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Slushie Slinger

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Slushie Slinger is one of the side games in the Altador Cup, featuring Cheryl Shelly, the Tuskaninny waitress. Score at least 270 points in a game, and your score will contribute to increasing your rank! A maximum of 65 games per day can be played that increase your rank and score.

» Click here to play Slushie Slinger! «

You must score at least 270 points to earn rank points.

Each qualifying submission earns you 6 rank points.

You can submit up to 65 scores per day of Slushie Slinger.

Controls (Desktop)

Use the left and right arrow keys to face the counters or the slushie machines respectively, and the up and down arrow keys to move across counters. Press the space bar in front of a machine to fill a slushie cup, or to place a newly filled order on one of the counters. You can also perform all of these actions using the left click mouse button.

Controls (Mobile)

Simply press on the screen in appropriate places to control Cheryl Shelly. For example, clicking on a slushie machine she is next to will have her fill up a slushie; clicking on a counter she is next to will have her turn around and throw the slushie.

Unlike on desktop, if Cheryl has filled up a slushie, there is no way to turn around without throwing it, although you can still move up and down the counters.


How do you know what your customers are ordering? Each customer appears with a thought bubble containing an image of which flavor slushie they would like to receive. There are three flavors, marked by three different colours: yellow-green, pink, and blue-purple. Your job is to give each customer the correct slushie before that customer reaches the end of the counter. You can give them the wrong colour slushies, but you'll get fewer points.

You need to make sure you pick up the empty slushie cups after your customers are done with them. To do this, simply stand at the end of the counter facing the counter and you'll pick up the empty cups automatically.

You get five lives, marked by the little slushies at the top right corner of the screen. You'll lose one if a customer reaches the end of the counter without receiving a slushie (any slushie—you won't lose a life for giving a customer the wrong flavor), if an empty cup falls to the floor, or if you send a slushie down a counter with no customer waiting at the other end.


You score points by...

  • Serving a customer what they want: 5 pts
  • Serving a customer a wrong flavor: 2 pts
  • Collecting an empty cup: 3 pts

The level of the game will increase after every 50 points that you earn, meaning customers will begin to appear more frequently.



As Mooeena points out, the length of the counters isn't just due to the perspective of the game art. The lower counter actually is longer than the middle counter, and the middle counter actually is longer than the top counter. Empty slushie cups being sent back down the top counter will reach the end and fall off faster than cups sent back along the bottom counter. If you've got multiple slushie cups that appear to be travelling in a perfect vertical line, simply start at the top counter and work your way down—you'll catch all the cups, no sweat. It's when they're shifted slightly diagonally from top left to bottom right that you need to watch out.

In the later stages of the game, when you have more customers, it's useful to remember that you can give them the wrong flavor if necessary. It's better to give them the wrong one and score fewer points than it is to lose a life for not serving them at all. (Thanks to Sakshi for pointing that one out.) In fact, you may find that after a certain level, you need to serve only yellow-green slushies to the top counter, pink to the middle, and blue-purple to the bottom to make your movements faster.

It is also worth noting that you are able to pick up empty slushie cups even when you have a filled slushie in your hands, as long as you are facing the correct direction. This is a huge time saver, since you'll be able to consolidate two full steps into one smooth motion. Unfortunately, this is only possible on desktop, since on mobile there is no way to turn to face the counters with a slushie in hand without also throwing the slushie.

Fun fact: the slushie flavors served by the AC vendors are Zeenana, Jumbleberry, and Chokato.

You may also find it more efficient at the later levels to serve every customer in a single row, then move down a row and serve every customer, and so on, instead of serving the customers closest to the ends of the counter. This will save you the up and down movement time.

Changes From Flash Version

Recently returning players may notice some substantial changes from the Flash version. It is unknown which of these are bugs, oversights, or intentional changes.

  • Slushie request colours can visually glitch. In the HTML5 version, the game will occasionally show every single customer asking for the yellow-green slushie. This glitch is only visual; based on the points awarded, they are still asking for all three colours, but you cannot tell which! This glitch seems to come and go, sometimes even within the same playthrough.
  • Customers never move faster. In the Flash version, one of the ways that the game gets more difficult is that customers move towards the end of the counter more quickly as your level increases. In the HTML5 version, this does not happen, leading to some very crowded counters!
  • Flag colours are incorrect. In the Flash version, the flag graphics in the game would change based on the team you played for. In the HTML5 version, the Altador team flags are used for everybody.
  • Cups have the wrong year. When converting the game for HTML5, some older image assets were used, including the slushie cups, which have "V" (from AC V in 2010) on the side.

A screenshot showing both the colour glitch (notice the seeming predominance of yellow-green slushie requests) and the slow-moving customer change

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