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Site Sidebars

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An addicting addition to Neopets is Sidebars. Like avatars, they are things you can unlock in special ways to change your sidebar from the default yellow. There aren't all too many sidebars, but one is added every few months or so.

Changing Your Sidebar

To change your sidebar, you need to have one of course. Once you do, you'll need to visit your Preferences page, which is linked from the Help tab on the Neopets sidebar.

Below is a listing of all the sidebars in existence, the ways to get them, and what they look like. You can also click each image to get a full view of each section of the sidebar.

Tale Of Woe

Awarded to users who participated in the Tale of Woe plot and visited Sophie's Shack to claim it.

Event Icons:

Altador Mini-Plot

Awarded to users who completed the Altador Mini-Plot.

Event Icons:

Cyodrake's Gaze Mini-Plot

Awarded to users who made two or more correct guesses in the Cyodrake's Gaze mini-plot.

Event Icons:

Altador Cup

Awarded to participants in the Altador Cup.

Event Icons:

Qasalan - Lost Desert

Awarded to participants in the Lost Desert Plot who completed at least 1 step.

Event Icons:

Space Faerie Premium

Awarded to Premium members who referred 5 paying users to Premium.

Event Icons:

Curse of Maraqua

Awarded to participants in the Curse of Maraqua plot who spent 1 war point on the sidebar prize.

Event Icons:

Valentines Day

To get this sidebar, you must either send the item "A Mysterious Valentines Card" to another person, or receive it from someone else, on February 14th. Also take note that whoever sends the card on Valentine's Day cannot get it back, and the recipient does not get it either—the card disappears. (However, it won't disappear on any other day of the year!)

Event Icons:

Winter Sidebar

During February 2005, this sidebar was available as a random event in Terror Mountain. Then, during the Advent Calendar in December 2005, it was available as a prize on December 31, 2005. There are requirements for getting the sidebar from the Advent, but those requirements are unknown. The editorial also says that time of day does not matter.

Event Icons:

Birthday Sidebar

You receive this sidebar every year on November 15th for Neopets Birthday and on the day in which your account is set for your birthday. You may not unlock it to use all the time. This sidebar removes the advertisements and gives you a higher number of Random Events.

Event Icons:

Halloween Sidebar

To get this sidebar, you had to win the first Pumpkin Carving Random Contest or be on Neopets and refreshing at 11:59pm on October 31st each year.

Event Icons:

Original Sidebar

The default! Everyone starts out with this one.

Event Icons:

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