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NeoQuest II

Terror Mountain - Happy Valley

If you want discounts in all three shops as well as the inn, you need to find Niacha. First, talk to Jualie to find out he's missing. Then find Niacha and tell him to go home. Finally, go talk to Jualie so she can thank you. You'll now be able to upgrade your weapons and armor at a cheaper rate.


Tinoryl says, "Welcome to the Terror Mountain Ski Lodge! Not that there's much skiing to be had, down here... ever since we closed our old location on top of the mountain, and moved here, we haven't had much skiing business. Well, we get some, but they always get angry when they find out that we don't actually have skiing down here in Happy Valley. I should probably change the name of this place... oh well. Would you like to rent a room for the night? It's 300 gold pieces to do so."

> "What else can you tell me about the town?"
Tinoryl says, "Well, we don't get a lot of excitement around here. Although I heard that Jualie's little boy, Niacha, went missing a few hours ago. I haven't had a chance to help look for him, though. I sure hope they find him soon!"

[After finding Niacha] Tinoryl says, "Oh, thanks for finding Niacha! Well, you're always welcome to stay at my inn, of course, and I'll give you a discounted rate -- 225 gold pieces."
Rest Point
> "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 300 / 225 gp)
Tinoryl says, "Certainly. Your room is right down the corridor, to the right. Have a good night's sleep."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

> Trade with Arisso
Arisso says, "Hullo there. If you're looking for weapons, I'm your best bet in these parts. Swords, wands, and bows, that's what I've got. Every one of them is constructed from the finest materials, guaranteed not to freeze or rust in this cold weather. Come have a look at my wares!"

[After finding Niacha] Arisso says, "Well if that don't beat all--you found Niacha, did you? Well, I know his mother Jualie doesn't have much, but I can certainly give you a discount. Fine folk, you are. You'll save 20% on anything you buy here!"
Trading - Before finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Broadsword (Damage 28) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Plywood Wand (Damage 12) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Elm Short Bow (Damage 20) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Trading - After Finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Broadsword (Damage 28) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g
Plywood Wand (Damage 12) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g
Elm Short Bow (Damage 20) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g

> Trade with Utolok
Utolok says, "You look like the kind who could fight monsters. I'm sure you could use some better armor than what you've got! My armor will not only protect you, it'll keep you warm as well. Try some on!"

[After finding Niacha] Utolok says, "I shall rest well at night knowing that my armor is worn by those who would take the time to find a lost child. For your deeds, I'll knock 20% off the price of everything in my shop. Take your pick!"
Trading - Before Finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Iron Splint Mail (Defence 28) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Novice's Robe (Defence 12) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Studded Leather Tunic (Defence 20) 1,700 g 2,040 g 2,550 g
Trading - After Finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Iron Splint Mail (Defence 28) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g
Novice's Robe (Defence 12) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g
Studded Leather Tunic (Defence 20) 1,360 g 1,632 g 2,040 g

> Trade with Vanne
Vanne says, "Welcome to my shop! I sell the finest potions on this side of... er... Terror Mountain. Actually, I sell the only potions on this side of Terror Mountain. Still, that means they've got to be the best ones around, right? I've got healing potions, damage potions, haste and slow potions... take your pick."

[After finding Niacha] Vanne says, "Oh, I heard that you found Niacha. I'm proud to find such an adventurous sort in my shop! You can have a 25% discount on anything here."
Trading - Before finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Potion of Regeneration (Heal 60) 55 g 66 g 82 g
Potion of Fortitude (Heal 70) 65 g 78 g 97 g
Potion of Growth (Heal 80) 75 g 90 g 112 g
Frost Potion (Damage 65) 50 g 60 g 75 g
Chill Potion (Damage 80) 65 g 78 g 97 g
Rising Potion (Resurrect, Heal 25%) 500 g 600 g 750 g
Dispatch Potion (Haste 35%) 130 g 156 g 195 g
Quickness Potion (Haste 30%) 110 g 132 g 165 g
Drowsiness Potion (Slow 25%) 110 g 132 g 165 g
Lethargy Potion (Slow 30%) 130 g 156 g 195 g
Trading - After Finding Niacha
  Normal Evil Insane
Potion of Regeneration (Heal 60) 41 g 49 g 61 g
Potion of Fortitude (Heal 70) 48 g 58 g 72 g
Potion of Growth (Heal 80) 56 g 67 g 84 g
Frost Potion (Damage 65) 37 g 45 g 56 g
Chill Potion (Damage 80) 48 g 58 g 72 g
Rising Potion (Resurrect, Heal 25%) 375 g 450 g 562 g
Dispatch Potion (Haste 35%) 97 g 117 g 146 g
Quickness Potion (Haste 30%) 82 g 99 g 123 g
Drowsiness Potion (Slow 25%) 82 g 99 g 123 g
Lethargy Potion (Slow 30%) 97 g 117 g 146 g

