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The Return of Our Master, Dr. Sloth

Day One - A Series of Tubes

Just a note that you may have to retry your maze with our solutions as it all depends on timing. Don't give up!

Also, if you are experiencing any problems with your puzzle, refresh your page.

1) Head over to the Virtupets Space Station. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the set of doors. You will be brought to a hallway. Click the left-most door and you will be find yourself in the Maintenance Tunnels.


I've got to get to Grundo's Cafe, but the only way to get there without being seen is through these maintenance tunnels. I'll have to use this control panel to set up the gravity generators and pressure doors before I try to get through here, or I might fall out of an airlock!

2) You will now need to complete the "Series of Tubes" puzzle, which is easy if you follow our maps. ;) Once your puzzle has loaded, it should look like this:

Maze 1

See that cyan disk in the middle of your maze? When you click on it, it rotates 90 degrees clockwise (to the right). The point of the maze is to get Gorix to the exit door without walking into the pentagon-shaped airlocks nor into the maintenance Buzzlers in later levels. However, the exit door will only open once Gorix has passed through all the hallway doors, which slide to a close after he goes through them.

I rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise when clicked! :D
... And I need to point downwards for your first maze!

For your first maze (as shown above), click the wheel until it faces downward. When you are done, hit the GO button to set Gorix on his way.


That was easy... but this place looks a little more complicated. Hey, is that some kind of robot over there? I better be careful, even maintenance robots on this station can be deadly... for some reason.

3) The image below is what your second maze looks like. Set your disks to what is shown in the image below.

Maze 2


These maintenance tunnels are getting ridiculous! It's like they were designed by some kind of sadistic mastermind, intent on preventing maintenance from being accomplished easily or safely. Oh, well, I'll give it a shot.

4) You thought you were done? Think again. In fact, think again three more times. :P Like the two mazes before, set your maze disks to what is shown in the image below. Keep in mind that you may have to try the solution a couple times in order for it to work. It's completely normal, as the timing may be off just a little for you depending on Internet/computer speed.

Maze 3


Good grief, how many more of these maintenance tunnels can there be?

5) ... Yet again, for your fourth maze, set your disks to what is shown in the image below.

Maze 4


This had better be the last one! At this rate, Grundo's Cafe will be closed by the time I get there.

6) Maze Five is a totally different beast. We, as well as many contributors on the jnForums have found many ways to complete this maze. You can use our image or follow the tables, which are a little clearer. The table is set up to look like the maze. The top row of the table equals the top row of discs, and the first column of the table equals the first column of discs. Just have the arrows facing the direction that is given in the cell corresponding to the disk. If one method doesn't work for you, try another. ;)

Maze 5

Method One - Shown In Image

Method Two

Method Three

Note: It takes Gorix a long time to finish using Method One. If you prefer to take a faster route, try Method Two or Three.

7) Now, click on the button that says Maintenance Section. You are now done with Day One of The Return of Dr. Sloth! Thanks for sticking with JN for this fantastic Neopets plot! :)


Finally, I made it out of there! Now to meet up with my contact...