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Snow Wars II

Snow Wars II Information
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Snow Wars II is a game of fine mouse control, rather than a game of quick reflexes. It is essential that you know the limits and speed of your mouse at the very beginning of a game, as they will be getting quite a workout!


Snow Wars II has three phases of gameplay.

In the first phase, you place an unlimited number of snow blocks to protect your snowmen. At the very beginning of the game you get 30 seconds for this, but only 15 seconds on every round after. You must create fully sealed shapes that surround at least one snowman. Make sure you have your fingers on the spacebar at all times! The blocks can be rotated with the spacebar to get the different variations (listed below) to the most convenient arrangement for you when you need them.

In the second phase, you have 15 seconds to place catapults inside your fortress. Catapults are 2x2 squares and will be used in the next phase for fighting enemies.

In the third and final phase, you have 15 seconds to use the catapults you placed to fire giant snowballs at your enemies: Lupes and Snow Beasts. Snow Beasts cannot move but can launch snowballs at your ice blocks, destroying them. Lupes cannot harm your ice blocks, but can move through gaps created by Snow Beasts and melt your snowmen.

You repeat these 3 phases over and over until you fail to completely surround at least one snowman in the first phase or Lupes eat all your snowmen, at which point it's game over.


The blocks of ice that you use for your snowmen's defence come in several different shapes with sizes ranging from one square to five, shown below. In earlier rounds, you will only be given the simple ones in the first row, but later rounds will also provide you the more complicated shapes in the second row too.



You earn points in Snow Wars II by building good fortresses and defeating enemies. Each enemy you defeat is worth 5 points. Every block destroyed by a Snow Beast's snowball removes 1 point. A good fortress is one that has a lot of blue squares; the blue squares you have, the more points you get.


At the beginning you will be given a layout with five snowmen placed randomly. If any one of them is very close to the dividing stream, just restart the game; it's going to be too hard to deal with. A bad example is on the left, while a great example is on the right.


You want to try to surround all five snowmen so that you can go ahead and place six catapults when it's time for them; it takes a lot of practice to get fast enough to do that, but I've been playing for a long while now and have just about mastered it. If it is too difficult to get all 5, just surround the rightmost 2 or 3 snowmen. If you manage to have time left after surrounding your snowmen, make the walls double thick in some places!

The walls must completely surround at least one snowman, with no gaps, not even in any corners, or the snowman will not be protected and you will not be able to place any catapults. You'll know the walls are complete when the area within the walls turns blue as shown below.

After that it's on to laying down the catapults, which is an equally important task as the ice blocks. In general, it's best to place them towards the center of your enclosed area so that there'll be plenty of room for a large bunch of blocks to clog up a small gap when that's the only thing you can do to save yourself. There is such thing as too many catapults if they hinder your ability to rebuild your walls; in later rounds, you may find it better to not place any additional catapults at all.

Now it's time to start making those foes eat snow. You want to aim for the Snow Beasts first and the Lupes afterward (unless a Lupe attacking your snowman is imminent). The first time the enemies appear there'll be three Lupes and two Snow Beasts. Each round, one additional Snow Beast will be added, but caps out at five. Similarly, each round one additional Lupe will be added, but caps out at six.

When aiming at enemies, it's best to click directly on Snow Beasts since they do not move, but click just in front of Lupes since they usually move forward a little bit between you clicking and your snowballs launching.

Spare a few very quick glances at your fortress to check for gaps in your walls during the final few seconds of this phase. This will pay off in the rebuilding phase if you know exactly where to go first. Part of the field will also be visible around the "Continue" box between phases when the game is paused; use this time to check for gaps too!

If a Lupe has penetrated your walls, you can actually surround it with ice blocks and it will disappear in the fighting phase! It's easy enough to take them down with catapults, so only do this if you have extra time.

If you want to play it very safe (and you have the time), you can build internal walls between snowmen. This decreases the chances you'll find yourself in the position of failing to protect at least one snowman, but comes at the expense of blue space and thus points.

After that you pretty much just keep rebuilding, shooting enemies, and rebuilding again. However, if you're still in the firing phase of the game and spotted a one or two block wide gap in your walls that would be pretty difficult to clog, you can use your catapults to fire right next to it and increase the space you have to place ice blocks.

The game will pause between each phase. Use this to your advantage to take a break now and then! An avatar-scoring game can take a very long time.


Unfortunately, this game was never a product of the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy nor does it have any super-special catapults, ice blocks, Lupes or Snow Beasts. The only interesting/humorous thing about it is its name: Snow Wars II. This game is actually not a sequel to Snow Wars, but instead to Grundo Snowthrow, which was sent to the Game Graveyard in 2005; the avatar was even originally intended for the older game!

Grundo - Snowthrow!

Grundo - Snowthrow! / Guide

Send a score of 10,000+ points in Snow Wars II.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 8,000+ points.

Released: August 25, 2003

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