him or her. Note the list of attack, defence, and speed. To deselect a character, click anywhere on the game board outside of your character's moving range.
  4. Darigan starts on this side of the board. Your goal is to make it over here and take out Darigan's Eyrie Sorcerer.
  5. This is a defence potion. After taking this potion, your character will have one extra point of defence for one turn.
  6. This is a speed potion. This handy little potion will allow your character to go one space farther than usual for one turn.
  7. This is an attack potion. After taking this potion, your character will have one extra point of attack for one turn.
  8. These rocks are walls. No characters (with the exception of the Xweetok) can pass these walls, and must go around them.

The Rage Potion
I don't know why they call me the RAGE potion. I'm a nice guy, really!

How to Play

As mentioned before, Sorcerers' Skirmish is actually a very easy game to play. However, when attacking, it is important to note that your attack must be higher than your opponent's defence. This same rule applies for when you may get attacked, but in the reverse. While under attack, your defence must be higher than your opponent's attack for you to survive.

Now take this situation as an example:

Meridell and Darigan have a showdown yet again.

In this situation, your Gelert has 3 attack and 1 defence, while your Xweetok has 1 attack and two defence. Because the Xweetok has the same number of attack points as your defence points, it would be able to take out your Gelert. So, in this scenario, it would be much better for you to attack rather than defend. This is not always the case, however, and you should always be wary of other foes on the board, not just the one in front of you.

One final thing to note is that, though the Scorchio has 4 defence, they can be defeated by the Xweetok, who have the ability to destroy Fire. (Thanks to Coollizard for the reminder!)

Game Difficulties

At the start of each game, you will be asked at which difficulty you would like to play the game. There are several differences between Easy, Medium, and Hard, which will be listed here.


At this difficulty, you can see all of your opponents and their stats, and should have few problems completing the game.


At this difficulty, you cannot see all of your opponents or their stats at the beginning of the game. You will not know which sorcerers are which until you attack them or they attack you.


At this difficulty, you cannot see all of your opponents or their stats at the beginning of the game. Furthermore, your opponents will not be revealed when they attack you.

A Ghostly Enemy
A hidden enemy.

In Summary

In the end, Sorcerers' Skirmish can be enormously confusing at first, but will most likely just end up pleasantly mind-boggling by the time you get the hang of it. If you're not quite feeling up to trying out the Medium or Hard levels, that's fine, it's just as easy to earn points on Easy as it is on the Medium and Hard levels. Though, if you're up for a real challenge, delve right in to the higher levels, they're sure to add an extra element of satisfying frustration to your game.

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