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The Return of Our Master, Dr. Sloth

Day Seven - Token Testing Facility (Testing Station)

Well, first head over to the Token Testing Facility. You will be greeted there by Yurbot, who gives you four choices; to create control rods, to create acid, to gather singularities, or to test the Space Faerie Tokens. Click a link below to head to the respective section of the guide!

Heat Test | Dissolving Test | Gravitics Test | Testing Station

Looking For The Individual Tasks? (Heat Rods, Singularities, Acids) Click Here!

Important Notice About Our Calculators: Many people have been wondering whether our calculators are legal or not for the various calculations. We'd like to point out that they do simple arithmetic versus the decoders that popped up for Step 2 that actually solved your entire puzzle for you. The calculators for this step save you the time and hassle that mental math or fumbling with a real-life calculator may result in.

However, using these will be considered at your own risk from now on. TNT has not stated their official opinion on the matter, nor has anyone been frozen to our knowledge for using them. It's a bit of a grey area. So, we'll be keeping them up for now. If you're interested in an alternate method, we've set up a nice spreadsheet that you can use to get your calculations done as well. You may download it by right clicking here. (The formulas used are below in the walkthrough.)

Testing Station

Step One - Heat Test

This activity is very seems very simple but it really isn't. All you have to do is to move your lever until you see that your piston is right next to the first little spec of light (the littlest one). You move the piston to the right by dragging your lever over to the right (and then dragging it to the left if you go too far).

Alternatively, for a more accurate piston level, check out the puz4_data.phtml page. (Thanks to Matchu on the jnForums!) You'll see a whole string of data with a message. Towards the end, you'll see two sets of four numbers seperated by pipes and commas (|). Look at the second set, and the first number out of the four is what your piston needs to be set at.

Example: [other data] ... |0,x,y,z|78,2,53,51|

Now, see the number in blue, that will be where your number is located on your own puz4_data.phtml page. (It's NOT the 78 above, as that is just sample data!). Once you figure it out (within the 30 second time limit of course), quickly move your piston to get it as close as humanly possible. You have about a one over or one under margin of error, or else you'll be wrong.

Step Two - Dissolving Test

Total Potion (Liters):

Percent Needed (%):

For this, you need to perform a simple calculation and identify which compound matches up with which! It's pretty simple. Use the formula below, and then select the appropriate acid following the diagram below.

Acid Needed = (Total Needed * 1000) * (Percent% / 100)

To get the number you need to input, take the total amount of acid you need located at the bottom of your screen and multiply it by 1000 to convert to milliliters. Then take the percentage you were given and divide by 100 to get to a decimal, and then multiply those two numbers together.

Find your acid, and then find the number above:
1) Hydroslothic Acid6) Perneopic Acid
2) Transtyrannic Acid7) Zafaric Acid
3) Meridellic Acid8) Tikionic Acid
4) Flurokadoatic Acid9) Xweetic Acid
5) Cyanofaeryllic Acid10) Oxydariganic Acid

Thanks to the NeoBoards for the info!

Step Three - Gravitics Test

(0,0) White Number (a):

(400,0) White Number (b):

Okay, the calculations for this part get a little more difficult. First, click on the black blob and first drag it to the coordinate point (0,0) (top left corner). Lock it and wait for round two. You will see a white number appear under the now white singularity. This will be your a number.

For round two, drag the black blob all the way up to the top right corner (400, 0). Again, lock your singularity and wait. Another number will appear underneath. This will be your b number.

Follow the formula below as fast as you can for the coordinates for round 3:

X-Coordinate = [(a2 - b2) + 160,000] / 800

Y-Coordinate = SQRT(|(a2 - x-coordinate2)|)

For your X-Coordinate, square both a and b, and then subtract b from a. Add 160,000, and then divide that number by 800. Round this number to the closest whole number (no decimals). For your Y-Coordinate, square your a, subtract your x-coordinate squared, take the absolute value (remove any negative signs), and then take the squareroot. Again, round this number to the closest whole number (no decimals).

Whew! Didn't you wish you had a calculator? :P