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Sakhmet Solitaire

Sakhmet Solitaire Information
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Sakhmet Solitaire is the Neopian version of one of the oldest and most well-loved solitaire games: Klondike. The game may be a tad confusing the first time around, but never fear! We're here to help you! :D

How To Play

When you first start the game, you'll have the option of setting your draw pile to draw either 1 or 3 cards at a time. If you choose to draw 1 card at a time, you'll draw every card in the draw pile individually, but you'll only go through the pile once. If you draw 3 at a time, you get to go through the draw pile 3 times, but two cards are hidden for each one that you draw. That is, when you draw your 3 cards, one appears as available to be used immediately, while the other two may only be used if uncovered by using the first one. (Most people (especially beginners) tend to draw cards 3 at a time, but if you really want a challenge, you can try 1. :) )

When you begin the game, 28 cards are dealt on the playing area thus: 1 card in the first column, 2 in the next, and so on, until the last column has 7. One card at the bottom of each column is face up, while the rest are face down. You may move any card within the playing area or from the draw pile to any legal place within the playing area or Ace piles. Within the play area, cards must alternate color (red, black, red, black, or vice versa). The Ace piles are stacked in numerical order, from lowest to highest, by suit.

Solitaire Board

To move a card, simply click on it to highlight it, then click on the space you'd like to place the card. Once a card is placed in an Ace pile, you can't retrieve it, so you'll want to try to fill your Ace piles fairly evenly. Empty columns may only be filled with a King; you're looking to get four nice columns of King, Queen, Jack, 10, and so on, up through a 2 so that filling your Ace piles is nice and simple (and really quite boring once you've realized you'll win and all you have to do is transfer cards from the play area to the Ace piles).

You can move not only single cards, but whole piles of cards at once, as shown in the screenie above. In fact, you can only move a card that's not in the bottom of the pile by moving everything below it as well. (That is to say, this isn't Free Cell.) Any number of the face-up cards in a pile can be moved--simply click on the card up to which you'd like to pick up the pile, and click the card you'd like to place them on. Each time you move the uppermost face-up card in a column, the lowest face-down card will be revealed. Once you've removed the last card from a column, you can take a King and place in that spot (in the screenie above, the King in the draw pile can thus be moved to the empty column shown).

The goal is to get all of the cards into their respective Ace piles, from Ace up to King. If this happens, you win the game! Hooray! (It's harder than it sounds...you need lots of luck.)


The scoring system is quite simple. You won't get any points from moving cards around within the playing area, but you'll get points for every card you place in the Ace piles. Every Ace gets you 20 points, every card from 2 to Queen gets you 10 points and every King gets you a whopping 85 points! Your High Score, however, is cumulative; that is, your high score is the total of your scores from every game played throughout the month. You'll only get Neopoints for the first 5,000 points each day, but you can continue to play for no NPs to add to your high score.


In addition to the trophies listed at the top of the page, which you can win for placing in the cumulative high score table, you can also win trophies outside of the high score table. For winning two games, you will receive a Bronze trophy. For winning five games, you will be awarded a Silver trophy. Finally, for winning two games in a row (which is much harder than it sounds!) you will earn a Gold trophy.

This game is all about the luck of the draw; whether you are able to clear the board or not is largely down to chance. The only thing you can really do in order to increase your chances of receiving a trophy is to just play a lot of games. Similarly, if you want to earn a trophy for having the highest cumulative score you will need to play a lot of games!

Bronze Solitaire TrophyGold Solitaire Trophy


Occasionally, you may also be awarded a prize upon winning a game. The items themselves aren't usually worth very much (as they are all of a relatively low rarity), but there is at least one prize which is exclusive to the game - the Solitaire Champion t-shirt.

Sakhmet Solitaire Prizes
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