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Shootout Showdown

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Shootout Showdown

Shootout Showdown is the newest side game in the Altador Cup. The goal of the game is to get the Yooyuball past the goalie five times in sixty seconds. The final score is based on both accuracy and the amount of time it took for you to score all of the goals. This game is easy once you know a few simple strategies and you should be scoring high consistently before you know it. Score at least 35 points (or 1 goal) in a game, and your score will contribute to increasing your rank!

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You can play a total of 401 games of Shootout Showdown each day.

Controls and Gameplay

The arrow keys make the ball move back and forth, and the spacebar shoots the ball as well as adjusts your Power Meter.

The Power Meter determines how hard you're going to kick the ball. While it seems like it would make sense that the harder you kick the ball the more chance it has of going in, but this is not true: the Power Meter actually does nothing. The instructions for the game implies making high power shots will get you bonus points, but this also does not happen.

SS Scoreboard

The time you have left is displayed prominently, as well as the goals you've made so far and how many attempts you've made.

Your score is broken up into three different categories: amount of goals, accuracy, and time. Each goal you make is worth 35 points, so you'll have a total of 175 points if you make all five goals. The time and accuracy is what really boosts up your score. The time bonus is your remaining time in seconds multiplied by 14, and the accuracy is based out of 300.

While it seems that the maximum score would be 35*5 + 60*14 + 300 = 1,375, the actual maximum score caps at 1,200, regardless of whether the sum of your subscores is higher.

In order for your score to count towards your Altador Cup rank, you must send a score of at least 35 points, which is 1 goal.

If you're playing for a long time without refreshing the window, you might notice your game become glitchy. If at any point in the game your ball suddenly disappears or the game becomes laggy, simply refresh and continue playing.


There are a few ways to make your game easier. The Chia is quite predictable as to where it moves to block the goal net and you can use this to your advantage.


Fakeout Strategy

This strategy is probably the most effective. Move your left and right arrow keys side to side a few times and then aim for the corner of the goal. If you've done it right, the Chia will have been confused and be on the other side of the net. This is probably the fastest of these strategies but it could also take the most time if you don't time it exactly right.

Corner Pocket

Corner Pocket Strategy

The corner pocket is probably the most accurate of these strategies, but can cause some difficulty. To set this shot up, simply tap your arrow key (left or right, doesn't matter) until you reach the corner of the goal and shoot. You have to do this quickly, but the majority of the time the ball will make it into the net.


Center Strategy

This strategy is the most ineffective, but will work well if you're trying to play the game mindlessly. Just shoot into the goal from your starting position. You don't have to use your arrow keys and it makes it in about 70% of the time. If you're lucky, you'll make all five in quickly. Pay attention to where the goalie is and that will make this strategy a lot easier and effective.

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