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Suit up, ladies and gentlemen, as it's party time in Neopia! Shenanigifts, the latest NC Mall-exclusive game, gives players the chance to win party-exclusive prizes! As this game does not award Neopoints, only NC items, it can be played on side accounts. Please remember to refer to the Official FAQ before playing this game.

Invitation Packs

These invitation packs are currently for sale at the NC Mall, and need to be purchased and activated before playing Shenanigifts. Once an invitation pack is activated, it will not expire.


With your activated invitation in-hand, it's time to select a party! From the main index choose a party from the list; the name of each party indicates the theme of its prizes. Once inside a party, it's time to start gift-giving. To participate, simply click on guest, confirm or deny that you actually want to choose them, then you'll be presented their gift by the Purple Elephante Host! At this point you can either accept their gift (ending the game) or selecting "Pick Another" and choosing a different White Elephante at the party. The rejected Elephante will be greyed-out and cannot be reselected.

Each invite gives you the chance to select through three Elephantes, and forces you to take the third prize, should you make it that far. If you're really lucky, you may also be awarded a bonus item during the party.


There are three power-ups you can use in-game to help you obtain the prizes you want! They can be purchased from the Shenanigifts game index or at the NC Mall. These power-ups are inserted straight into the game and will not go into your inventory first. You can check how many power-ups you have available by the on-screen tally.

Shenanigift Power-Ups

2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up

75 NC
Use this 2 Gift Power-Up to win two prizes instead of one!

Extra Chance Shenanigifts Power-Up

25 NC
Use this Extra Chance Power-Up to choose a fourth Elephante.

Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up

50 NC
Use this Second Look Power-Up after your third turn and choose a prize from the Elephantes you have previously chosen.

You are allowed combine power-ups, and can play with one of each at any one time! If using 2 Gift and Extra Chance together, you will need to apply Extra Chance first!

Retired Prizes

You may view a full list of retired Shenanigifts prizes in our archives, based on release date:

Current Prizes

Below are the current prize sets for each party.

Kadoatie Cafe Party

Kadoatie Cafe Party - Bonus - Fall 2021 to Present

Magic and Myths Party

Magic and Myths Party - Bonus - Spring 2020 to Present

Glow in the Dark Party

Glow in the Dark Party - Spring 2018 to Present
Glow in the Dark Party - Bonus - Spring 2018 to Present
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