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Plushie Tycoon

Plushie Tycoon Information
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What is Plushie Tycoon?

If you've ever been interested in starting up your own business, Plushie Tycoon is definitely the game for you! The game is, at heart, a puzzle game in which you run your own plushie company - everything from production to marketing. A new game starts on the second of every month and lasts for the duration of that month. The goal during that time is to figure out which plushies are profitable, keep making them and selling them, and rake in as many Neopoints as you can! At the end of the month, you can win some fantastic prizes if you made the right decisions.

This guide is here to help you get started. Plushie Tycoon can be quite a daunting game if you go in blind - there's so much to take care of and so much to keep on top of that it's easy to get lost or confused. I strongly recommend reading through the whole guide before starting to play the game as there are many nuances to tycooning that you should know before jumping in.

The First Day

It's easiest to start this guide off with what to do on your first day. I'll explain things as we go along. You'll need to do everything anew if you choose to play again in a new month. You will also be doing most of the following each time you want to start a new batch of plushies.

To begin your adventure, click on the "Create Store" link on the main page of Plushie Tycoon. You start with 50,000NP. This is your cash on hand and will fluctuate as you start buying materials and selling plushies. These Neopoints are only in the game, so they are not part of the Neopoints you actually have on the rest of the site. The amount of Neopoints you have in Plushie Tycoon is shown on pretty much every page of the game, so be sure you are constantly keeping an eye on it.

If you spend all of this, you lose!

Reload the page by clicking on the Main Page link (NOTE: do not refresh the page at any time during gameplay as this could cause you to spend more neopoints than intended and you could lose the game!). Some red text should appear at the top, informing you that you can customize the game to your own time zone. This is very important to do. Do not judge by your own time zone. Try looking at this page, which lists the time zones out in a simple table, to figure out what time zone you should be in. You want to set it to one that will allow you to be around the most during the Plushie Tycoon hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM, because that's when your store, factory, and warehouse are open. You'll want to be able to be near a computer for the majority of this time. Each update happens at :01 past the hour, so your first update of the day will be at 10:01AM and your last will be at 5:01PM.

** NOTE: Updates are now occurring at :29 past the hour (as at 24 April 2018), and get very slightly later each day. Make sure you factor this in when you choose your time zone **

If you look at your store, factory, and warehouse, you'll notice that they all ask for you to pay rent. You must pay rent every 7 game days and don't forget, or you'll lose your game! You can see how many days are left before your next rent payment on the Main Page. Be sure not to upgrade any of your buildings at this time, only pay the rent.

Pay your rent or you will be charged late fees!

Your next move in the game is to buy materials. Head over to the Purchase Raw Goods page and look at what you have. The prices of the items change after every update. Each batch of plushies you need to produce requires a certain amount of material and each batch consists of 100 plushies. To find out how much you need for what kind of plushie, head to this page and scroll down towards the middle.

Each batch of plushies needs one unit of stuffing and one unit of packaging. The number of cloth units that are required are different for each plushie species. Before you purchase any supplies, you need to calculate how much it will cost. For example, if you are going to make a plushie species that requires 4 units of cloth to make 100 plushies, you need to add up the cost of 4 units of cloth + 1 unit of stuffing + 1 unit of packaging. You'll probably want to make a species that requires accessories (because it will sell for more), so be sure to add in 1 unit of rare gems as well. If the total comes to less than 3,900 neopoints, buy the supplies. If not, wait for the next update. This page has a chart showing how much cloth each plushie type requires and whether or not they use accessories. The only accessory that you should be buying are rare gems.


Once you have a good price for supplies, start buying your materials using the table in the link I posted above. Don't stock up at this point, even if you think the materials are cheap - it's not worth it at this stage of the game. Only buy as much as you currently need.

For your first time, try to stick to 5 or 6 batches, or 500 to 600 plushies. You can make all the batches one species or all different species. Once you've bought your materials, it's time to head off to the factory!

Quite a large factory for such a small operation, but you'll grow into it!


When you get to your factory, the first thing you're going to want to do is click "Start New Job". Choose a species from the drop-down list (you should have bought enough materials to cover whatever species you are going to make). On the next page, select your cloth colors and what materials you'll be using for that plushie, and then select how many you want to make of that plushie. Make sure you only make batches of 100 plushies. This means you have to repeat the process of starting a new job multiple times, but this is important for the manufacturing and selling processes that come later. If you're making more than two batches of plushies (which you should be!) you're going to be prompted to upgrade your factory - do it! You're only going to be making more plushies as you go further in the game. Now, finish putting in the rest of your batches and then click on "Existing Orders". There's the batches you just submitted.