Jualie says, "Have you seen my little boy, Niacha? He's been missing for hours, and I've no idea where he is!"

> "I'll see if I can find him."
Jualie says, "Oh, will you? That would be wonderful! I looked myself for a while, but I couldn't find him, and it's so cold outside. Please find him!"

[After finding Niacha] Jualie says, "Thank you so much for finding Niacha! I've had some words with him and taught him better than to go off hiding for hours." She looks sternly at Niacha for a moment, and then smiles. "But I'm just so relieved to have him back safe at home." She hugs Niacha, who says, "Aww, jeez, mom..."

Niacha says, "Oh, you found me! I've been hiding here for hours, and nobody's found me yet. I've just been behind the trees this whole time! It can't be that hard."

> "Everyone's been looking for you. They think you ran away."
Niacha says, "What?? No! I was playing hide-and-seek with Koli."

[After talking to Koli]> "Koli said she went home to get her mittens and when she got back, you were gone."
Niacha says, "She did? I guess I didn't hear her right. I thought she said, 'Now go hide like a kitten.' I guess that's a pretty strange thing to say, but I thought she was just being weird." He scowls. "Girls are weird," he says.

> "You should go home. Your mother misses you."
Niacha says, "Oh, okay. I will. Thanks, mister!" He runs off toward his house.

[After finding Niacha] Niacha says, "Thanks for telling me to come home. I guess everyone really was worried about me." Niacha looks embarrassed.

Bradro says, "You know, the brochure said there was great shopping in this town... clothes, slushies, petpets... but all the shops are closed because they can't get any shipments from the outside world! How silly is that? I come here to shop, and there's nothing to buy."

Candar says, "Oi! What's all this, then?"

> "Uh, hello."
Candar says, "Hallo there! My name's Candar, it is, and I was a paladin, once, in the distant past... ah, but that was distantly past ago." He pauses, trying to decide whether that was really English. "Anyway, there's not much going on down in this corner of Happy Valley... not that I'd know, having been inside all day. Well, back to drinking the cold away." He takes a swig of Slorg Juice. "Hey, did I ever tell you about my horse, Wilbur?"

> "Ah, no, you haven't mentioned your horse."
Candar says, "Aye, a valiant steed was he. Ferrying me to and fro on my adventures, journeying far and wide. Those were the days." He sighs, reminiscing. "Why, once I even traveled to the distant land of Kalliph Ornya, for a friend's wedding. Long ago, though, long ago. That's where I learned what a glottal stop is."

Dembrind says, "At least they put me in a nice room, so I can idle away the time in comfort. Having to sit around in this boring town is dreadfully... er... boring."

> "What brings you to Happy Valley?"
Dembrind says, "Oh, I was just visiting. I'd never been to Terror Mountain, you see, and even though all my friends said I shouldn't go, I came here anyway. I guess that wasn't a very good idea. Turns out Terror Mountain is pretty terrifying, after all!"

Etigand says, "Isn't Fentasa just the best? She skates better than anyone else in Happy Valley. I can't skate at all, though. I just fall down every time I try." Etigand waves to Fentasa, out on the ice. "Although I wish there was someone else here to watch. There were a couple of kids playing here a while ago, but one of them ran off home and the other went exploring into the trees."

