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Quest Log

The Quest Log was a feature released on October 24th, 2023. It offers a chance at Neopoint and item prizes for doing simple tasks around the Neopets site!

The Quest Log can be easily accessed from any mobile-friendly-Beta-layout page by clicking the scroll and quill icon in the top right corner.

The button will look a little bit different on each site theme!

As it awards both Neopoints and items, you cannot participate in the Quest Log on side accounts.

Daily Quests

Every day you will receive five quests to complete. These quests must be completed before the end of the Neopian day (midnight NST) on which they were received. For your convenience, a countdown timer to the end of the current day is displayed in the top right corner of the "Daily Quests" tab.

You must visit the Quest Log page each day before completing any tasks. Any activities you do (such as purchasing an item or sending a game score) prior to visiting the Quest Log page on a given date will not count towards quest completion. Because of this, we recommend making a visit to the Quest Log page one of the very first things you do on the site each day!

Possible Quests

There are six possible types of quests, and each day you will receive five of them. You will receive the first three types daily, and then randomly two of the three following types.

After you complete the quest, you can return to claim a reward. After claiming your reward, the quest will be removed from your Daily Quests list, and you will see a golden checkmark over one of the books at the top of the page.

Daily progress after claiming the reward for one quest

Purchase an Item

Purchase 1, 2, or 3 items from one of the main Neopian shops. These must be from a shop you can haggle from or the Healing Springs.

The following shops do not work for this quest: Almost Abandoned Attic, Ever Stocked General Store, Hidden Tower, Igloo Garage Sale, Little Nippers, Neohomes Superstore, Second-Hand Shoppe, Tarla's Shop of Mystery, and user shops.

Spin the Wheel

Spin one of these Wheels of Neopia. You will be instructed which specific Wheel to spin.

Already spin the wheel before receiving your quests? Just revisit the appropriate wheel's page to receive your credit.
The Wheels of Misfortune, Mediocrity, and Excitement can destroy items in your inventory! Double check your inventory and remove any valuable items before spinning.
The Wheel of Misfortune can cause your active pet to forget a book it has read! Double check your active pet to make sure they are not a "reader" pet before spinning.

Play a Game

Play a classic Flash game or converted HTML5 game. Although the quest says "any Game or Classic Game," it must be a game where you can "Send Score" at the end.

Games not loading? Scores not sending? Make sure that the URL of the page you are on includes "www." before "neopets.com". In other words, the URL should start "https://www.neopets.com/" If it doesn't, type it in yourself!

Customise a Pet

Save a new customisation for any one of your pets in the Customisation app. Note that for the save button to appear, you will need to add or remove something (though you can change it back right after).

Feed a Pet

Feed any edible item to any of your pets.

Groom a Pet

Use any grooming item on any of your pets.

Skipping Quests

If you decide you don't want to complete a quest, you can skip it! Pressing the red "Skip Quest" button will open a confirmation pop-up:

Confirming by clicking the green "Yes, I'm Sure" button will mark the quest as completed, but you will not receive that quest's reward. You will not receive a new quest to replace it. You will not have an opportunity to complete it later.

Skipping a quest will also prevent you from qualifying for the daily bonus prize for that day and from progressing towards your weekly streak bonus prize.

Daily Quest Prizes

Each quest will have a reward for completing it: either the indicated Neopoint amount or a random item from the table below. After completing the task, you will need to return to the Quest Log and click the yellow "Claim Reward" button to receive it.

