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Reading and Pet Intelligence

Do you want your pets to be intellectuals? Do you wish your pets were more well-read? Have you been eyeing the ULTIMATE GENIUS pets of your friends and wishing your pets could be the same? Well, now they can! This guide will give you a rundown of all the methods commonly used to increase your pet's intelligence. That's right, we're here with the solution for how to make your pet smarter!

Reading Books to Pets

The most well-known, well-discussed, and simple way to increase your pet's intelligence is by reading to him or her. This raises your pet's intelligence level points; each book is worth 1-2 points (this is completely random). You've probably seen a book item on Neopets and possibly read a couple to your Neopet. But if you haven't, here's how it works:

Step 1: Buy a book. This can be done at the Magical Bookshop in Neopia Central, as well as many other bookshops around Neopia. Here's a handy list of them, right here on JN! You can also earn books from dailies and site events.

Step 2: Go to your inventory and click on the book you wish to read. In the drop-down menu, select the pet you wish to read the book to and click submit. Unless your pet decides the book is not for them (to be mentioned later), it will vanish in a puff of smoke of a random color and your pet's intelligence level will increase.

Loyal User Perks

Once your account matures to 24 months or older, you unlock the possibility to keep a book after reading it to your pets. When reading a book to a pet on an aged account, there is a small chance that the book will remain in your inventory after reading. It will still register that your pet has read it and it will count towards any applicable book awards. You can then choose to read the book to a second pet, sell it, give it to a friend, or whatever you want.

Book Smarts Boon

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Book Smarts boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When activated, reading a book to your pet will cause it to gain two or four intelligence points instead of the standard one point increase.

Book Awards

There are two awards that you can win by reading to your pet: the Neopian Book Award and the Booktastic Book Award. The trophies for each of these awards are given to those Neopian citizens who have read the largest number of books and Booktastic Books, respectively. The Neopian Book Award covers all books not sold by the bookshop on Kreludor. The Booktastic Book Award covers only books sold by the Booktastic Books shop on Neopia's moon.

In both cases, you'll receive an "honorary member" award if your pet is anywhere on the high score table (top 200 pets) at trophy award time. Gold, silver, and bronze are awarded as usual.

Unlike the Gourmet Club, even if a book retires, it will still count towards these book clubs as long as it remains readable to your Neopet.

One day...oh glorious day!

These trophies are pet trophies. That means that they will show up not on your lookup, but on your pet's lookup. If you're going for one of these trophies, we have some handy checklist tools here on JN for you to use:

Book Checklist
Booktastic Book Checklist

Simply head over to the Quick Ref page and click the link that is your pet's intelligence value. Copy-paste the source code of the resulting page into the box given, and the tool will output a lovely checklist for you sorted however you like!

Refusing to Read a Book

Sometimes, your Neopet will refuse to read a book, saying something like "That is like such a boring book!"

This happens when the number of characters in your pet's name matches a formula dictating a certain number of characters in the book's title. The formulas are as follows:

(p + 1) * 2 = x
(p + 1) * 2 + 1 = x

In the equations above, p is the number of character's in your pet's name, and x is the number of characters in a book's name that your pet will find boring.

Here's an example: let's say my pet's name is Slothy_Minion. That name has 13 characters in its name. If you plug 13 into the equations above, you'll get: (13 + 1) * 2 = 28 and (13 + 1) * 2 + 1 = 29. Meaning, if any books have 28 or 29 characters in its name, your pet will find it boring.

There is a way around this issue: head over to the classic inventory (non-beta) and scroll down to bottom of the page. In the page footer, select a different language to browse the site in. This will change the title of the book to its translated title, which may have a different number of characters. After selecting a new language, try reading the book to your pet again. You may have to try a couple languages, and it may take a couple tries for language changes to stick.

Note: As of early 2015, items are no longer being translated into other languages, which means the trick above will most likely not work for books released from 2015 and onward.

Levels of Intelligence

For every book you read, or action you take to increase your pet's Intelligence, their number of points will go up. However, there are designated "levels" of intelligence that your pet can be at.

In terms of points accrued, the levels are:

  • 0-4: Dim Witted
  • 5-9: Dull
  • 10-14: Average
  • 15-19: Above Average
  • 20-24: Bright
  • 25-29: Clever
  • 30-34: Very Clever
  • 35-39: Brilliant
  • 40-44: Genius
  • 45-49: Super Genius
  • 50-54: Mega Genius
  • 55-59: Total Genius
  • 60-94: Master Genius
  • 95+: Ultimate Genius

Note: Only Grundos and hatched Draiks start at intelligence level 0 and can have the Dim Witted and Dull levels; all other Neopets start at 10.

In terms of books read, the levels are estimated to be:

  • 0-2: Average
  • 3-4: Above Average
  • 5-7: Bright
  • 8-11: Clever
  • 12-13: Very Clever
  • 14-16: Brilliant
  • 17-19: Genius
  • 20-22: Super Genius
  • 23-25: Mega Genius
  • 26-28: Total Genius
  • 29-48: Master Genius
  • 49+: Ultimate Genius

Note: In order to bring a Grundo's and hatched Draik's intelligence level up to speed, they will need to read approximately 5 additional books.

Uses for Intelligence

As of right now, there are few uses of intelligence in Neopia. However, a couple Battledome weapons require a certain threshold of intelligence in order to work, which you can read more about in our Battlepedia.

For a full list of Battledome items whose properties change depending on either your pet's intelligence or the opponent's intelligence, see the advanced search in the Battlepedia.

Other Ways to Change Pet Intelligence

There are several other ways to increase your pet's intelligence that don't require the collection books.


The following dailies can award intelligence points:

  • Coltzan's Shrine - There is a possibility when visiting the Shrine that King Coltzan will raise your pet's intelligence.
  • Wheel of Knowledge - Landing on space 8 of the Wheel of Knowledge will increase your active pet's intelligence.
  • TDMBGPOP - There is a chance that the The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity will increase your pet's intelligence.
  • Completing the Faerie Crossword quickly can increase your pet's intelligence.


There are a few games that can increase your intelligence, as well:

  • You have about a 1 in 10 chance of gaining an extra point or two each time you win a game of Cliffhanger.
  • Same with Guess the Card.


The following items will also affect your pet's intelligence if used:

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