Eviexa says, "Would you believe it? They call this place a Ski Lodge, but there's no skiing in sight! I'd have to go up the mountain for that, but there's monsters everywhere. What a waste."

Fentasa says, "I love to skate, but I'm sad because Etigand will never skate with me. He's so clumsy, he falls down as soon as he gets on the ice, every time. But at least he can watch from the bank." Fentasa waves back to Etigand, smiling, as she pirouettes on the ice.

Hausaun says, "Some people say they don't like the cold, but I love it! Standing around outside all day in the cold... ahhh, that's my idea of relaxation."

> "Yes, the cold is refreshing... up to a point."
Hausaun says, "Up to a point? Why, when I was your age, I had to walk fifteen miles to school every day, uphill in the snow, both ways... and I LIKED IT!" Hausaun glares at you. "You're one of them warm-weather types, aren't you? Well, I've got no use for you, you... sun-lover!" Hausaun glares coldly at you until you walk away.

Henago says, "I'm glad Tinoryl lets us hang around in his inn. Beats standing around outside in the snow all day."

> "Are you from this town?"
Henago says, "You bet. We live over on the other side of town -- that's me and my brother, Zarisav here -- but we hang out up here because, ah... Well, it beats hanging around at home."

Jemico says, "Oh, hello there. Did Panari send you to find me? I've been looking for my snowshoes back here, but I can't seem to find them... and I have such trouble walking through the snow without them, so I won't be able to go and look for little Niacha until I do."

> "Do you have any idea where Niacha might be?"
Jemico says, "Well, kids like playing hide-and-seek, so he could really be anywhere... I know he likes hiding in the trees sometimes, but there's so many other places he could be as well. He could have gone to the forests outside of town, he could be hiding in someone's house, or the inn... I just don't know."

[After finding Niacha] Jemico says, "Oh, you found Niacha? Well, I guess that means I don't need to find my snowshoes... although I really could use them. I guess I'll keep looking. Thanks for helping!" Jemico mutters to himself as he sorts through piles of boxes.

Koli sits on her bed, sniffling. "I don't know where my friend Niacha is!" she cries. "We were playing at the pond, and I came to get mittens, and when I got back, he was gone." She bursts into tears.

[After finding Niacha] Koli says, "Oh thank you thank you thank you for finding Niacha! I was so worried about him. But now it's too late to go play any more today... but we can play tomorrow! Thanks so much!" Koli gives you a hug.

Madys says, "Well, hello! Have you been to my husband's shop? He sells swords and other weapons in the shop on the other side of this building."

> "Yes."
Madys says, "Isn't he just the sweetest? That's why I married him, after all. And he works hard at making those weapons, too, so if you buy any from him, you take good care of them!"

> "No, not yet."
Madys says, "Oh, well, you certainly ought to, even if you don't plan to buy anything. Now run along! I'm sure you have lots of monsters to go fight."

Panari says, "Why hello there. You're not from Happy Valley, are you? Well, my name's Panari, and this is my house. My husband Jemico and my daughter Koli live here as well. Jemico's out back, in the storage shed. Koli's sad, though, because her best friend has gone missing, and she has no one to play with!"

> "Missing? What happened?"
Panari says, "Well, they were playing out near the ice pond, and then Koli came home for a minute. When she got back to the pond, poor little Niacha was missing, and no one's seen him for hours."

> "I'll see if I can find him."
Panari says, "Oh, that would be wonderful! But I don't know where you'd start... maybe you should go talk to Niacha's mother, Jualie. She lives in the house just south of here."

[After finding Niacha] Panari says, "Oh, you found Niacha? That's wonderful. I'm sure Jualie will be very happy. I'm just glad he's home safe. Koli will be so glad to hear the news!"

Zarisav says, "I wish there was something to do around here besides sit around. We can't even go and visit the rest of Neopia, because the roads off the mountain are all blocked by avalanches."

> "How long have they been blocked?"
Zarisav says, "A few weeks, ever since the Snowager stopped clearing them. It was great to watch, if you could get up early enough -- the Snowager would get up, roar, and then slither down the mountain and crash through the passes, clearing away any rocks and snow that had built up on them overnight."

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