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The Petpet Puddle

So you finally have the pet of your dreams, but their little side-kick now looks a bit plain by its side. It looks like a trip to the Petpet Puddle is in store for you and your pets!

The Petpet Puddle

The Puddle

The Petpet Puddle is basically a scaled-down version of The Rainbow Pool where you can paint your Petpets. If you want to see what colours are available for each species of Petpet then you can check the All Petpet Colours page, although it can be cumbersome to navigate. You might be better off looking through the Jellyneo Item Database for a more navigable experience.

The Paint Brushes

To paint your Petpet you will need a special Petpet Paint Brush. You can be awarded these brushes through random events and occasionally from the Alien Vending Machine, although both are rare; the most common method of acquiring one is to buy them off other users through the Shop Wizard or via the Trading Post.

Halloween Petpet  
Paint Brush Plushie Petpet  
Paint Brush Tyrannian Petpet  
Paint Brush
We're travel size for your convenience (:

Painting Your Petpet

Once you arrive at the Petpet Puddle, you will be presented with images of each of your Petpets and a drop-down menu of the Petpet Paint Brushes you have in your inventory that are compatible to be used on each species. You can see what options you might have in the screenie below.

Puddle Options

You cannot paint any Petpet; there are some exceptions:

  • Any Petpet that has had their species or colour changed via the Petpet Lab Ray cannot be painted. For example, if you zapped an Altachuck with the ray and it was morphed into a Kadoatie, you couldn't then paint the Kadoatie a different colour.
  • Some Petpets that are awarded from site events or dailies cannot be painted. For example, the Jelly Barlow, given out by Trudy's Surprise, cannot be painted to any other Barlow colour.
  • If you have multiple Petpets with the same name, only one will even appear at the puddle. You can get around this by renaming the one you wish to paint to something different; you can re-name them back after they are painted.

To paint your Petpet, select the colour you want to paint it in the menu underneath it and then click on "Paint The Petpet!". This color change is permanent, even if removed (unless you decide to paint another color).

Unpainting Your Petpet

If you decide that you want your Petpet to revert back to its default colour, then there is a way of doing this. First you will need to determine what TNT considers to be the closest match to your Petpet's original colour. Jellyneo has labeled this on each unpainted (but paintable) Petpet's page in the Item Database. You can also determine this manually at the All Petpet Colours page by choosing a colour and seeing which unpainted Petpets get included. For example, below are all of the purple Petpets, which includes some unpainted Petpets such as Hasee and Pinceron.

Unpainting a Petpet

For example, pretend you have a Blue Meowclops, but you want it to be unpainted to a regular Meowclops. By using our Item Database you can see that the default colour for a Meowclops is black, so you would have to paint it with a Black Petpet Paint Brush.

It is always worth checking what colour TNT consider to be the closest match to a Petpet's natural colour before you buy the Petpet Paint Brush. For example, they have listed a Huggy's default colour as being purple, whereas I personally would have guessed blue or green, and they have also listed a Pikis as being white when it is more of a lilac colour.

But I am naturally red, really I am...

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