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NeoQuest II

Skill Guide

Select a Character: Rohane | Mipsy | Talinia | Velm

Whenever one of your party members gains a level, you have the opportunity to spend a skill point on increasing one of many skills available to your party members. Skills are extremely important in NeoQuest II, as they can boost damage output, increase defense, and give you access to powerful abilities. Some skills are better - and more useful - than others.

The four heroes of NQII are quite different from each other, from species to fighting style. This section lists out the skills available for each member of your party, what they do and how useful they actually are. While some are passive and are in effect once you spend one or more points on them, others need to be activated each time you wish to use them. Some are more useful when used in conjunction with another skill while others should be chosen instead of one of the other skills. A couple are just a waste of time.

Where Skill Points Come From

Each time one of your party members gains a level, that character will receive one skill point to spend. Since there are 60 levels in the game and you start at level 1, you can gain a maximum of 59 skill points.

Also, when you pick up new characters, they'll get a jump start on levels and will be the same level as your current party members. And yes, you'll get the accompanying skill points to spend in one fell swoop.

Side note: 15 is the maximum for each skill point category & they cannot be boosted higher with weapons.


Rohane's Recommended Skills
Rohane has the potential to become a nearly unstoppable damage powerhouse - if you know what skills to choose. Though at first this swordsman may seem like a complete amateur, he will rise to the occasion and become a swordmaster if you invest well. Recommended Skill Order:
  1. Damage Increase
  2. Critical Attacks
  3. Innate Melee Haste
  4. Innate Magic Resistance
Skill Point Spending Tips: If you would like to use another of Rohane's skills, substitute it for either Haste or Resistance. You could also choose not to max any of these skills out, leaving room for a 5th skill.

Rohane's Skills

Rohane's Full Skill Set

Critical Attacks

Each melee hit has a chance to cause a Critical Strike, hitting for more than the normal maximum melee damage.

Tips: Go for 11-15 points on this skill, but only after you've put several into Damage Increase. Critical Attacks don't do much if you can't hit as hard as possible.

Damage Increase

Average melee damage is increased.

Tips: Absolutely necessary. Use 12-15 skill points on this and watch your enemies cower in their boots!

Combat Focus

An activated skill that increases defensive ability, at the cost of decreasing damage output.

Tips: Don't use it. As Rohane gains experience, he will have the highest amount of hit points and will be able to take large amounts of damage without dying and still be able to hit hard. Later in the game you'll have Velm's help in keeping everyone alive, rendering this ability basically unnecessary.

Stunning Strikes

Each hit has a chance to stun the target, delaying the enemy's next action.

Tips: Can be useful later on when you encounter more than one enemy at a time, but it's random and some monsters will have an immunity to it. Not recommended, but if you do use it you'll have to spend at least 10 points on it to make it worthwhile.

Battle Taunt

Causes enemies to focus their attacks on the taunter, rather than other characters.

Tips: This skill is a seriously bad idea when you only have Rohane in your party. As you progress through the game, you'll learn how to use healing potions approriately and eventually you'll have Velm's healing powers, so this skill is not recommended. If you do use it, you'll have to spend at least 10 points to make it worthwhile.

Innate Magic Resistance

Increases resistance to magic attacks.

Tips: Rohane is the strongest member of your party, so having this skill is certainly not necessary. However, it might be useful at the very beginning of an InSaNe game before Rohane meets Mipsy. Spend a few skill points in that case if you like.

Innate Melee Haste

Increases attack speed.

Tips: This skill will shorten the amount of time between Rohane's turns, which is very useful since he hits the hardest. Sounds like a must-have to me, give it 10-15 points.


Mipsy's Recommended Skills
If you invest well in Mipsy's destructive spells, she can become the main damage dealer early in the game. However, her magic has a limit - once you've maxed out a combat spell, its output can't go any higher. She is also the weakest character. Recommended Skill Order:
  1. Direct Damage OR Group Direct Damage
  2. Innate Melee Defense
  3. Innate Casting Haste
  4. Damage Shields or Group Haste or Slowing
Skill Point Spending Tips: Choose between Direct Damage or Group Direct Damage first. Then it's useful to increase her defense and haste. Last you can choose between the skills left over. Again, if you don't max any of these skills out you can put points in an extra skill.

