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Piper Panic

Piper Panic Information
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It's the greatest show in Neopia! Well, if you like highly coordinated feats of Cobrall agility, anyway. In the heart of Sakhmet you can find many types of entertainment, but few are as popular as the snake charmers known as Pipers.

Really, who doesn't like Cobralls?

How to Play

Piper Panic is played with the arrow keys or mouse, which you use to move a Cobrall from basket to basket across a checkered playing field. Using the arrow keys is recommended, as it's much faster, and the game is timed. The Cobrall will move in a straight line in the direction you've pressed, only stopping once it hits either a basket (which will then allow you to choose another direction to move in) or the edge of the area. Running out of time or leading your Cobrall to the edge of the area will allow it to escape into the desert, and if you lose all three of your Cobralls, it will be game over.

Game Screen
Freedom's just a bad decision away!

Your goal in the game is to charm the Cobrall into each of the baskets in a level, at which point you will move on. You can go to the baskets in any order you'd like, but certain paths through the levels will allow you to collect more of the treasures in them. When choosing your path through a level, be sure to end on a string of baskets with star-like marks on them; the more consecutive star baskets you string together at the end of the level, the higher your score multiplier will be.

Gem Awards points equivalent to the current level. May move across the board or fade in and out of existence.
Scarab Adds 5 seconds to the timer.
Headdress Sets score multiplier to 2, 3 or 4.
Ankh Grants an extra Cobrall.
Basket Awards points equivalent to the current level. Must be collected to advance.
Star Basket Acts as a regular basket, with additional points awarded in certain circumstances. See Scoring section below.


Every basket and gem collected is worth the same number of points as the current level, i.e. 1 point for Level 1 and 10 points for Level 10. Baskets with star marks award the same number of points, but also add a "star bonus" if collected after all of the normal baskets. This bonus is equivalent to the current level multiplied by five, so using the example above, it would be 5 points for Level 1 and 50 points for Level 10. Additionally, if more than one star basket is collected after all the normal ones, the bonus will be multiplied by the number of baskets. If you were to end Level 10 by collecting three star baskets, you would get a star bonus of 50 x 3, or 150 points.

The game also has a time bonus, which is a bit more difficult to break down. Each level has a unique series of time brackets that award a certain number of points depending on your remaining time, with more points awarded the faster you are. While you may sometimes want to wait for a gem to be collectible on your path to the next basket, in general you'll want to complete levels as quickly as possible.

Finally, there's the overall score multiplier. The score multiplier is normally at 1, meaning that no extra points are awarded, but collecting a blue and yellow striped Nemes headdress will set your multiplier to either 2, 3, or 4. Each headdress in the game has a set number that it will set the multiplier to, rather than setting them at random, so the Level Solutions section below has been designed with maximizing your score in mind. The score multiplier is applied to all the points you earn in a level, after the other points have been added up; if your base points, time bonus and star bonus added up to 200 and you have a score multiplier of 2, your total points for the level would be 400.

Any points earned in a level will be added to your score whether you complete the level or not (minus bonuses and score multiplier), so you may want to use any extra Cobralls you have to earn points, hit the edge of the level, and start the level over before finishing the game as a way of maximizing your score.

Go, my pet... Go, and... er, dive into baskets...

Quick Tips

  • Use the arrow keys rather than the mouse to control the game more quickly and efficiently
  • Collect the star-marked baskets last when possible, to increase your "star bonus" multiplier
  • Time bonuses are more valuable than points from gems, so prioritize finishing levels quickly
  • Level 5 usually contains a power-up that grants an extra life; if it doesn't, consider restarting
  • Use up all but one of your Cobralls on Level 10 to maximize your score, then finish the game

Level Solutions

The layouts of levels in Piper Panic will be oriented in a random direction, so the solutions below may or may not line up exactly with the levels you get. The layouts will, however, have all the same objects, in the same locations relative to each other. Because of this, it's best to study a solution image carefully before playing the level, and think of the layout in terms of landmarks and how you should be moving relative to them.

Level 1
Level 1Time limit: 30 seconds
This level contains one red gem, which will move across your path to the basket. If it will cross your path in the first 5 seconds of the level, collect it to receive both an extra point and the maximum time bonus; otherwise, ignore it.
Level 2
Level 2Time limit: 30 seconds
This level features a gem that fades in and out, and can only be collected when fully solid.
Level 3
Level 3Time limit: 30 seconds
This level features a striped headdress, which will set your score multiplier to 2.
Level 4
Level 4Time limit: 30 seconds
This level's headdress will set your score multiplier to 3.
Level 5
Level 5Time limit: 20 seconds
This level contains two headdresses; the first sets your score multiplier to 3, while the second sets it to 4. Make sure to collect them in the order shown here.
Level 6
Level 6Time limit: 20 seconds
This level's headdress sets your score multiplier to 4. If you play quickly enough, collecting the scarab (+5 seconds) may give you enough time to collect the gems as well.
Level 7
Level 7Time limit: 20 seconds
In this level, you must choose between ending on the two star baskets that are near each other and the lone star basket. While you will get 70 star bonus points for ending on the two baskets, there's a headdress on the path to them that gives a score multiplier of 2, while headdress on the path to the lone star basket gives a multiplier of 4. Ultimately, the score multiplier will give you more points.
Level 8
Level 8Time limit: 20 seconds
It's possible to take an alternate route through this level that will allow you to collect three star baskets in a row, but it would also require the last headdress you collect to give a score multiplier of 2, while the one on this route gives a multiplier of 4, and a higher final score.
Level 9
Level 9Time limit: 15 seconds While the first headdress on this route sets your score multiplier to 4 and the second sets it to 3, the three star baskets (worth 135) with a multiplier of 3 are worth far more than the one star basket (worth 45) with a multiplier of 4.
Level 10
Level 10Time limit: 15 seconds
The first headdress on this route sets your score multiplier to 3, and the second sets it to 4. Due to your score counting even if you fail a level and the large number of points that can be scored in Level 10, some players will repeatedly score as many points as possible on this level and this intentionally lose until they have just one Cobrall left, to maximize their points. If you do this, bear in mind that time, star, and multiplier bonuses are only applied if the level has been beaten.
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