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Smug Bug Smite

Smug Bug Smite Information
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Wait, does your wallet suddenly feel a little lighter? It must be those thieving Bug Brothers again! Well, you don't have to stand idly by and let them get away with it. For the sake of Neopia's pocket change, get out there and catch those smug bugs!

Bug Spray Bug Paper Bug Net

How to Play

When you start the game, you will have a choice of three tools with which to capture the bugs; bug spray, sticky paper, or a net. With the only difference between the three being how the bugs look when caught, your choice won't affect gameplay or score.

The Bug Brothers will appear after a random amount of time in each level, and the goal of the game is to capture them (by clicking on them with your mouse) as quickly as possible once they've appeared. Take too long, and they'll make off with the stolen Neopoints. The brothers will show up one at a time, though once the older brother has popped out the younger is usually quick to follow.

Game screen
You're next, buddy...

In each of the games's three levels you will have less time to catch them than in the previous one, so speed is key. In the first level you will have 3 seconds to click on each bug after he appears. In the second level you have 2 seconds, and in the third level, only 1 second. Should you fail to catch one of the bugs, it will be game over.


Each level has a set number of points awarded for catching the bugs, along with a time bonus for how quickly you capture them after they appear. While it's difficult to calculate such small and precise amounts of time, the time bonus awarded is approximately the amount of time you have to catch the bugs, minus how long it takes you to click on them from the time they appear, multiplied by an amount unique to each level.

Points Awarded
Level Base Points Time Bonus
1 100 pts x5
2 150 pts x10
3 200 pts x100

Level Solutions

Each of the Bug Brothers will always appear in one of four places in a level, chosen at random. In the images below, yellow represents where the first bug might appear, while blue represents where the second bug might appear.

To use this guide, click on the blue arrow buttons or select a level from the drop-down menu below. An animation will begin to play, showing each spot that a Bug Brother may appear. If you would like to replay the animation or restart it while it's already playing, press the Replay button.

There are two versions of each level featured in this guide: one showing where the bugs will stand once they've appeared, with bug-shaped outlines, and a "strategy" version showing where you should click to capture the bugs as soon as they've appeared, with square markers. To use this strategy, click on an area denoted by a square as quickly as possible; there is only a 1/4 chance that the bug will appear in any given spot, but if you're lucky, you'll be able to capture them in record time.

Level 1 Bugs
Level 1 Bugs Replay Animation
Level 1 Strategy
Level 1 Strategy
Level 2 Bugs
Level 2 Bugs Replay Animation
Level 2 Strategy
Level 2 Strategy
Level 3 Bugs
Level 3 Bugs Replay Animation
Level 3 Strategy
Level 3 Strategy
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Whether playing casually to earn a few NP, going for the high score, or just getting a little revenge, Smug Bug Smite's reflex-based gameplay and short play time make it a fun and addicting game. Now get out there and wipe the smug look off of that bug's face!

Smug Bug
I'd like to see you try...


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