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The Neopets Referral Programme

Feeling a little lonely while playing Neopets? Maybe it's time you invited some of your friends and relatives to join you! With the Neopets Referral Programme, your friends can sign up to Neopets straight from their email inbox -- and you might even get some shiny prizes for introducing them!

Invite Your Friends

The Referral Programme sets you up with two easy ways to get your friends to sign up to Neopets. The first is a simple form that you can use to send an official email to a friend, introducing that person to Neopets and providing a handy sign-up link. You'll need to provide your friend's name and email address (nicknames are fine, but the address has to be functional).

If one-to-one invitations aren't your thing, you can also promote Neopets on your own website or blog, or in a forum (not Neoboard) signature by copying and pasting the Referral Link provided at the foot of the page. Anyone who clicks on this link from your page or signature will be taken to a page inviting them to sign up with Neopets.

The Referral Programme keeps track of players who've used your links and emails to sign up, whichever method you use. If someone becomes a new Neopets player because of you, you'll receive a Neomail with that person's username and a quick note of thanks for your successful suggestion!

Welcoming Snicklebeast

Did Someone Say Prizes?

As if having your friends come and join you in Neopia wasn't enough, you can also receive snazzy prizes as a reward for being a successful trendsetter -- including Neopoints, Dubloons, and rare items.

You won't receive your prize for a referral until your friend has signed up and activated an account with a valid email address, so if you think you should be eligible for a prize but the Referral Programme is telling you otherwise, go nag your friends and make sure they're all properly set up!

The prize you receive will depend on how many users you have successfully convinced to sign up. The more friends you manage to invite, the better the prizes you'll get, but as you accumulate more referrals the gap between prizes will also get bigger -- although you'll start out getting a prize for each of your first three successful referrals, you'll then have to wait for the fifth before you're eligible for the next prize. Eventually, that gap will rise to every ten referrals, then every twenty-five and every fifty.

Known Referral Prizes
Successful Referrals Prize Awarded
1 Neopoints
500 Neopoints
2 Neopoints
1000 Neopoints
3 Neopoints
2000 Neopoints
5 Dubloon
One Dubloon
7 Faerie
A Bottled Faerie
(probably random)
10 Neopoints
5000 Neopoints
15 Dubloon
Five Dubloons
20 All pets gain a level
All Neopets gain a level
Ten Dubloons
30 Faerie
A full set of bottled faeries
40 Codestone
Seven (not red) Codestones
50 Basic Petpet Paint Brush
Basic Petpet Paint Brush
75 Basic Color Paint Brush
Basic Color Paint Brush
100 Rare Paint Brush
Rare Paint Brush
150 Neopoints
150,000 Neopoints
Two Hundred Dubloon Coin
Complete Secret Laboratory Map
300 Neopoints
1,000,000 Neopoints
400 SUPER Rare Paint Brush
SUPER Rare Paint Brush
500 Draik Morphing Potion
Draik Morphing Potion

Referral Dos and Don'ts

Exciting stuff, we know! But before you dash off and start signing up all your friends, there's a few points of rules and etiquette that you need to remember.

Krawk with Pointer
  • Do think carefully about whom you want to send your referral emails to! If you know someone isn't likely to be interested in Neopets, it probably isn't a good idea to invite that person -- and emailing random strangers whose addresses you happen to know is an even worse idea. There's nothing more annoying than having your inbox full of adverts for a website you couldn't care less about, whether it's for virtual pets or Rolex watches!
  • Don't use your referral link to set up your own side accounts. That counts as using side accounts to gain an advantage for your main.
  • Do make sure all the referral links you use point to your main account, since the Referral Programme is a Neopoint- and item-awarding activity.
  • Don't encourage anyone to make accounts they don't intend to use, under their own names or anyone else's. Having friends make dozens of unwanted accounts just to bring in referral prizes is against the rules and the spirit of the Referral Programme.
  • Do check with any forums you want to post your referral link on to make sure it's okay! Some forums have a policy against posting this kind of link, or only allow it in signatures or PMs rather than regular posts. If you can't find anything in the forum's rules, it's probably best to ask the admins.
  • Don't try to mislead anyone about what the referral link does. Claiming it'll give the newly created account some kind of special bonus, that signing up with it is required to take part in an activity, or that it leads to something else altogether, is not allowed.
  • Do remember to collect your prizes once your friends have activated their accounts. You'll need to click the "Redeem Prizes" button to retrieve the Neopoints or items; they aren't put in your inventory automatically.
  • Don't harass anyone with repeated referral emails. If someone takes a look at Neopets and decides not to sign up, that's okay! It may be a really great site, but it doesn't suit everyone. Some people just don't want to be Neopians, and pestering them with lots of mail really isn't going to help. It's best just to shrug and move on.

Good luck with your trendsetting! Hopefully you'll soon be helping bring Neopets to the not-yet-Neopian masses -- and collecting a few prizes along the way.

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