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Snowbeast Snackrifice

Snowbeast Snackrifice Information
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It's always important to see the other side of the story. The Darigan Citadel had a decent case for being at war with Meridell, Dr. Death is only crotchety because he's encountered so many bad owners at the Pound, and the villagers who spend their time desperately throwing helpless Petpets into the jaws of a tyrannical Snow Beast...well, okay, they're still pretty sadistic. But who knows? Maybe you can understand them a little better with the help of this game!

Snowbeast Snackrifice is a little like an off-season game of Shootout Showdown. In both cases, you're trying to get a round object into a certain area while another character tries to block your shot. In this game, however, the "ball" is an unfortunate Petpet, and as you progress through the levels more and more "goalkeepers" will appear in the form of the Petpet Protection League. If you can't get the Petpets past the PPL and into the cave before time runs out, then it's game over.

Stunned Plushie

The Basics

When you start the game, you'll see three villagers on screen. You play the Kyrii in the middle, who can be moved around with your mouse or touchpad. The two Techos will toss Petpets back and forth across the screen. It's your job to give these Petpets a push in the right—uh, wrong—direction.

By holding down the left mouse button, you'll build up throwing power, measured by a glowing red and orange meter that appears on the screen. At the same time, move your Kyrii so that you'll cross paths with a tossed Petpet. When your meter is getting full and you're standing directly behind a Petpet, release the button. If you've judged correctly, the Petpet will go flying through the air and straight into the Snow Beast's cave!

Kyrii building up power to hurl a Petpet

You'll get points for each Petpet successfully thrown; the more power you manage to put into the shot, the higher you'll score. Of course, you'll only get points for Petpets that land in the cave; Petpets that don't fly far enough, or that land off to one side, are no use to you at all. Watch that aim, but remember you're playing against the clock!

Of course, the game wouldn't be much fun without an opponent. After the first level, members of the PPL will show up and try to stop your nefarious plans by standing in front of the cave entrance. With a bit of practice, though, you should still be able to land your Petpets in the right place even with pesky PPLers bouncing around in the way. Also, Petpets are heavy! If a PPL member does manage to catch one, he or she will be stunned and unable to react for a few seconds, giving you a clear shot at the cave.

Tips and Tricks

  • Each level has a quota of Petpets that must land in the cave for you to progress, but don't think you're limited to that number. If there's still time left on the clock, you can continue throwing Petpets until the end of the level for more points, no matter how many you've already landed successfully.
  • If you can land three "perfect" shots (maximum throwing power - filling up the entire meter), your Kyrii will "go berserk". For about ten seconds, you'll be able to throw Petpets at maximum power without having to worry about timing. Your berserk tally carries over between levels. For example, if you got 2 perfect shots in level 1, you would go into berserk mode after 1 perfect shot in level 2.
  • Just for fun: typing gogobananas during gameplay will play some creepy, maniacal laughter.

Disgruntled Meepits
We oppose cruelty to Meepits!
Cruelty BY Meepits, now, that's a different matter altogether...


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