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Snow Wars

Snow Wars Information
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Snow Wars is a non-Flash game in which you fire snowballs at your opponent's objects on their side of the field. The catch is, you cannot see where they are, so you will have to guess. But there are some strategies out there that can make Snow Wars an easy game. If you haven't noticed yet, Snow Wars is very similar to Battleship. Each game costs 100 NP to play, and the prizes aren't really worth it...but you get a trophy!

The Basics

This is a list of all objects and weapons in Snow Wars.

These are small snowmen. They take up only one space and are the hardest to find.
This is a catapult. This will be horizontal only. This takes up three spaces.
These are the largest items. They take up four spaces in a square form. These are the largest, and the easiest to find.
The snowballs and the cannon are both vertical. They each take up two spaces.

The Interface

  1. This is your castle; one of the two objects that take up four spaces.
  2. This is your catapult.
  3. This is a blank space.
  4. This is a snowman. Snowmen are the hardest to find because they take up only one square.
  5. This is another one of those hard to find snowmen.
  6. This is your catapult. If it gets hit all three times, you will still be able to fire snowballs.
  7. This is your large snowman. This is another object that takes up four spaces.
  • The black dots are just part of the scenery, as are the puddles
  • even if your catapult or piles of snowballs get hit, you will still be able to fire.

  1. These "Question Marks" are the locations on your opponent's map that you have not yet thrown a snowball at. Once you click it, you will throw a snowball at that location. Next turn, the question mark will not be there, instead, whatever was underneath it will be.
  2. This is an object that you completely destroyed.
  3. This is an object that you have partially destroyed.
  4. This is another object that you have completely destroyed.
  5. This is a partially destroyed object.
  6. This is scenery. This has no effect on the game.
  7. This states who your opponent is, and what level of the game you are currently on.

Tips and Tricks

Yes. There are tips and tricks to Snow Wars. When you click a question mark, most likely you can click another, or even a whole row at a time. Yes, you can do this.

The strategy is simple. Click all squares in a diagonal pattern. (Red or Green). Then simply click on the other parts of your opponent's army. If you clicked all green the first time, then click all the red squares, or vice versa. The snowmen are a bit different. Since they only take up one square, you will have to manually find them.

Opponents and Rewards

This is a list of all the opponents and rewards. You can win trophies and battledome items from Snow Wars!

Opponent (Miss) Opponent (Hit) Prizes
1. The Scarf
Two Wet Snowballs
2. The Snowman
Snow Wars Medal
Two Poison Snowballs
3. Santa
Snow Wars Medal
Two Evil Snowballs
4. The Snow Cone
Snow Wars Medal
Two Yellow Snowballs
5. Happy Monkey
Bronze Trophy
Two Peach Snowballs
6. Evil Elf
Bronze Trophy
Two Exploding Snowballs
7. Roboball
Silver Trophy
Two Icy Snowballs
8. The Tree
Silver Trophy
Two Sticky Snowballs
9. Super Star
Silver Trophy
Two Snow Mudballs
10. The Tentar
Gold Trophy
Two Stone Snowballs
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