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Scamander Swarm

Scamander Swarm Information
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No matter what you hear, Scamander Swarm isn't a game of luck. If you don't win every game, then, well... you just really stink. Of course, that's a lie; it is totally and entirely a game of luck.

How to Play

If you think you've rationed enough water to dare venture into the Lost Desert (I hear it gets pretty hot there during the summer months), then you might as well play Scamander Swarm.

Scamander Swarm is a pretty straightforward game of chance. In each level of the game, you are presented with a variety of doors, each of which are marked with a number.

Before you select your desired door, you must pay 25 Neopoints to start a new game. Once the game starts, a bunch of Scamanders start swarming around. You win the level if the red Scamander chooses the door you picked. However, if the red Scamander doesn't pick your door, you lose the game and have to start from the beginning.

If the red Scamander does pick your door, you move on to the next level.

Every time you win, your previous wager is doubled. Your wager starts at 25 Neopoints (the Neopoints you paid to start a new game). If you win level one, you win 25 Neopoints (making your total winnings 50 Neopoints) because the win multiplier is X2. The win multiplier increases by X1 every time you win a level. So, if you win level two, your Win Multiplier would be X3 and your total winnings would be 150 Neopoints, etc.

Another part of Scamander Swarm is fruit bonuses. If, before the red Scamander chooses a door, he decides to snack on one of the Tchea fruits that litter each level, you get an extra 50 Neopoints added to your wager (nothing happens if a regular Scamander eats a Tchea fruit). And since the 50 Neopoints are added before the win multiplier, having the red Scamander eat a fruit and then choose your door, thus winning (for example) level two, would be like doubling your winnings.

Also, remember that if you lose one level, you lose all of your winnings. You must click "Collect Winnings" to add all of the Neopoints you've currently won to your on-hand Neopoints!

Conclusion and Some Math

So, that's Scamander Swarm in a nutshell! The overall trick is knowing when to stop and collect your winnings (it's common sense, really). Because an extra door is added every level, the chances of winning decrease quickly. By the time you reach level three, the game looks like this:

Here's some math behind the chances of winning each level:

  • Level 1 → 50% Chance
  • Level 2 → 33% Chance
  • Level 3 → 25% Chance
  • Level 4 → 20% Chance
  • Level 5 → 16% Chance
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