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Sophie's Stew

Sophie's Stew Information
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A hermit living in a rickety old shack out in the middle of the swamp, Sophie the Swamp Witch likes nothing better than casting spells, caring for her Meowclops, and brewing huge cauldrons of magical stew. Unfortunately, reading recipes and selecting stew ingredients requires focus, and the cauldron is all the way on the other side of the shack. As luck would have it, however, the Swamp Witch has just the right magical item to help make her stew complete...

Sophie's wand

How to Play

The gameplay in Sophie's Stew is fairly simple: standing at the left side of the screen, Sophie will toss items over her shoulder, which you must guide to the cauldron at the right side of the screen using her magic wand. While you have the option to use the arrow keys to move the wand, it's highly recommended that you use your mouse instead, as it's both faster and more intuitive. Avoid using the right mouse button, however, as this will immediately cause the game to end. The items Sophie throws will bounce on contact with the wand, some more than others (see item table below). The part of the wand the item touches will determine which direction it bounces: left, right, or straight up.

Game Screen
Sophie's quite fond of the color green...

While the goal of the game is to get ingredients into the cauldron, Sophie doesn't mind you feeding her pet Meowclops, so it can work as something of a safety net if you should drop an item near it. Be careful not to waste the ingredients by dropping them on the floor, however, or you'll lose a life (indicated by the wand icons at the top of the screen). If you drop too many items, it will be Game Over.

Occasionally, a Droolik will fly overhead, and will (quite rarely) drop power-ups. You can, however, force it to drop a power-up by hitting it with a well-timed stew ingredient; items with a high bounce are particularly good at this. Power-ups can be collected by touching them with the wand.

Droolik Power-Ups
Item Effect
Increase Increases wand size
Decrease Decreases wand size
Extra Life Grants an extra life

In addition to the Extra Life power-up, you can also get a life once per game by typing the code hungrymeowclops at any time during gameplay. The easiest way to do this is to type it in pieces; type hungry, meow, and clop whenever you get a chance while playing, and once you've lost a life press the s key to gain a new one. If you already have six lives as a result of an Extra Life power-up, this code will be wasted and do nothing; similarly, if you already have six lives as a result of using the code, the Extra Life power-up will do nothing.

I'm here to help! Completely selflessly!


While the Meowclops will happily eat (almost) anything it catches, you will usually get less points than you would if you had gotten the item to the cauldron. When the Meowclops eats an item, it will often be overcome by an unusual effect; these only affect gameplay in that the effect prevents the Meowclops from catching food for a few seconds.

Below is a table detailing how much each item bounces on contact with the wand, and how many points you will receive if it lands in the cauldron or the Meowclops eats it.

Item Statistics
Item Bounce Cauldron Meowclops Meowclops Effect
Magic Ghost Marshmallows High 15 points 5 points -
Mau Codestone Low 12 points 0 points Meowclops spits item out
Blueberry Fish Pop Average 10 points 10 points Changes Meowclops to Maraquan
Woo Woo Grub High 10 points 2 points Causes Meowclops to faint
Spoc Spoc Grub High 9 points 2 points Changes Meowclops to Snow
Red Scorchipepper High 8 points 2 points Meowclops will breathe fire
Hot Worm Hot Dog Average 8 points 1 points Causes Meowclops to faint
Tongue Wrap Average 8 points 1 points Causes Meowclops to faint
Octorna Average 7 points 2 points Changes Meowclops to Maraquan
Twirly Fruit High 7 points 2 points -
Spooky Doughnut High 6 points 5 points -
Brain Ice Cream Average 6 points 1 points Causes Meowclops to dance
Glaring Eye Wrap Average 6 points 1 points Causes Meowclops to dance
Pile of Dung Low 5 points 0 points Meowclops spits item out
Almost Gummy Rat (Grape) Average 5 points 5 points Causes Meowclops to faint


As the game progresses, Sophie will begin to throw items more quickly, eventually forcing you to juggle two or three at once with the wand. In these circumstances, you should let the Meowclops eat as many items as you can, so you won't have to worry about getting them all to the other side of the screen.

Quick Tips

  • Play with the mouse rather than the arrow keys.
  • Hit the flying Droolik with an item to get a power-up.
  • Type the code hungrymeowclops when you have 5 or less lives for an extra life.
  • You get no points for feeding the Meowclops dung or Codestones, but you won't lose a life.
  • If there are too many items on-screen, don't be afraid to let the Meowclops eat a few.
  • Try to feed it Spooky Doughnuts; they're worth just 1 point less, with no extra effect.

Fresh stew! Go on, have a bite! You earned it!


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