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The Rainbow Pool

Rainbow Pool

At the beginning of the rainbow lies the Rainbow Pool, a place where any pet with a Paint Brush can bathe in the waters and transform into another colour! Rather spiffy, eh?

Painting A Pet

Yellow Hissi Disco Hissi
From drab... to fab!

Step 1: Obtaining a Paint Brush

Whether you want your pet to sprout wings with the aid of a Faerie Paint Brush or grow scales and fins with a Maraquan Paint Brush, you're going to have to get a brush!

Snow Paint Brush

Paint Brushes can be gained from random events, contest prizes, and even some dailies. The Hidden Tower also sells four exclusive Paint Brushes (Baby, Darigan, Maractite and Royal), but the most reliable way of getting a Paint Brush is to buy one off another user. Many brushes must be found on the Trading Post since they're so expensive, but the Shop Wizard may also be a good place to look for the cheaper ones.

However, there are some colours that aren't available through Paint Brushes.

Step 2: Going to the Rainbow Pool

Alright, so this part is pretty straightforward. First, go to Neopia Central then click on the small pool with the rainbow coming down into it.

Once you get there, you will see the Paint Brushes you have in your Inventory. Your pets will be listed at the bottom of the page with a dropdown in which you will find the colours available for that particular pet.

Painting Your Pet

To paint your pet, just click on the colour underneath the list and press submit. (Make sure you check the right colour, because there's no warning for this!)

Your Pet Is Painted!

And voilĂ ! Once your pet has been blow dried, you're instantly taken to the Quick Reference page where you can see your pet in all its new glory!

Rainbow Pool is so Much Fun!

So, see? Painting a pet is as easy as pie! Getting the Paint Brush is the hardest part.

If you're having trouble deciding which colour to paint your pet check out the New Rainbow Pool, right here on JN! You can preview all pet colours currently available. If you just want to look at Paint Brushes, check out this search in our Item Database!

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