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Shenkuu Tangram

Shenkuu Tangram Information
Click to play Shenkuu Tangram! World:
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High in the misty mountains of Shenkuu, life is simple and leisure time is abundant. A favourite pastime of the land's citizens is picking out shapes formed by the clouds overhead, and recreating them with tangram puzzles before they dissipate.

Shenkuu Ogrin
That one's a lobster. Definitely a lobster.

How to Play

Shenkuu Tangram is played with both a mouse and keyboard, though the specifics vary with the game mode. In Normal Mode, one of seven coloured shapes will appear in a frame on the left side of the screen. In Zen Mode, the shapes will all be there when the game starts. In Hard Mode, the shapes will move downward from the top of the screen one at a time, requiring you to catch them.

Tangram Shapes

In each mode, you must use your mouse to drag the shapes to the cloud in the center of the screen. You can then use the arrow keys or space bar to rotate the shape; the right arrow and space bar will rotate it clockwise, while the left arrow will rotate it counter-clockwise. One particular shape, the light blue parallelogram, can also be flipped vertically using the up and down arrows, as it lacks the rotational symmetry of the other shapes. In the Normal and Zen modes, you can set the pieces down before you rotate them. In Hard Mode, however, you must rotate the shape while still holding it with your mouse; if it's not in the correct place and orientation when you set it down, it will be counted as a miss.

Game Screen
That's either a Jetsam or a very uncomfortable Lenny...

Your goal in Shenkuu Tangram is to fit all of the shapes into the outline in the cloud to complete a Neopet or Petpet design. In Normal Mode, you have two minutes to complete each puzzle, and running out of time will result in a game over. While you only have access to one piece at a time, if you're unsure where you want to place it, you can set it in the gray box on the left to receive the next piece. The Normal and Zen modes also feature a Hint button, which will highlight where a random shape should go in the puzzle. You're given a total of three hints for the entire game.

In Hard Mode, you're not timed, but the shapes will appear and fall at a constant rate, the speed of which increases with each level. If the "miss" counter in the bottom left corner reaches four, either by shapes reaching the bottom of the screen or you mis-placing them, it will be game over. Zen Mode gives you access to all pieces immediately, and there is no way to lose, making it ideal for practicing.


For every shape correctly placed in Normal and Hard modes, you will receive 15 points, making each puzzle worth 105 points, and the entire game worth 1,575. In Normal Mode, you will also receive bonus points for the time remaining on the clock, with each second being counted as 1 point. (Since Hard mode has no bonus points, you ironically need to play on Normal Mode to get a trophy score.) The level number has no effect on the points received. In order to earn a high enough score for a trophy, you will usually need to solve each puzzle in under 10 seconds.

You will receive no points when playing in Zen Mode.

Nope, no idea on this one...

Quick Tips

  • Use the up arrow key to flip the light blue shape
  • The space bar can be used to rotate pieces clockwise
  • In Normal Mode, shapes can be placed in the gray box until you need them
  • The gray box can sometimes reorient shapes more quickly than the arrow keys
  • Normal Mode awards bonus points for time remaining, so should be played for a high score
  • Shapes can be moved before the puzzle has completely faded in, to save time
  • Aim to solve each puzzle in under 10 seconds when going for a high score

Level Solutions

While Shenkuu Tangram does have levels, the Neopet or Petpet design chosen for each level is completely random, so there's no way of knowing what the next puzzle might be. We recommend using the solutions below to practice each puzzle in Zen Mode in order to memorize which shapes go where.

Level 1

Level 1 has the following tangrams show up:


Don't forget! You can use the Up Arrow key to flip the light blue parallelogram shape to fit into the Cybunny tangram.





Level 2

Level 2 has the following tangrams show up:






Level 3

Level 3 has the following tangrams show up:







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