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Revel Roundup

Revel Roundup Information
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Revel Roundup is a game where you play as Orrin, the Nimmo from the Cyodrake's Gaze, who's trying to prepare for the Shenkuu Lunar Festival. Unfortunately, some of the costumed Snorkles have escaped! You better catch them fast, or else the festival will be ruined!

Oink, oink, BOOM

How to Play

Under the direction of Anshu, you must recover all the Snorkles that are loose in the garden, as well as some extra festival goodies that have mysteriously been left lying around. Anshu will give you a shopping list that can be viewed on the left side of the screen. Once you've collected everything on your list, you can proceed to the next level; there are three levels in total.

Use your arrow keys to direct Orrin around the garden. To pick up an item, walk over it. If you pick up an incorrect item, you will notice a yellow exclamation point above Orrin's head. You must then return the incorrect item to Anshu before you can continue. You can do this by walking back to the top left square (where you started the game) and walking up to Anshu.


You have a total of 2 minutes at the start of the game, with each yellow light (on the circular 'clock' in the upper-left corner of the game) being worth 10 seconds. Once a light turns green, it means you have lost that time. At the end of each level, you will gain back 3 lights (30 seconds) - your clock will not fully reset. If this game seems familiar to you by now, that's probably because it's almost identical to another fan favourite, Usuki Frenzy!

Items To Collect

In each of the three levels, you will be asked to find a certain number of items. Your list will consist of 6 items in level 1, 10 in level 2, and 12 in level 3. Of your list, exactly half of the items will be Snorkles. There are never any 'extra' Snorkles lying around in the garden - if you see a Snorkle, you need to pick it up! There may be many copies of other items on your list, though. Therefore if you spot an item you need that is not easy to get to, or out of your way, you might want to consider ignoring it in the hopes that you stumble across a second one.

Firecracker Snorkle
Firecracker Snorkle
Present Snorkle
Present Snorkle
Royal Snorkle
Royal Snorkle

Some items in the garden are decoys - you will never be asked to fetch these items for Anshu, but they're lying around nonetheless. Remember to always stay clear of them! However, in some cases these items are placed directly in your path and you cannot get around them. In this case, you have to decide whether you will benefit more from collecting an incorrect item and detouring to Anshu (-3 points and minus time) or from taking a longer path (and more time) to avoid the incorrect item. Typically, unless the item is in the same square as Anshu, you should take an alternate path if one is available.

Decoy Items


Scoring is pretty straightforward in this game. Each Snorkle that you recover will net you 4 points, and all other items on your list will net you 2 points each. If you pick up an incorrect item, you will be docked 3 points. Finally, you will receive a time bonus at the end of each level which amounts to 1.3 points for every light (10 seconds) left on the clock.

The below table details the maximum number of points you can earn in each level from collecting items alone - it does not factor in time bonuses and does not calculate your total number of game points.

Revel Roundup Points
Level Items Needed Points
1 6 18
2 10 30
3 12 36


Probably the most useful strategy is to have a designated route for traveling through the garden. Every user and guide has their own preferred method, but try to pick one and stick with it. This allows you to check each of the 9 squares of the map in a predetermined order, and helps you to be more efficient.

Think of the garden as a grid of 9 squares, labeled as such:

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6
7 | 8 | 9

In this system, square #1 is the top left (where you start the game), square #3 is the top right, #7 is the bottom left, and #9 is the bottom right. One route that we suggest is going through the squares in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 5, 4, 7.

It's also best to try and finish each level as quickly as possible for two reasons: one, to maximize your time bonus, and two, to maximize the amount of time you have on the next level. As long as only 3 or fewer lights have gone out (turned green), the clock will be full the next level. You are only awarded 3 lights (30 seconds) when you start each level, so if you lose any more than this, you will have reduced time going forward.

Quick Tips

  • You will never get any extra Snorkles in a level - pick up every one you see!
  • You will never be asked to collect Petpets other than Snorkles (i.e. Jumas and Pandaphants)
  • Avoid incorrect items! You will lose valuable points (and time) for every one you pick up
  • Each of the lights equals 10 seconds, totaling 2 minutes on the clock
  • You will gain 3 lights (30 seconds) at the start of levels 2 and 3

Game Map

Below is a map of the garden used in the game - this layout stays the same for all three levels, so memorize it!

Level Map


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