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Tarla's Shop of Mystery


Tarla is the owner of the Shop of Mystery, located high atop Terror Mountain. In the shop, you can select a mystery bag to purchase, which immediately opens to reveal a random item. The items contained inside the bags are mostly junk, but a few rarer items can be found that are worth the cost of the bag.

Purchasing Items

When the shop is stocked, you can select a bag to buy every 90 seconds (1 minute and 30 seconds). There is no haggling.

Price does not seem to correlate to the item inside, and even purchasing the same bag at the same price will not guarantee that the same item is received.

If you were unable to find all the mist during Tarla's Tour of Mystery event, you can also find some mist in the mystery bags. Not every bag will contain mist, and you are still limited to finding one per day.

Available Items

The following items are exclusive to Tarla's shop:

The following items are not exclusive to Tarla's shop, but can be found there for sale:


An avatar is also available when you purchase a mystery bag from Tarla:

Tarla - Shop of Mystery

Tarla - Shop of Mystery / Guide

Purchase an item from Tarla's Shop of Mystery.

Released: October 6, 2009

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