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Petpet Battles

Petpet Battles Information
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It isn't enough that Darigans enjoy invading other countries and selling malicious merchandise. No, they must also participate in entertainment that forces little, cutesy, animals to fight each other. O_O

*gasp* Oh no! How sadistic! Wait... isn't that just like the Neopets Battledome?

Hm... I suppose it is. But anyway, the point is that the Petpet Arena (as its name rather clearly implies) is a place where petpets can battle! Yay for stating the obvious! And for the record, it doesn't matter what species or color your petpet is. It doesn't matter if they have a petpetpet or if it's been zapped by the petpet lab ray into some strange, little, mutated jelly blob. The only thing that effects your petpet's chances of winning a petpet battle is its level, which affects its ability to attack. But more on that later.

The Actual Battling

Once you enter the petpet arena you're immediately given the option to "enter the fray." You can battle with any of the petpets equipped to your pets, but you'll automatically battle with your active pet's petpet.

Unlike its Neopet counterpart, the petpet arena is... well, quite honestly, really boring. There aren't any weapons, you can only battle against computers and there aren't even any breed-specific moves! In fact, there are only three options to choose from: body blow, head shot, and shield.

Simply click on the buttons to decide which move to use. The only difference between the body blow and the head shot is that body blows tend to be more accurate, but do less damage; while head shots can cause significant damage, but hit less often.

Leveling Up

For every win your petpet gains a point, and for every loss your petpet loses a point. Once your petpet has accumulated 10 points, they will move on to the next level and start back at 0. Your petpet will then keep their level, no matter how many times they lose, but if you unequip your petpet from your pet they will revert back to level 1. The higher your petpet's level is, the higher its attack power.

Another way to increase your petpet's level is by visiting the Turmaculus. Of course this option is much riskier, seeing as he can eat your petpets if he doesn't like you. There is also the petpet labray, which is equally risky as it can also potentially reduce your petpet's level or even make it vanish into thin air.

And it would be a waste of money anyway, seeing that petpet levels aren't really for anything except the petpet arena (which is a waste of time in itself). The strength of your petpet used to affect your pet's performance in the regular Battledome, however, this is no longer effective.

WHAT? You mean all that training was absolutely useless?!
Come back here so I can get the avatar instead!

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