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Scraping Policy

In short, we do not allow any information from Jellyneo's website or databases to be automatically or programmatically accessed for use in other public or private projects.

We do not offer any public APIs or services that aggregate our data.

We do not allow access to Jellyneo with the following:

  • Scripts that make requests to our server
  • Browser tools, extensions, or scripts that automatically look up information on Jellyneo
  • Cloud services that access our server

We have several tools in place monitoring traffic and blocking access to any suspected automated activity. If you are blocked, you may appeal by submitting a contact form detailing how you were accessing Jellyneo's content.

In some exceptionally rare cases, we may grant explicit permission to use Jellyneo data in other projects.


If you're here, you're probably interested in scraping data from Jellyneo and are disappointed in our strict policy.

Unfortunately, this was born out of having to deal with several cases in the past of abusive bots that would slow down our service. Since this slows down our site for real Neopians and increases our costs (which come from user donations), we've made the conscious decision to only serve real users, not robots.

That being said, if you're here because you have an idea for a feature that is missing from Jellyneo and would require access to our data, get in touch—we may add it to our to-do list or even work with you to make it happen.