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Neoquest 3D

Neoquest 3D Information
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The title is actually a joke—not only is not 3D, it's actually modeled after text-based adventure games of the early 1990s!

Finding The Game

Before you can learn how to play it, you have to be able to find the game in the first place. Instead of the usual link in the Games Room, the only way to get to play Neoquest 3D is to click on this tapestry on the wall in Meridell Castle.

When you hover your cursor over it the text "What's this?" should display. Clicking on it will open a game in a new window.


Somewhere in the game is a treasure chest, but the key is missing. Not only is the key missing, but it is also broken into five pieces scattered throughout the game world. Your goal is simple: find the pieces, open the chest, and take the treasure inside. Doing so will award you a random score between 400 and 499 from my experience, though you do not earn any Neopoints from the game.

How to Play

After taking any action or going to a new "room" (a room is any location, even those outside like a meadow or path) you will see new text. Sometimes, you will only have the choice to "press any key"; doing so will give you more text. Ultimately you will always be given the option of either "Yes or No" (Y/N) or a direction "North/East/South/West" (N/E/S/W). Sometimes you will not be able to go in one or more directions due to the layout of the room, such as a wall making a dead end. There are no complicated instructions like "USE x WITH y", "DIAGNOSE", "PUSH x", et cetera. If you get fed up with playing, go to a room or take an action that results in death. This will end the game and automatically send your score.

General Tips

  • The game has the same layout every time, so make a map to keep from getting lost.
  • You can write down what you do up until you find a way to die. This way, when you start over, you know how to do everything you did, and can do it again. Except the dying bit—you don't really want to keep sending a score like that, do you?
  • If one option did not work, try another—sometimes there is a right choice and a wrong choice. If all choices do not work, the room is not required and you can mark it off on your map.


If you don't have any paper handy, or just can't be bothered, the maps below may be of use to you. Locations with (Death) can result in death, though if there is an arrow leading back out of the room it means you must make a specific choice to die. Locations with (Key) have a piece of the key, additional choices may be required. The maps only show North, East, South and West movement; they do not show Up, Down, Yes, or No results.

Main Map
Main Map. Woodpile leads to Trapdoor on Dungeon Map.

Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map. Trapdoor leads to Woodpile on Main Map.

Room by Room Information

Looking for information about a specific room? This section has information about rooms laid out for you but does not go into fine detail.


The clearing is the starting point of the game. There is nothing else special about this area.

Dim Forest

The dim forest is a miniature maze leading to a key piece. If you make a mistake you will be sent back to the first part of the dim forest. You can use the map to navigate through the forest.

Water Faerie (Key)

Once you approach the faerie you will get a piece of the key. If you stick around there is a mildly amusing (but unnecessary) outcome.

Lake (Chest)

If you have all pieces of the key you can end the game by approaching the lake and saying you have the key. Otherwise you will just be wasting your time here.

Dark Forest (Death)

Darkness in this game equates to death. Entering the Dark Forest from either screen results in instant death.

Neohome (Key)

Be rude—entering the Neohome will result in getting a piece of the key and what I believe to be a cameo appearance of the Foreman/Janitor Yurble. Of course it could just be another angry Yurble...hard to say without an image.


This area is pointless and only serves as a room to connect to other locations.

Tree (Key)

Relax, the tree is not very intelligent so you can make a ridiculous story and it will believe you. Doing so earns a piece of the key.


This area is pointless and only serves as a room to connect to other locations.

Hill (Key)

Climbing the hill will tell you nothing helpful, but opting not to climb it will reveal a secret cave with a piece of the key.

Rocks (Death)

Visiting this area is not an instant death; however, choosing the option to climb the rocks will result in your character promptly expiring.


This area has a trapdoor which leads to the "Trapdoor" area marked on the Dungeon Map. There is nothing else of interest here.


This area has a light faerie in a bottle. It does not matter whether you free it or not; the faerie will act as a light source either way. This area not only lets you get deeper into the dungeon, but also serves as a connection to the "Woodpile" area on the Main Map.

Darkness (Death)

Just like the Dark Forest, this is an instant death.


This area is pointless and only serves as a room to connect to other locations.

Pool (Death)

Whether you decide to disturb the pool or not is up to you, but either way you will find yourself facing a giant Surzard. If you choose not to leave you will end up a snack for it - that wraps up this room.

Pit (Key)

Be brave and enter the pit to get the key. It does not matter if you choose to stick around or not; there is no way to die in this room.

Dead End

This area is here just to mess with you. You can try playing with the wall as long as you like, but nothing productive can be done here.

Things To Try For Fun

You may not have thought of trying some of these things. Some suggestions are more amusing than others, and some are downright pointless. However all of these things are unnecessary and will not result in your game ending prematurely.

  • Stick around after angering the water faerie.
  • In "Dead End" try waiting 3-4 times after pushing the stone. Try saying both Yes and No to the new idea.
  • Try both letting the light faerie go, and keeping the light faerie bottled.
  • Want to stop being responsible? After finding the piece of the key at "Hill", wait around once. For the same effect you can instead climb the hill and then decline to leave.
  • Want to waste yet more time? When first visiting "Tree", choose either option, then choose to stick around. Some hero you are.
  • After the Spyder incident at "Woodpile" choose not to enter and then choose to stay. I guess even stereotypical heroes need phobias.
  • Visit the treasure chest at any time and claim not to have the key, or claim to have the key without having all five pieces. Then opt to wait around. Certainly not very interesting.
  • Visit "Pit" but decide not to climb down the stairs. Stick around anyway.
  • After getting the key in "Pit", opt to stick around.

Spoiler-free Walkthrough

Looking to finish the game but do not want the details ruined? When you have choices as opposed to "Press any key to continue" choose the following: N Y E E Y Y N W Y Y Y N E Y Y S E N Y S W W N W S W Y Y.

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