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Qasalan Expellibox

Qasalan Expellibox Information
Click to play Qasalan Expellibox! World:
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1 NP
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It seems that sand isn't the only thing you need to worry about getting into your shoes if you are planning a trip to Qasala. After Qasala's debut, a whole swarm of scarabs decided it would make a cosy place to live and have set up home there. Needless to say, the residents aren't too happy about this, so they have built the Expellibox to try and get rid of some of them. You may deposit a scarab into the machine and, depending on where it ends up, you can win a prize. The further it goes the better, and there are some nice prizes up for grabs as well as Neopoint lump sums. Below are listed the possible outcomes from landing on the various spaces.

It was once believed that if you played the game more than once per day, you could jeopardize your account. However in July 2012 TNT announced in the editorial that this was not true. You are able to play this game once every 7 hours 7 minutes (credit to rippy for researching this exact timing).

How to Play Without Flash

Flash was officially discontinued in January 2021, but TNT has yet to release a Flash-free version of Qasalan Expellibox. Fortunately, the game can still be played without Flash by following the direct link below. The result page will show an unformatted result text rather than a pretty graphical interface, however, the possible results are the same.

Following the below link will play the game immediately! Please make sure you are logged in to your main account (not a side account) before clicking.

Play without Flash »


If you receive a prize not listed here then please send in a bug report with which item you received as well as the message on the Expellibox about where the scarab went and so on.

Neocash Icon

If you are lucky enough to get your scarab to land on the flashing Neocash Icon, then you will get one of the following prizes depending on the language you are using for Neopets:

English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish:

Wow, it got all the way to Kreludor! We're not even sure how that's possible, but that scarab is definitely never coming back. Thank you! You have been awarded 150 NC! Spend it wisely at the NC Mall.

Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean:

Wow, it got all the way to Kreludor! We're not sure how that's even possible, but that scarab is definitely never coming back. Thank you! You have been awarded 5,000 NP

Gift Icon

The rewards for landing on this space vary depending on where your scarab ends up; in each case you will get either a grateful or unhappy message from the Expellibox owners as well as an item for your troubles. Here is a list of all the potential outcomes and under each are the items you can receive:


Altador is only over those mountains. That scarab will be back in no time. *sigh* just take your [ITEM] and go.

Prior to January 23, 2018, the below prizes were awarded instead of the exclusive prizes listed above.


Brightvale isn't that far away, but I've never liked those guys... thinking they're so smart! I'll cut you a break. Have a [ITEM] for your help.

Prior to March 1, 2018, the below prizes were awarded instead of the exclusive prizes listed above.

Mystery Island

Ah, Mystery Island. Unless scarabs can swim, I don't think it's coming back. Thanks. Have a [ITEM] for getting that scarab out of here.


The scarab went only as far as Sakhmet! Well, it's better than leaving it here, anyways. Here's a [ITEM] for your trouble.

Prior to February 28, 2019, the below prizes were awarded instead of the exclusive prizes listed above.

Virtupets Space Station

Splendid! The scarab has been teleported to the Virtupets Space Station. We'll surely never see it again! Have a [ITEM] for sending the scarab into space.

Skull Icon

This space means bad news! Well what did you expect from a space with a giant skull on it? Landing here will either "win" you a case of Sneezles for your active pet, or it will be attacked by the scarab and lose half its hit points. These are the respective messages:

Wait a second...you didn't touch that scarab with your bare hands, did you? You should probably head to the hospital and find a cure for Sneezles. I'm sure you'll be fine. NEXT!
The scarab escapes the perils of the Scarab Removal Machine before it could be sent away and attacks your Neopets. Don't worry. The Qasalan Government has insurance.

Neopoints Icon

Who doesn't love Neopoints? Landing on this space will earn you a sum of Neopoints depending on how far it went; the further you got your scarab the more you win. You will get one of the following messages and rewards:

Not as far as we wanted, but the Haunted Woods is better that nothing. Here's something for your trouble. You receive 100 NP.
Faerieland?! Those faeries won't be too happy. Oh well. Here's a little something for your effort. You receive 250 NP.
Well, Maraqua is pretty far, but we'll have to dock you for use of the underwater tubing. You have no idea how hard that was to install! Your total reward comes to 500 NP.
Terror Mountain? Not bad. I hope that scarab has a coat! Ha! You can have 1,000 NP for getting that scarab out of here.
Wow, you sent that scarab all the way to Tyrannia! Well Done! Take 2,000 NP for your help.

Cross Icon

This spot wins you...nothing. Landing here means that your scarab didn't get outside the Qasalan city limits and so you get nothing, other than one of these messages of course:

The scarab travels for miles and miles and finally ends up... back in Qasala? You're no help!
Hey, that wasn't a real scarab! Guards! Get this beguiler out of here!
The scarab mysteriously disappears. Curious...
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