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As of January 12, 2021, Patapult is not available. In order to play the game and redeem your prizes, Adobe Flash is needed which was discontinued on January 12th by Adobe. TNT has removed Patapuff packs from the NC Mall. It is unknown if TNT will eventually convert this feature to be Flash-free.

Grab your Patapuffs, because it's time to go skeeballing! Patapult has rolled into the NC Mall that gives you the opportunity to, of course, win some exclusive prizes. This game is similar to Blumaroll in that you throw your Patapuffs to obtain idols of differing tiers, and then select a prize from that tier. Please remember to refer to the Official FAQ before playing this game.

Patapuff Packs

These Patapuff packs are currently for sale at the NC Mall, and need to be purchased and activated before playing Patapult:


To play, visit the Patapult game page and click on the "Play" button.


The controls are pretty tricky. Patapult is essentially a game of skeeball (or bowling, if you're not familiar), so you'll need to flick the Patamoose towards the idol boxes in the distance.

Action Control
To aim your Patamoose Left click on the Patamoose and drag from left to right.
To launch your Patamoose Left click on the Patamoose, move your mouse towards the idol holes, and release.

Where to Aim

With the different colored idols, you'll need to aim for different locations on the mysterious temple. Below is a map of each idol's spots. Any miss will usually result in a wood idol.


For each Patapuff, you'll have three tries to receive the idol you're after. With each round of play, you'll be shown the idol you received and you'll be asked whether to keep it, or try again.

Retired Prizes

You may view a full list of retired Patapult prizes in our archives, based on initial release date:

Current Prizes

To redeem your prizes, you'll need to have the right number of idols and then click on the "Redeem Idols" button, as seen below, to show the prize list.

You may only exchange your idols for prizes requiring that exact idol, meaning you cannot use a silver idol to redeem a bronze prize (or use any other idol to buy a prize in a lower price bracket).

Below is the current prize set. Unlike other NC Mall games like Wonderclaw and Shenanigifts, Patapult tier prizes have been cycled out two tiers at a time (rather than all tiers at once). The initial release date of the prizes are listed in the tier header.

Wood Tier Prizes (November 2020)

Bronze Tier Prizes (March 2019)

Current Bronze Tier Prizes

Silver Tier Prizes (November 2020)

Gold Tier Prizes (March 2019)

Current Gold Tier Prizes
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