Daily Quest Prizes
Play a Game

1,500 NP
1,500 NP
Groom a Pet

3,000 NP
3,000 NP
Customise a Pet

4,567 NP
4,567 NP
Feed a Pet

5,000 NP
5,000 NP
Spin the Wheel

6,789 NP
6,789 NP
Purchase an Item

7,000 NP
7,000 NP

1001 Types of Cheese

Aisha Lawyer Plushie

All About Rare Stamps

Altador Archway Background

Altador Cup Magazine



Baby Lupe Plushie

Balthazar Ears


Blue Scorchio Paddleball Game

Bori Balloon Animal

Captain of the Guard Stamp

Celebration Crumbs

Cherry Onion Blossom

Christmas Doglefox

Christmas JubJub Morphing Potion

Christmas Paint Brush

Cloud Paint Brush

Cloud Wocky Morphing Potion

Comfortable Muumuu

Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow

Dandan Sashimi Sushi

Darigan Aisha Crystal Ball


Deviled Eggs

Disappearing Plate of Biscuits


Dung Snuffly

Easter Treats Stamp

Electric Moehog Morphing Potion

Esophagor Bowl of Slimy Stew

Every Shoyrus Handbook

Fiery Wooden Wings

Fire Werhond

Ghost Cupcakes



Hanso Charisma Charm

How to Build an Abominable Snowball

How to Teach Your Pet Not to Eat Everything They See

I Love Moo-cee

Kau Ice Lolly

Lemon Nova Pop

Lil Frankie

MSPP Army Foreground

Magical Stocking Stuffer

Maraquan Kacheek Plushie


Mop Wig

Most Delicious Ice Cream Ever

Mutant Petpet Foreground

Mynci Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Negg Tree Trinket

Neo Hits Volume One

Neopets Office Background

Omelette Flying Disc

Palace Guard Sandals

Plushie Tanizard

Pull Along Rock

Purple Petpet Paint Brush


Rainbow Aisha Morphing Potion

Rainbow Burger with Cheese

Rainbow Grarrl Plushie

Rainbow Jelly Chomby

Ring of the Sway

Rolled Up Treasure Map

Royal Girl Zafara Plushie

Scenic Tyrannian Background

Scents Of The Skeith

Scorchio Battle Wand

Scorchy Piggy Bank

Seasonal Cumulus Music Box

Smiley Cake Negg

Snow Anubis

Snow Slorg

Snow Wars Background

Snowy Igloo Garage Sale Background

Speckled Paint Brush

Spectral Cinnamon Rolls

Sprout Borovan

Starry Eyrie Morphing Potion

Starry Peophin Plushie

Strawberry Techo Morphing Potion

Strawberry Tuskaninny Morphing Potion


The Magic of The Healing Springs

The Techos Echo

Twisted Golden Stave

Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush


Valentines Bruce Plushie

White Flosset Plushie

White Ona

Wind Up Red Draik Toy


Yellow Bython

Yellow Valentines Mobile

Zargrold the COOL Bobblehead

Zombie Bori Plushie

If you complete all five quests before midnight NST, you will receive a bonus Neopoint prize.

Daily Bonus Prize
20,000 NP
20,000 NP

Note that your weekly streak progress will not be updated until after refreshing the page.

Weekly Streak Prizes

For completing all five daily quests seven days in a row, you will receive an extra special weekly prize. You must toggle over to the Weekly Reward section and click the item to claim it—it will not be automatically rewarded upon completing your seven day streak.

You must refresh the page after completing your final day of quests to claim the prize! After you complete your five daily quests on your seventh day of quests, your progress will not be shown until refreshing the page. After refreshing, you then need to click on the image of the weekly prize to claim it. If you do not do so, your progress will be reset the next day.

You have to click the item image to claim it!

It will be obvious after you have successfully claimed your weekly prize.

If you do not complete any day's quest before you claim your weekly streak prize, your streak will start over at the beginning on the next date (similar to Trudy's Surprise) with a new possible weekly streak prize.

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Currently, this tab is empty, with just the below message.

You have no new quests to display.

Perhaps TNT will be using this for future plots, or events like the Altador Cup!

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The Tutorial tab is meant to be an introduction to both the site (for new users) and to the Quest Log. These quests can only be completed once ever per account.

Unlike daily quests, these must be completed as a set to receive a reward. You can choose to skip a set of tutorial quests and advance to the next set, but doing so will forfeit your ability to claim that set's reward; you will not have the opportunity to complete them later. You can complete the quests within a set in any order, but you must complete (or skip) the entire set before continuing to the next set.

Part 1: "Familiarize yourself with your account"

All users will have the same first set of five tutorial quests:

  • Create a Neopet: Complete the Create-a-Pet process.
  • Activate Your Account: You should have received an email with a link to do this shortly after your account was first created; if not, do it here.
  • Add 3 Neofriends:
    • You can add existing Neofriends for this; simply click the button on their userlookup! You can even add the same person all 3 times.
    • Both sending the Neofriend request yourself and accepting someone else's request will count.
    • The requirement is met by simply sending the request; the person you request does not need to accept.
  • Send a Neomail: This can be done here. The recipient, subject, and message do not matter; write anything to anyone (as long as it is censor-appropriate)!
  • Explore Pages in Settings: Click through all tabs of the Settings page. It is not necessary to change any settings.

As a prize for completing these first quests, you will receive a Newbie Pack. This includes the below guaranteed items:

In addition, the Newbie Pack will include two random starter brushes and two random starter Petpets. These items are not tradeable to other players.

