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New Game Challenge

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Aristotle and Abigail return again, this time with a new challenge every time a new game is released. Their cousin Lulu will host a special NC Challenge.

The Basics

The basic concept is the same as the Daily Dare challenges: Both AAA and Abigail have achieved a certain score in the selected game; Abigail's will always be the lower of the two. You play the newly-released game and try to beat both their scores. Unlike the Daily Dare, however, you can receive prizes from both Avinroo siblings - you just need to beat both their scores! The challenge is open until the next new game is released, which could be at any point - you may have weeks, or you may have mere days!

The NC Challenge

The NC Challenge requires you to purchase a special game ticket from the NC Mall. There are no multi-ticket packs at the moment. Tickets cost 200 NC in the NC Mall Specialty Shop.

You can apply/use past tickets for current and future New Game Challenges. For example, a Series 2 Ticket, even though it is no longer being sold in the Mall, would still work today, for the current game.

The Prizes

Successfully beating either Abigail or AAA's score with each new game release will award you with a prize. These are unique to the New Game Challenge and can be seen below. Also, there are additional prizes for the NC challenge. It is currently unknown if the challenge will eventually end, with any cumulative prizes, but it seems unlikely.

Day Game Abigail's
September 15th, 2011 Play now!
Invasion: Blastoids
7500 50000 15000 Blastoids Plushie Precariously Placed Pillar of Meteors No Trespassing Lasers Garland
May 5th, 2011 Play now!
500 3000 800 Toasted Gear Cookies Handy Dandy Magnifying Glass Inventor Wings
February 4th, 2011 Play now!
Shenkuu Warrior II
40000 100000 60000 Flying Without Wings - A Warriors Tale Grappling Hook Giant Tree Background
December 20th, 2010 Play now!
Wrath of the Snowager
12000 650000 20000 https://images.neopets.com/items/bak_snowagercookie.gif Snowager Scarf Snowager Hand Puppet
September 16th, 2010 Play now!
Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
2000 30250 4000 Treasure Chest Cake Kreuludor Cave Door Background Kreludor Cave Ice Spikes
July 13th, 2010 Play now!
20000 300000 75000 Kookia Playset Kookith Mobile Kookith Necklace
May 13th, 2010 Play now!
Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure
350 9000 500 Hannahs Chest of Clothes Hannahs Red Undershirt Hannahs Dressing Room Background
April 29th, 2010 Play now!
Ugga Drop
22000 37000 27000 Conquering Heights Tyrannian Cliffs Background Partially Open Parachute
April 22nd, 2010 Play now!
Island Chef Academy
300 850 400 Colourful Veggies in a Bowl Magical Island Recipes Island Chef Academy Counter
April 15th, 2010 Play now!
Sorcerers Skirmish
5000 7000 5750 Sorcerers Skirmish Home Version Sorcerers Skirmish Fire Wizard Hat Sorcerers Skirmish Air Wizard Staff
April 8th, 2010 Play now!
Nova Defender
50000 700000 70000 Nova Cookie Shiny Nova Mobile Shooting Novas
Jan 21st, 2010 Play now!
Jumpin' Gem Heist
20000 45000 25000 Paint Your Own Sandan Set Sandan Hat Jumpin Gem Heist Background
Dec 22nd, 2009 Play now!
Nova Battle
(Changed to Nova Defender)
40000 300000 75000 Star Light Hair Gel Nova Toilet Twinkling Nova String Lights
Dec 3rd, 2009 Play now!
Dueling Decks
3000 25000 5000 Dueling Decks Box of Cards Dueling Decks Mynci Wrist Wrap Dueling Decks Background
Nov 3rd, 2009 Play now!
20000 99000 40000 Magic Cake Magic Ball Table Spellseeker Fireworks
Oct 1st, 2009 Play now!
Extreme Herder 2
40 400 70 Wibreth Bouncy Toy Balthazar Ears Extreme Herder Petpet Stringlights
Sept 18th, 2009 Play now!
Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers
80 750 160 Pink Mashed Potatoes Cloud Garland Pink Mountain and Cloud Background
Sept 3rd, 2009 Play now!
Chariot Chase
100 2000 250 Alabriss Mirror Chariot Chair Chariot Kite
Aug 20th, 2009 Play now!
Slorgs in Space
3500 16500 4000 Slorg Wash Slorg Hat Slorg Slippers
Aug 5th, 2009 Play now!
Darigan Dodgeball
400 1700 650 Rocky Ground Darigan Spike Ball Churning red clouds
July 28th, 2009 Play now!
250 3500 350 Sun Ray Picture Frame Starry Night in Neopia Floating Skull Bubble
July 15th, 2009 Play now!
Legends of Pinball
250 1100 350 Anti-Gravity Yoyo Shiny Meridell Shield Pinball Paddle Frame
July 8th, 2009 Play now!
Dice of Destiny
100 500 200 Prize Prize Prize

Extra Prizes

Special prizes have been given out for completing a number of Lulu Challenges. Below is a list of the first date any additional items could be earned this way.

Day Number of Lulu Challenges Lulu's Prize
Sept 18th, 2009 7 Sushi Checkers
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