Mipsy's Skills

Mipsy's Full Skill Set

Direct Damage

Destructive magical energy is unleashed at a single enemy.

Tips: Invest in either this or Group Direct Damage - do not choose both because you will only use one of them. You can do up to 100 damage to an individual enemy when you max this out. As much as possible, save 13-15 skill points for this, but just 12 will be fine.

Group Direct Damage

Destructive magical energy is unleashed at all enemies.

Tips: Invest in either this or Direct Damage - do not choose both because you will only use one of them. The upper damage limit is 64 per opponent, so multiply that by 4 and you get 256, the grand maximum total. Put in 13-15 skill points.

Group Haste

Haste spells make all of the caster's allies move more quickly.

Tips: When taken all the way, you get a 38% increase in your haste. Not as good as Haste Potions later in the game, but it only takes a single turn to haste all members of your party. If you use this, invest in it later in the game - like when you've completed your party. Then you can crank it up to 12-15.


Slow spells make one of the caster's enemies move more slowly.

Tips: This skill can reach 62% assuming you have 15 points to spare. Slowing takes a bit of time to cast and only affects one enemy at a time, plus it often doesn't work. Slowing Potions are a better option here.

Damage Shields

A shield of energy is placed around an ally, causing damage to any enemy who strikes them.

Tips: Maxing this skill out allows you to only dole out 22 damage to enemies when they attack you. It can also be avoided by enemies who use magic or ranged attacks. It is not recommended but if you want to try it, you should put at least 8 skill points in it.

Innate Melee Defense

Increases defense against attacks.

Tips: Absolutely useful, but the benefits are more apparent at higher levels. Mipsy has the lowest amount of hit points, so anything that will protect her from devestating blows is a must. 8-15 points here.

Innate Casting Haste

Increases spellcasting speed.

Tips: Mipsy gets a turn more often? Good idea! This skill is useful both so Mipsy can attack more often and so she has the opportunity to heal more often if necessary. You should spend 11-15 points on this important skill.


Talinia's Recommended Skills
Bow and arrows in hand, this archer can be found in Terror Mountain, waiting for your orders. Like Rohane, Talinia specializes in physical attacks, but like Mipsy, her attacks are ranged. That means she is farther away when she attacks, allowing her to avoid Damage Shields. Recommended Skill Order:
  1. Increased Bow Damage
  2. Multiple Targets
  3. Innate Melee Haste
  4. Innate Magic Resistance OR Shockwave OR Slowing Strikes
Skill Point Spending Tips: Increasing Talinia's damage is a must, as is her ability to hit more than one target at a time. Haste is useful, as is magic resistance, or you can specialize in another of her skills. Max them all out or spend about 10 each to make room for another skill.

Talinia's Skills

Talinia's Full Skill Set

Increased Bow Damage

Increases damage output when using bows.

Tips: Absolutely necessary. Talinia will be next to useless without this skill, so it is recommended that you get this skill first. Spend 13-15 skill points here.

Multiple Targets

Fires multiple bow shots at once. (They do not automatically apply to regular attacks; they must be manually activated.)

Tips: This skill will help Talinia bring down two to four enemies in one go, depending on how many points you spend on it. Though you can't use it at each turn, it is still extremely useful. You need at least 11 points in this skill to hit four enemies at a time.

Ranged Attacks

Any opponent targeting a character with this skill will take longer to perform the action.

Tips: For this to work, Talinia must be the one targeted, so you can't choose who you want stunned. At least 7-8 points will be needed for noticeable effects; invest in either this or Shockwave but not both.


Hits have a chance to cause a shockwave, which stuns all enemies temporarily.

Tips: With enough points invested in this skill, your odds of creating a shockwave increase. Even more effective if you have points in Multiple Targets. At least 7-8 points will be needed for noticeable effects; invest in either this or Ranged Attacks but not both.

Slowing Strike

Whenever the ranger hits an enemy, the enemy will usually slow down for a period of time.