But wait! Who's going to make all of these plushies? Click on the "Personnel" link in the factory and you'll see a happy looking Grarrl. He's your permanent manager (you can't fire him). You need to hire workers to make these plushies!

Make sure you have enough managers to keep your Trainees on track!

Avoid Dropouts and Graduates - they're not worth it. I usually use Trainees. Hire 250 trainees for your first batch (note: you may need to hire 100, 100, then 50 trainees because there have been problems with hiring 250 all at once). But wait again! All those workers are obviously going to slack off if left alone. So you need some managers who know how to crack the whip. Try to keep your ratio of workers to managers at 1:10 (1 manager for every 10 workers). So hire 24 managers (this makes a total of 25 when you include your permanent manager) and let them run wild.

But, oh no, that will cost a lot of money, won't it? Here's the trick to this: you'll only be hiring these workers for one update. Hire them and, once the next update rolls around (at xx:01), fire them all! They've made the majority of the plushies they will make and the leftovers can be finished with the next workers you hire later on in the day or tomorrow.

You must keep one manager on at all times - he can't be fired! So be sure to take this into account when hiring your managers for a workforce - you really only need 24 managers, not 25. Also keep in mind, though, that you'll always have 82NP (the wage for a manager) taken out of your Cash on Hand every update so never let your CoH get too low because if you go bankrupt, you lose the game! I suggest having at least 1,000 Neopoints on hand at all times.

Now that the plushies are made, we can ship them to your store!

Time to fill up that empty warehouse!

The next stop for us is the warehouse. Once your factory has produced plushies, visit any page in the game to start the loading process. Loading times on this page only begin after you have visited a page of the game after an update (in other words, if you don't come back to the game until 20 after the hour, then this is when the loading time starts). Each batch of plushies will take a certain amount of time to load, dependent on how many hundreds of plushies are in the batch and what size your warehouse is (more on that later). For a comprehensive list of how long it will take for your plushies to be ready to ship, check out this page again. While it may be tempting to upgrade your warehouse to level 9 so your plushies will load faster, don't do it! You're still in the learning phase and can't afford to spend Neopoints on warehouse upgrades yet. Once you have a better feel for which plushies sell the best (and you're making lots of Neopoints!) you can start upgrading.

Once your plushies are ready to ship, come back and check all the check-boxes and ship them off. It takes 5 minutes before your plushies arrive at your store.

Plushies for sale!

Your store is where all of your sales are made! To see how the plushies are selling, click on the "Sales" link at your store. You won't get NP from your batch until all 100 plushies are sold. This is where the puzzle part of Plushie Tycoon really kicks into high gear. You have to figure out which plushies are profitable. Some will give you a net loss, some will have you just about break even, and some will sell like mad! It's up to you to remember which plushies sold well, which involves writing down and keeping track of quite a bit. Once you get the hang of which plushies can be sold for the most, you can start to make a lot more money. However, which plushies sell well is different for everyone and changes every month! It's a balancing act that you're going to need a little practice with before you'll master it.

There are also various upgrades for your shop. We'll talk about these later on in the guide, but definitely upgrade your store at this point. Don't go bankrupt doing it, but you want your plushies to sell quickly. I suggest starting with upgrading the first three options and buying the first four advertisements. You'll work at upgrading these throughout the game, but it's important to start off on the right foot.

Your store's sales log updates itself 1 minute after the hour, as with everything else in the game. Hopefully you've sold enough plushies to start making more - but if you haven't, just keep waiting until you do!

Keep up the good work!

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

And those are the basics of Plushie Tycoon. It's a time consuming game, without a doubt, but it it's also a lot of fun. Keep reading, though. There are a few more aspects to the game that you have to know before you really get into it. The basic game play will be progressing like above for most of your time playing, but there are a few more things you should know that aren't always part of each day.

Extra Information

Remember how I told you to only make batches of 100 plushies? This is important for the beginning of the game only. Having smaller batches means you will get more plushies completed faster and and more plushies sold faster - which means you will get your Neopoints faster and can repeat the whole process sooner. Later on in the game, when you have more Neopoints, you can afford to wait on larger batches.

