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Scarab 21

Scarab 21 Information
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There are five columns on the board for you to place your cards on. You must place cards into these columns to make a total of 21. When the cards in the column total up to 21, the column is cleared and you are awarded points. You start the game with a pack of 52 cards. Click the arrow at the top of each column to place a card in that column. Most of the cards are labelled with their value, but some cards are not - the Jack, Queen and King (known as the 'face cards') and the Ace.

Card Values
Card Value Card Value
1 or 11 10
10 10

Bonus Moves

When you complete a column, you are awarded with 10 points. However, there are several special moves which will earn you bonus points.


A blackjack is worth 21 points, and can be accomplished by reaching 21 using only a 10, Jack, Queen or King and an Ace.

Large 21

A large 21 is worth 15 points, and requires 4 or 5 cards totaling 21.


A large 7-7-7 is worth 15 points, and (not surprisingly) requires three '7' cards in a row.


A large 6-7-8 is worth 15 points, and (again, not surprisingly) requires a '6', '7' and '8'.

5 Under 21

Worth only 5 points, you receive this if you end up with 5 cards under 21.

Secret Moves

There are also some 'secret' moves, which aren't shown on the game board.

Double Blackjack

Get 2 blackjacks in a row, worth 50 points! This bonus move only works with the following two blackjack combinations.


Super Blackjack

Get a blackjack from a Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades, worth 50 points!

5 of a Kind

5 columns of cards with a sum of the same value for each will earn you 100 points!


For 100 points, make the columns total 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 (in any order)

Full House

For a huge 200 points, get any one of the following: two 3s and three 5s or three 3s and two 6s or two 9s and three Aces, in any order!



Equal Board

For 200 points, and a clearing of the board, make all of the columns equal to one another.

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