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Scratchcard Prizes

Premium Scratchcards

If you have a Neopets Premium account, then each week you will receive a Space Faerie Scratchcard. These cannot be sold or bought, so the only way to get one is to sign up for a Premium account, in which case you will receive one every Friday. Unlike the other scratchcards, they are not Inventory items.

On the classic site layout, they can be accessed on the bottom right of your Premium Toolbar. On the mobile-friendly site layout, they can be accessed via the Premium Hub, which is itself accessible from the top menubar. (Alternately, you can follow this direct link.)


The current prizes have been available since June 2013:

The following prizes were available until they retired in June 2013:

Scratchcard Boon

If you are an active Premium member, all factions give the opportunity of activating the Full Pockets boon when victorious from in the Battleground of the Obelisk. The Full Pockets boon earns you an additional 1,000 Neopoints with every prize when you scratch a Space Faerie scratchcard while it is active.

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