Starter Petpets (two random)

Part 2: "Familiarize yourself with your Neopets"

All users will have the same second set of five tutorial quests:

  • Feed your Neopets: Feed any edible item to any of your pets.
  • Assign a Petpet to your Neopet: Give any Petpet to any one of your Neopets. (Beware that Neopets will reject Petpets that have the same number of characters as their name!)
  • Groom your Neopet: Use any grooming item on any of your pets.
  • Play with your Neopet: Use any playable item with any of your pets.
  • Dress up your Neopet: Save a new customisation for any one of your pet's in the Customisation app. Note that for the save button to appear, you will need to add or remove something (though you can change it back right after).

As a prize for completing this second set, you will receive:

Tutorial Part 2 Prize
25,000 NP
25,000 NP

Part 3: "Familiarize yourself with Neopia"

All users will have the same third set of six tutorial quests:

As a prize for completing this third set, you will receive:

Tutorial Part 3 Prize
50,000 NP
50,000 NP

Part 4: "Learn Advanced Neopet Actions & Games"

All users will have the same fourth set of five more advanced tutorial quests:

  • Paint your Neopet at the Rainbow Pool: Use any Neopet Paint Brush (including one of the Starter brushes you received from part 1!) on any one of your pets at the Rainbow Pool. Changing your pet's colour through any other method will not count.
  • Send your Neopet to a Training School: Enroll and pay for any one of your pets in a new course at the Swashbuckling, Mystery Island, or Secret Ninja training schools. Upon first release, the Secret Ninja training school did not work for this.
  • Refer One Friend: Submit an invitation form with a valid email address. The recipient does not need to actually create an account. Directly sharing your referral link does not count.
  • Battle in the Battledome: Participate in a 1-player battle against any opponent. It does not matter if you win, lose, or draw; simply finish the battle.
  • Submit 5 Game Scores from Games Room: The scores can come from any game where you "Send Score" at the end. You do not need to play 5 unique games; for example, you could send 3 scores from Fashion Fever and 2 scores from Meerca Chase II.
Games not loading? Scores not sending? Make sure that the URL of the page you are on includes "www." before "neopets.com". In other words, the URL should start "https://www.neopets.com/" If it doesn't, type it in yourself!

Upon first release, there was a sixth quest to add any three TCG card items to your TCG album. This quest was removed a few hours later.

As a prize for completing this fourth set, you will receive a random one of the below NC items.

Part 5: "In-depth Gameplay and introduction to Community"

All users will have the same fifth set of six more advanced tutorial quests focused on "In-depth Gameplay and introduction to Community."

  • Purchase an item from another user's Shop: Any item from any user shop will suffice. Head to the Shop Wizard and find something!
  • Purchase a Stock: Any ticker will suffice, but we recommend one as close to 15 as possible.
  • Put a Stamp in your Stamp Album: Add any album item to your stamp album. (Any that are already in there unfortunately do not count.)
  • Obtain a Secret Avatar: Any secret avatar will suffice. If you already have many, you can complete this by (re)earning the Emo Usuki avatar.
  • Set up a Shop: If you already have one, this will be checked automatically. If not, you can do that here.
  • Enter an Art & Design or Writing Contest: If you are not submitting a serious entry, we recommended the Customisation Spotlight out of respect for TNT's time and attention. However, any of the four in "Art & Design" section or any of the four in the "Writing" section of this page will work.

As a prize for completing this fifth set, you will receive a random one of the below NC items. These are the same possible prizes as tutorial part 4; it's even possible to get the same prize for both parts!

Part 6: "Complete Advanced Challenges and Interact with the site"

All users will have the same sixth set of six more advanced challenges focused on site features.

  • Use the Trading Post to trade an item: Create a lot on the Trading Post. Any item will suffice, and you do not need to actually trade the item.
  • Complete a Quest from the Brain Tree: Head to our Brain Tree guide to learn all the requirements for doing this successfully.
  • Help Edna find missing ingredients for her spells!: Complete a quest at the Witch's Tower.
  • Complete a treasure map!: If you've already completed a Treasure Map, visit the respective Secret Laboratory Map, Petpet Laboratory Map or Forgotten Shore Map page to gain credit. Otherwise, redeem any Map Set there. Upon first release, this step required you to turn in the map pieces of any map you had not completed (with Original Treasure, Spooky Treasure, etc) being the only option for most experienced players.
  • Try your luck on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine!: Acquire a Nerkmid, then redeem it at the Vending Machine.
  • Have 1 million NP in your Bank Account: If you already do, this will be checked automatically. Otherwise, get to saving then head to the bank!

As a prize for completing these sixth quests, you will receive:

This is the final set of tutorial quests. After completing them, the tutorial tab will simply show the below message.

You have no new quests to display.

Upon refreshing or returning, the Tutorial tab will disappear entirely.

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