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Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Information
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If you mosey on down to Meri Acres Farm you can pick berries to your heart's content for only a small fee. If you're lucky, you might even stumble across a rare one and be the next Neopian millionaire!

How come no one ever comes on 'Pick Your Own Skeith Day'??

How to Play

You can begin picking for just 400 NP. To try picking something, simply click anywhere on the map image shown. If you want to wander to a new area of the farm, click one of the red arrows that appear on the side of the map.

If you're not happy with the item that you picked, click on it in your basket to discard it. There is no limit to how many items you discard.

The farm is laid out in a 3x3 grid, which is a total of 9 locations. You are guaranteed to get one item from each of these nine locations. If you try clicking the same location twice, you will not receive anything.

The game ends when you collect six items, or when you select "collect berries and leave farm", or when you've clicked around on the farm (in the map or moving to a new map) 20 times. At this point, whether or not you have six items in your basket, you will have to stop picking for the day.


Listed below are the berries you are able to win from Pick Your Own, as well as some of the booby prizes that you may pick up along the way. The clovers are only available on St. Patrick's Day (March 17).

Clovers - Available March 17th Only

There's also an avatar available if you manage a less-stinky haul. When trying to obtain the av, we recommend discarding any Dung collected as soon as any is picked up.

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own / Guide

Collect any 6 items that are not a Pile of Dung from Pick Your Own.

Released: March 5, 2004

Unreleased Berries

Some of the berries that are supposed to be released by this game have never been discovered. It's likely that they're glitched and will never be released, but for fun we've listed them below!

Game Map

The map of Meri Acres Farm is comprised of nine different areas. The map will be arranged the same for you every time, but is unique for each user. To see what the different areas look like, check them out in our image database. You may not have all of them as part of your own map!

The map of the author of this article ^.^

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