Each of your buildings (store, factory, and warehouse) can be upgraded and expanded. Each of these things do a different thing to help with your plushie-making process.

Factory - Factory upgrades are called different "levels". You'll have to pay for more levels as you go along. A new level allows you to have more batches of plushies in at one time so there's more for your workers to work on.

The final touches that make your plushies sell!

Warehouse - Upgrading your warehouse allows your finished plushies to ship faster. Having to wait three or four hours can be a pain when you have a huge load of plushies to send over to your store. By upgrading your warehouse, you can cut down on wait times drastically! This will allow you to make a profit even faster. Wait to upgrade this until you're comfortable with how much profit you can make. You should also remember that loading times listed on this page must be doubled for batches of 200 plushies, tripled for batches of 300, etc.

Store - Store expansions are essential to the game. Your store can hold up to 400 plushies for each level, up to level 9. Once it has reached level 9, it can hold unlimited plushies. Without the proper advertising and look to your store, your plushies will be selling at a crawl. You have to attract people to your store, and you're going to have to spend money to do it! Concentrate on the first 3 or 4 levels of upgrades and advertisements until you have a comfortable amount of Neopoints to continue making plushies and afford upgrades. This may take several days.

How come you won't hire us?

Rent and Taxes

Rent is due every seven days on all three of your properties. You have up to 48 hours to pay off your rent, which means that you can keep making plushies if you happen to not have the money. Don't try to upgrade anything during the time you're "late", however, as that will automatically pay your rent for you and you could end up bankrupt!

The taxman also visits on the seventh day (at the exact time you created your game) and there's no way to avoid him! He'll only take money from you if you have over 50,000NP CoH, but how much he takes gets higher and higher depending on how much NP you have! I suggest you keep your Neopoints invested in the plushie making process to avoid paying a lot of taxes. Make sure you write down exactly when you started the game. It's also advisable to start playing at a time when you will normally be playing the game. In other words, don't start playing Plushie Tycoon at 2:00AM unless that's when you expect to play every day.

Just like in the real world, you'll be evicted if you don't pay your rent!


If you have more than 50,000 Neopoints on hand when the game ends, you will receive a trophy and a Neopoint prize! You can congratulate yourself and tell all your friends that you are now a Plushie Tycoon! Unfortunately, finishing the game with less than 50,000 (less than you started with!) will not get you anything except perhaps some skills to help you do better next month. Below is a table of the prizes you will receive depending on how many Neopoints you made and how many plushies you sold.

Plushie Tycoon Prizes
If you finish the game with between 50,000 and 250,000 Neopoints:
and you sold less than 1,000 plushies - you get 1k
and you sold at least 1,000 plushies - you get 2k
and you sold at least 2,000 plushies - you get 4k
and you sold at least 3,000 plushies - you get 5k
and you sold at least 4,000 plushies - you get 12k
and you sold at least 5,000 plushies - you get 14k
and you sold at least 10,000 plushies - you get 16k
and you sold at least 20,000 plushies - you get 18k
If you finish the game with between 250,000 and 1,000,000 Neopoints:
and you sold less than 5,000 plushies - you get 24k
and you sold at least 5,000 plushies - you get 28k
and you sold at least 10,000 plushies - you get 32k
and you sold at least 20,000 plushies - you get 36k
and you sold at least 50,000 plushies - you get 40k
and you sold at least 100,000 plushies - you get 44k
If you finish the game with more than 1,000,000 Neopoints:
and you sold less than 20,000 plushies - you get 64k
and you sold at least 20,000 plushies - you get 72k
and you sold at least 50,000 plushies - you get 80k
and you sold at least 100,000 plushies - you get 88k
and you sold at least 200,000 plushies - you get 96k
and you sold at least 500,000 plushies - you get 120k
and you sold at least 1,000,000 plushies - you get 160k
and you sold at least 1,250,000 plushies - you get 200k
and you sold at least 1,500,000 plushies - you get 240k
and you sold at least 2,000,000 plushies - you get 320k

Completing the game with more than 50,000 Neopoints on hand will also get you a spiffy cool avatar!

Plushie Tycoon

Plushie Tycoon / Guide

Win a game of Plushie Tycoon.

Released: November 6, 2003

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