Tips: When she lands a shot, Talinia can slow her target down by 1-5% depending on how many skill points you spend. There will be monsters who will be unaffected by this skill, especially bosses. Use Slowing Potions instead. If you still want to try this, you need to spend at least 7 skill points and also put points into Mipsy's Slowing ability.

Innate Magic Resistance

Increases resistance to magic attacks.

Tips: Talinia is more vulnerable than Rohane, so having points in this skill makes more sense for her. However, the game can certainly be won without it. If you're playing on InSaNe you might consider spending 7-8 points here, if you so choose.

Innate Melee Haste

Increases attack speed.

Tips: Later in the game, after you've maxed out Talinia's Increased Bow Damage, this skill becomes useful. It's not terribly helpful for her to have more turns until she has the attack power to do more serious damage. 10-15 skill points sounds good.


Velm's Recommended Skills
This techo is a mage, the kind that heals and shields your entire party. Not only will you save up on healing potions, the odds of you coming out of an ambush unscathed skyrocket. Because Velm has the second lowest number of hit points, watch him closely, because once he slips away, the rest of the team may quickly follow, especially in a clash with a major boss. Recommended Skill Order:
  1. Healing OR Group Healing
  2. Group Shielding OR Innate Melee Defense
  3. Innate Casting Haste
  4. Celestial Hammer OR Mesmerization
Skill Point Spending Tips: You really should choose which type of healing you would like Velm to do - spending on both can be a waste. Increasing his defense is also important, but you could choose to spend points on defending your entire party at once instead. Follow up with increasing his speed and then specializing in a method of attack or confusion.

Velm's Skills

Velm's Full Skill Set


Heals a single ally, raising that ally's hit points.

Tips: It's absolutely vital for your defensive mage to learn how to heal. This skill heals one character by up to 150 HP (if you max it out). To use it, select the party member you wish to patch up and cast the spell. If you choose this skill, max it out and do not put any points into Velm's Group Healing.

Group Healing

Heals the caster's entire group, raising all their allies' hit points (but not as much as the single-target Heal spell).

Tips: Although the upper limit of healing for this skill is 90 HP, you will be healing all four party members for a grand total of up to 360 HP. Velm will not be as quick with this skill as he would be with Healing, but it's a big advantage to be able to heal everyone at once. As much as possible, max this out for full benefits but do not put any points into Velm's Healing.

Group Shielding

Strengthens the caster's allies by increasing their magical and melee defense.

Tips: At its most powerful, everyone's defensive skills will be raised by 30 points. Everyone will be able to resist magical attacks more often, and enemies will do less physical damage against you. Invest 12-15 points in this skill, but only after you've developed one of Velm's healing abilities.


Mesmerizes an enemy, causing them to be distracted for long periods. Enemies who are healed or damaged while mesmerized will become un-mesmerized.

Tips: This skill will keep one enemy distracted for as long as 40 seconds depending on the skill level. Very useful in your battle against the Four Faeries, but not really any other time. Using this is not recommended, but if you do want to try it you should spend points on it later in the game - at least 9 to see useful effects.

Celestial Hammer

Strikes an enemy with a magical blow, damaging and stunning them.

Tips: After 15 skill points, you can stun for up to 3 seconds and knock a maximum of 45 HP off one opponent. However, some monsters and a lot of bosses can resist the stun, the damage, or both. It could be useful for Velm to have something to do when everyone is healed, but it's probably better to keep Velm as a defensive character. This is completely optional and up to your strategy. Spend at least 10 skill points to make this worth it.

Innate Melee Defense

Increases defense against attacks.

Tips: Absolutely useful, but the benefits are more apparent at higher levels. Protecting Velm is critical since he's in charge of healing everyone else. 8-15 points here.

Innate Casting Haste

Increases spellcasting speed.

Tips: Helping Velm have a turn more often so he can heal the party more often could be the difference between life and death. You should spend 11-15 points on this important skill.

And so we come to the end of our skill guide. It's pretty lengthy - but then again, so is NQII itself. Always remember that even though preferences are given for certain abilities, this is only a guide. It is highly recommended that you try out your own combinations and sequences - the more you play, the more you'll understand what each skill does. It's up to you now, young grasshopper - can YOU save Neopia?

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