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NeoQuest II

Terror Mountain - Mountainside Inn, Level 2

Nothing to see here unless you're in the mood for some conversation.


Eridin is writing something as you introduce yourself. He says, "Excuse me for a moment..." and finishes writing a few words. Then he turns to look at you. "Well, hello, there. My name's Eridin, and I'm a writer, as you may have guessed."

> "What are you writing?"
Eridin says, "A story of my travels. Someday I hope to have a full journal of my entire journeys."

> "How much have you written so far?"
Eridin says, "Ah... see this paper?" He holds up the sheet he was just writing on. "This is about it so far. I've just started my travels, really, and I got stuck here when the Snowager vanished. Nothing has really happened since then. So, there's not really anything to write about. Depressing, isn't it?"

> "Yes, a bit, I suppose."
Eridin sighs and nods. "Ah well. I guess I should get back to my writing. If I don't get out of here, I may have to start making things up!"

Hjala says, "Eh, what? Sorry, I was sleeping. Not much else to do around here, since we're all stuck indoors. I know I didn't pay for a vacation in order to spend the whole time sleeping. I could have done that at home!" With that, she flops her head back down on the pillow and goes back to sleep.

Illun says, "Why, a fellow adventurer! And here I was thinking we were the only ones on the mountain."

> "You're adventurers?"
Illun smiles and says, "Yes indeed. We've slain many a fiendish foe, including some of the monsters up here on the mountain. Normally there's not much call for adventurers, these days... but now that we've found these monsters, we're certain to receive the acclaim and glory we deserve!"

> "Wow, that's very... heroic. Good luck to you."
Illun says, "Yes, it is, isn't it? And thank you very much. Once we finish resting up a little, we'll surely see you out in the wilderness. Ta!"

> "So if you're here to kill monsters, why aren't you outside?"
Illun says, "Ah, er... heh... well... you see, uh... we're taking a break, yes, that's it. We've been slaying monsters all morning! Even heroic adventurers need a break every once in a while." While she's saying this, she manages to look everywhere around the room except at you.

Wunarka says, "Don't fret about Illun, there... she's a bit of a braggart. We are, technically, adventurers, but not by choice. More by necessity. We arrived on the mountain only a couple of days ago, and we didn't know about the Snowager or the monsters. Illun insisted on taking what she called a 'shortcut.'"

> "I'm guessing it wasn't really a shortcut?"
Wunarka says, "You know the saying, 'The shortest distance between two points is a straight line'? Well, the longest distance between two points is a shortcut. Anyway, the main roads up to the mountain all have Neopian police on them, warning people to turn back. The shortcut missed them, so when we were nearly here, we got attacked by some ferocious lupes!"

> "What happened?"
Wunarka says, "Well, it was scary, but lately I've been learning martial arts -- neo-fu, specifically. I was able to defeat one of the lupes, and the other one ran off. We saw a few more monsters on the way here, including some giant spyders and a shaggy, angry-looking uni!"

> "That sure does sound scary."
Wunarka says, "Yes... but we survived, and now we're here. Unfortunately, once we recovered from the shock, Illun decided that she had been the heroic one. Oh well."

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