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Your Shop

So you're making your own user shop, right? Great! Here are the basics on making a shop!

Creating A Shop

To create a shop, all you need to do is go to the Create/Edit shop page, fill out the form, pay 150 NP to open a shop, and voilà! You have a shop!

Here's an explanation on the fields on the form:

  • Shop Name - This is the name of your shop. This name will appear on your user lookup and the top of your shop. You may change this at any time.
  • World - This is the world your shop is in. There is no difference between worlds unless you have a shop large enough to be on the shop listing.
  • Shop Description - This is where you can describe your shop and put any code for a shop layout in it.
  • Shopkeeper Picture - This is the picture of your shopkeeper. To change the picture, click "Select a new shopkeeper", browse through or search for a picture, select it, and press Select. The transparent checkbox makes your picture transparent. Useful for if you have a shop layout and you do not wish to have the white in the image. If you do not have a shop layout, or the background is white, leave the box unchecked. If you use the Usul Gothic shopkeeper and view your shop front, you can get the "Emo Usuki" avatar!
  • Shopkeeper Name - The name of the shopkeeper you wish to be displayed.
  • Shopkeeper Greeting - The greeting message your shopkeeper greets you with when you visit the shop. (ex. Welcome!)

Adding Items

There are two ways to add items to your shop, via your inventory and the quick stock.


To add items from your inventory, first click the item you wish to add. On the pop up that appears, select "Put in your Shop" in your dropdown.

Stocking Your Shop

Quick Stock

You can also add items to your shop via Quick Stock. This is a useful way to add many items into your shop at once. Just select "Stock" on the items you want to add, and it will be added to your shop!


After you added the item(s) you want to sell to your shop, you have to give it a price! To do that, go to the Stock Page. Find the item you wish to price, enter a price up to 999,999 NP and press "Update". Make sure you price it well—if you price too high, your item may not sell! If you don't want to lose profit or wait forever for it to sell, it is advised you price your item around the price as one of the lowest items on the Shop Wizard. Also, if your item is worth over 1,000,000 Neopoints, you should sell it at the Trading Post instead.

Please don't give me away for 5 NP!


When you first open your shop, you can only sell up to 5 items! To sell more items, you can upgrade your shop at the Add/Edit Items page. Each upgrade will allow you to sell 5 more items, but the price for each upgrade will increase by 200 NP each time.

Here's a nifty calculator to figure out how much a shop upgrade costs.

Shop Upgrade Cost Calculator
Start Size
End Size

Shop Till

The shop till is where all the NP earned from sales go. When you access your shop till, you can see how much you earned from sales. To collect this money, enter the amount you wish to take out of the shop till and press Withdraw.

I'm getting lonely here... can you please pick me up?

Your Shop

To view your shop as another user would see it, from the shop menu click on the Shop Front link, or from your own user profile click your shop link there.


To get that uber rare item to sell fast, here are some tips!

  • Price your items so it is the lowest on the Shop Wizard.
  • Do not have any shop layout or music, many people find it annoying or it may slow their computer down.
  • Be patient. Yes, it won't sell immediately.
  • Check your shop till regularly.
  • Advertise if needed.
So what are you waiting for? Start selling!

Emo Usuki

Emo Usuki

Change your shopkeeper to Usul - Gothic, and then view your shop front. If you change your shopkeeper and look at your shop again, you will lose the avatar.

This avatar was also obtainable from the 2019 Charity Corner perk, In a New Avatar.

Released: August 20, 2004

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