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Shenkuu Warrior II

Shenkuu Warrior II Information
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In this game, you play as Princess Terrana, the Shenkuu Emperor's youngest daughter. Your goal is to train the princess and then scale the highest mountain in Shenkuu. To do that, you must brave rocky and icy terrain and soar through the skies, all with only a grappling hook in hand. Ready to get started?

Basic Gameplay

This game works just like Shenkuu Warrior I did; you control the princess's grappling hook with your mouse. Simply aim and click to shoot the grappling hook. The main difference is that the position of your mouse on the screen is where the hook will land, rather than the position with respect to the navigating circle at the bottom of the screen as it was in the original game. (Don't worry, this makes it easier!) And don't forget that you don't land on each ledge before you aim for the next one; aim and click while the princess is still in-flight.

Along the way, you'll see the Shenkuu royal family crest suspended in midair all over the mountain. They look like little coins: bronze, silver, and gold. You can collect these coins either by mousing-over them while the princess is in flight, or the princess can collect them as she passes.

The Shenkuu royal family crests.

Now, these coins are worth points on their own (50 for bronze, 100 for silver, 150 for gold), but what you really want is to find a group of them. If you can collect every coin in a group, you'll get double the points for that group. Usually, you need a combination of princess-collecting and mouse-collecting to accomplish this. And don't get so caught up in collecting all the coins that you drop the princess! These groups come in diagonal lines, circles, etc.


The first level you must climb is the training level to get the princess ready to climb the mountain. Only bronze crests are available, and only the kite power-up. (See Power-ups section below.) You'll finish on a treehouse-style platform, and then you'll head off to the actual mountain.

Training's all well and good, but that mountain looks really tall...

The first level of the mountain is the rocky base of the mountain, rather reminiscent of the middle phase of each level of the original version of this game. This level also contains only kite power-ups, but adds in silver crests for more point-collecting!

Upon climbing the base of the mountain, you'll reach a ledge where you can have a brief respite before continuing on up the icy peak of the mountain. This level adds in petpet power-ups as well as gold crests, which means it's time for circular clusters of crests! But don't think they're worth more than the lines by virtue of difficulty--it's still just the same x2 point reward. The most interesting aspect of the ice level, however, is the fact that some of the ledges can break! It is actually possible to rebound and still latch on to them with your grappling hook, but it's a bit harder because you have to aim near the posts that are left after it breaks.

If you can manage to get to the top of the mountain, you'll be able to take off upward on the wings of clouds! Here's where the balloon powerup shows up, along with various new arrangements of crests. The cloud ledges are hard to spot--they fade into the background. And the best part? Some of the cloud ledges move! Better be on your toes! But you can sail as high up in the sky as you can manage. And the higher you go, the easier it is to see the ledges because the color of the sky changes.


There are three different power-ups that you can collect during the course of the game. They will appear on golden ledges, and you simply have to land your grappling hook on the ledge to activate the power-up. The properties of these power-ups are listed below:

Item Function
Kite Gives the princess a speed/height boost for a few seconds.
Petpet Gives the princess a super boost for a few seconds and allows her to automatically collect all family crests she passes. (The image of the cloud level above shows this.)
Balloon Allows the princess on the cloud level to create inflatable ledges by pressing the spacebar. Each powerup is worth 5 ledges.

Quick Tips

  • When you're going for family crests, make sure you keep in mind where the princess is. It's easy to get caught up trying to catch crests and forget to relaunch the grappling hook before the princess falls below the screen.
  • Try to get every power-up, even if you don't think you need it.
  • The diagonal clusters of crests are worth the same bonus as the circular clusters. So don't worry harder about getting all twelve-or-however-many coins there are in the circles. Cause the lines of crests are about 1000% easier to get all of.
  • Watch the princess' trajectory so you know which crests you need to nab before you launch her upwards so you'll get the bonus. Most often you'll need the lowest one; after that it'll be either the bottom half of the line or the top crest. The princess will likely do the rest.
  • When you lose a level, you can try it again, but you'll lose all your points from previous levels.

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