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NeoQuest II

Terror Mountain - Mountainside Inn, Level 1

Rest and stock up on potions if you're running low. No weapon or armor upgrades to be had - it's just an inn, after all. Remember to pick up Talinia on your way out and be sure to spend her skill points before your next battle.


When she sees you, Talinia shouts, "Captain! Er..." She looks around for a moment, then continues more quietly. "It's me, Commander Talinia! I appear to be stuck in this simulation... I'm some kind of archer or ranger." She holds up a stout wooden bow and a quiver of arrows. You notice that she's clad in simple leather armor. "The 'monsters' outside are too powerful for me to fight by myself, so I've stayed in this inn. Now that you're here, though, I should join you, and maybe we can figure out what's going on."

> "No, stay here for now."
Talinia says, "Ah, okay, just let me know when you need me, sir."

> "Sure, come on."
Talinia says, "You got it, sir."
Talinia has joined your party!

Munar says, "Welcome to the Snowy Rest Inn. My name's Munar, and I'm the owner. If you want to spend the night, it'll cost you 200 gold pieces."

> "What can you tell me about Terror Mountain?"
Munar says, "Well, don't let the name fool you, but Terror Mountain used to be quite the skiing resort. That is, until all the monsters started infesting the place. We did great business until then... and now, everyone who's staying here is stuck here until it's safe to go back down the mountain."

> "The chias in the village at the bottom of the mountain said that the Snowager is missing."
Munar says, "Oh! That makes sense. I always used to get woken up at dawn by the Snowager's roaring, but ever since then I've been oversleeping. I'd use an alarm clock, but I never needed one because the Snowager woke me up, and now I can't even leave the inn to go get one."
Rest Point
> "We'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 200 gp)
Munar says, "That'll do fine, thanks. Your room's upstairs, on the left."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Borhal says, "What do you want? Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Borhal, the cook here at the inn. Normally we're completely full up, so I'm extremely busy, but since the Snowager disappeared, things slowed down a little. Obviously. Anyway, in my spare time I cook up potions, which I can sell to you, if you need them."

> Trade with Borhal
Borhal says, "I have healing potions, and..." He looks over his shoulder and then whispers, "...and also some damage potions, and speed-changing potions. Don't tell Munar, though. He'd get upset if he knew I was brewing things that could blow up his kitchen!"
  Normal Evil Insane
Healing Bottle (Heal 50) 45 g 54 g 67 g
Potion of Regeneration (Heal 60) 55 g 66 g 82 g
Frost Potion (Damage 65) 50 g 60 g 75 g
Chill Potion (Damage 80) 65 g 78 g 97 g
Rising Potion (Resurrect, Heal 25%) 500 g 600 g 750 g
Quickness Potion (Haste 30%) 110 g 132 g 165 g
Drowsiness Potion (Slow 25%) 110 g 132 g 165 g

Evyas says, "I can't believe this. We finally get away for a skiing trip, and what happens? Some bizarre magical creature disappears, and now we're stuck here! I never should have left Neopia Central..."

Faria says, "Don't be so grouchy, Evyas. At least we get to be up in the nice, fresh mountain air. What with all the sewage problems Neopia Central's been having lately, I don't think I'd want to be there now, anyway!"

Orsing says, "Well, even though we're stuck here in this inn, at least we've got a nice, toasty fire to keep us warm. Why don't you have a seat and we can chat awhile?"

> "How long have you been here?"
Orsing says, "Oh, a few weeks, ever since the Snowager stopped roaring in the mornings. Like everyone else, it's too dangerous for me to leave. Why, I used to be an adventurer like you, but now I'm too old to go fight monsters. And I've seen some vicious, fierce monsters out the windows since I've been stuck here, let me tell you."

> "What kinds of monsters?"
Orsing says, "Well, the biggest one I saw was an enormous, furry spyder. There are lots of other snow spyders scuttling about, but this one was easily three times as large! It didn't come very close to the inn, but it was so big, I could see it clearly from far away."

> "Do you know anything about the chias at the bottom of the mountain?"
Orsing says, "Ah, the chias... Yes, I visited there the first day after I arrived at the inn. The Chias were very polite... I think. I couldn't understand anything they were saying, though, but they were all smiles and friendliness. Come to think of it, that was the day before the Snowager disappeared."

> "The chias use a magical wordstone so that outsiders can understand them. I recovered it for them."
Orsing says, "Ah, did you now? I'll have to go back and visit them, now that I'll be able to understand what they're saying."

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